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Waitrose Belgian Chocolate Selection

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Brand: Waitrose

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    1 Review
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      21.03.2011 16:37
      Very helpful



      Get it; 7.5quid won't hurt for a one-time try of this product. You'll be surprised!

      At 7.50 GBP for a 265g of 16 chocolates, i only bought this after much consideration at wanting to evaluate Waitrose's chocolate offering.

      The packaging looked good; a solid box, without shaking 'sounds' or niggles which are signs of bad packing.

      As you'll see below, this box had many unique offerings, no repeats, and a detailed menu.


      Marbre - complex shell: thick white top, thick milk bot, hybrid walls; inner choc rum cream-paste - light rum rhymes with milk / white well, rolls off tongue fairly quickly leaving white as final melter. white is not overpowering, delivers mellow vanilla. PLEASANTLY BALANCED white rum choc!

      Hazelino - thick biteable milkshell coating 2 hazelnuts atop inner praline - praline was of hotelchoclat standard (smooth, rich, powerful hazelnut piquant) milk had smooth luxurious melt (helped that it was VERY thick on top), coupled with luxurious praline and crunchy fresh hazelnut. PERFECT

      Amarena - solid-thick dark encased amarena cherry in liquidy-pink fondant (light tinge of booze); dark of good quality (G&B 70%) w/ creamy melt;cherry - piquant crunch paired with biteable dark which had lasting after-melt -PERFECT when chewed!

      Enchante - light white-coated marzipan with 2 milk dots - thicker on top; thin-walled around generous bitey strong almond-essence & oily-ness (VERY GOOD BALANCE)

      Sublime - milk w/ white lashings; mocha truffle w/ vertical caramelized sugar disc - subtle coffee, albeit overpowered immediately with creamy milk melt; sugar disc added crunch and sweet HITS which paired well with mellow hazelnut emanating from coffee praline (some salt?) VERY ORIGINAL

      Grenada - thick dark top (with blanched almond atop), thin walls, long rectangle (for biting?); almond-hazelnut hybrid praline with sugar grain-crunch praline was pasty, PERFECT luxurious PB texture + luscious dark melt - praline, then powerful bittersweet dark. MASSIVELY ARTISAN, not too sweet

      Picasso - thin milk cup bordered by dark; topped w' lighter lid (aesthetics?); inner cream-liquid-paste of apricot (DRIED variety) w/ light cherry-booziness different, subtle tanginess hits you first; then smooth and fluid milk: PLEASANT & ORIGINAL - albeit too much like a milder cherry alcohol choc.

      Carre Cafe - thick dark top; double-walled milk dark - inner cream-liquid of intense coffee (liquer?) not wimpy cappucino. fleeting with long dark melt

      Wafeltje milk - hazelnut praline sandwiched by white discs, top studded sugar grains - praline uber-thick gunk of slow melt w/ crunchysugar good foil white had intense deep vanilla, not sweet; mature base for gunky hazelnut. to note, biteable sandwich; not melt, but BITE! (GOOD "new"!)

      Krokant milk - luxurious milk shell with dark swirl atop; inner praline w/ crunchy sugar grains - praline was firm, strong bite. (ON PAR HOTELCHOC)

      Cafe Amalia - milk / dark double shell (alt thick top/bot); inner cappucino cream not so sweet; light brown oily (hazelnut?) melded well with dark.

      Poire - milk / dark double shell; oily creamy ganache of faint booziness (akin to raisin/pear); dark was overpowering in melt&taste. whole hazelnut was soft

      Butterscotch - white / milk double shell (alt thick top/bot); mildly sweet butterscotch praline with sugar grain crunch (akin to pb texture) not pertinent

      Trio - milk-coated praline with 3 hazelnuts atop - fresh crunchy nuts slightly distracting quality praline; milk was well-restrained, yielding to nutty praline

      Cerise - HUGE dark shell, double-thickness; interior choc-cherry boozy rich ganache of luxurious feel; perfect chemistry with dark melt. final kirsch cherry ;powerful bite from shell; MASSIVE booziness from piquant cherry neutralized by rich ganache

      Orange Panache - milk shell w/ thin dark coating on base; orange praline of sweetish citrus, some bits of peel; basic chem btwn orange & milk (melt timed well)


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