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Walls Magnum Ecuador Dark

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5 Reviews

Brand: Walls / Type: Dark

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    5 Reviews
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      01.06.2010 09:05
      Very helpful



      Decent Ice Cream (Aside From The Dark Chocolate Outer Shell)

      These have been in the freezer for quite a while so I decided to see what they were like.


      Each Magnum comes in a plastic wrapper and all three of them are housed inside the usual rectangular carton. The outside of the carton has the usual Walls logo with a picture of one of the Magnums on the front along with a few pieces of dark chocolate. The back of the carton contains the usual ingredients, nutritional information and contact details.

      You can visit the Walls website: www.LoveIceCream.com for more information

      This product is described as:- "Vanilla ice cream coated with dark chocolate (25%) (min. 62% cocoa solids) made with cocoa mass from Ecuador."


      Reconstituted Skimmed Milk, Sugar, Cocoa Mass from Ecuador, Vegetable Fat, Cocoa Butter, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Whey Solids, Butteroil, Emulsifiers (E471, E476, Soya Lechithin), Stabilisers (E410, E412, E407), Vanilla Bean Pieces, Flavourings, Colour (E160a)

      Nutritional Information per magnum {per 100g in brackets}

      Energy kJ: 1100kJ {1300kJ}
      kcal: 270kcal {310kcal}
      Protein: 3.5g {4.0g}
      Carbohydrate: 22.0g {26.0g}
      Fat: 16.0g {20.0g}

      Allergy information: There is no allergy information listed on the box.


      At the time of writing my local corner shop are charging 99p for one box of these.

      Taste and Opinion:

      The Magnum "stick" is around 10 cms long, 5 cms wide and 3 cms thick so is perhaps a little larger than some standard ice cream / lollies. The first thing I noticed when I opened the packet was that I couldn't really smell anything. There was no chocolate aroma which hasn't been the case with some of the other ice creams / lollies that I've tried

      Biting into the stick I found that the outer layer of dark chocolate was quite strongly flavoured. Some ice creams / lollies do use cheap chocolate which doesn't really taste of very much but that's not the case with these Magnums. The outer layer is firm and has that slightly bitter, coffee-like taste that you associate with dark chocolate. If I'm being honest I'm less fond of dark chocolate than I am of milk or white chocolate so I wasn't overly fussed with the outer layer. The dark chocolate fans amongst you will no doubt enjoy it and will be pleased that it tastes how they'd expect it to taste.

      The ice cream is smooth, creamy and thick rather than being a "light and fluffy" ice cream. Again, this is reasonably tasty rather than being cheap and tasteless and I found that I enjoyed this a lot more than the dark chocolate shell but, of course, that's just my preference.

      On the nutrition front these are comprised of 16% fat and 22% carbohydrate, the majority of which is likely to be sugar rather than starch so they're not great on either the sugar or fat front. In fat terms they tend to contain a greater percentage of fat than a number of Carte D'Or flavours that I've reviewed whereas the sugar contents is probably comparable to that. I also note that these are rather heavy on the E numbers front, containing seven of them in all.

      Having tried them once, I wouldn't be in a hurry to have these again, but that's purely based on how I feel about the dark chocolate outer shell. Those of you who are dark chocolates fans will probably enjoy these a lot more than I did and will find them rather more-ish.


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        07.09.2009 11:17
        Very helpful



        See you all at Magnumholics Anonymous !!

        I have left the camera reviews to one side for a moment to make sure everyone knows just how good the Walls Magnum Ecuador Dark is, it would be unfair to hold such information and not share it with others, even though I do want all these for myself.

        Anyone who has ever tried a Walls magnum or even Walls ice cream for that matter knows how good the Walls product is. Dark chocolate is not always everyone's choice but if you like dark chocolate and you like ice cream then you will be blown away by the Walls Magnum Ecuador.

        If there is anyone out there that has not tried a Magnum or does not know what one is then here is the explanation of the mighty Magnum ice cream. The Magnum is a large ice cream block on a stick covered in delicious thick milk chocolate, it`s that simple.

        The difference between the original Magnum and the Magnum Ecuador dark is that the dark one has dark chocolate instead of milk (no shit Sherlock). Not only is the chocolate dark though it is also even thicker then the already thick chocolate on the milk version.


        The box these come in is dark brown, so dark in fact that from a distance it could be mistaken for black. On the box there is a picture of the delicious ice cream that lies inside and a bite has been taken from it to show the contrast between the delicious thick dark chocolate and the luscious white ice cream. Also on the front of the box you have the word "Magnum" in large gold lettering with the Walls sign above it.


        The initial taste when you take your first bite of the delight that is the Walls Magnum Ecuador Dark is purely one of very deep, dark, delightful, mouth-watering, luscious chocolate and it takes a while for the beautiful, silky, creamy vanilla ice cream taste to catch up, this is because the chocolate used is a minimum of 62% cocoa and is made from 25% cocoa solids made from cocoa mass from Ecuador (hence the name).

        As the ice cream joins in the battle to take control of your taste buds the two end up joining forces as neither one can beat the other and together they take over your taste senses for the entire time you are eating the ice cream and a good while after. The taste lasts on the tongue but does not turn into a bitter aftertaste like a lot of dark chocolates can do; I guess the ice cream has something to do with that.


        PER ICE CREAM:

        Calories - 264
        Fat - 17.0g
        Carbohydrate - 23.2g


        These are not cheap so be prepared to take to a life of crime to fund your habit, no old lady will be safe from you as you set about mugging everyone with a pension book in order to get your next Magnum Ecuador Dark. At their regular price of £3.29 for three, you will be taking to selling all your fine goods on EBay and borrowing from loan sharks just to feed your addiction but wait, Tesco have saved us all, they are currently selling these at only £1.49 for three (shit, wait, why did I tell you lot that)!

        Ok well normally I would now give a little summary of my review to state just what is so good and why you should buy and the likes but to hell with that I am off to Tesco before you lot beat me there and there are no lovely, lovely Magnum Ecuador Darks left for me!


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          31.08.2009 19:34
          Very helpful



          will definetely try these again, if on special price again.


          The Packet **********

          The Box is brown in colour and shows a heart in gold with Magnum written in gold writing across the front of the box, and Ecuador Dark written underneath that, and it states chocolate 62 percent, and cocoa min.

          It shows a picture of one of these delicious ice creams with a little piece of it cracked open.

          Contains three in the packet.

          The Box is recyclable material.

          Nut Information.

          Energy per 100g..........310 Kcal
          Protein .........................4g.

          Well i think that they are really a lovely ice cream, and found the ice cream inside the dark chocolate to lovely and creamy, had to resist having another to be honest.

          Thanks for reading and rating my reviews.

          My daughter popped over for dinner today, and she brought with her a packet of these Walls Magnum Dark Chocolate ice lollies, having spotted them half price, normally £3.29p, from Sainsbury,s and as we usually snap up of their offers thought that these would be a great treat after dinner or when we fancied one.

          Walls in my opinion make splendid ice cream, and regularly buy their soft scoop, or vanilla ice cream, put one of these to the test.

          The Taste ********

          Nice outside dark casing of chocolate thick and crispy, with inside a soft creamy ice cream vanilla flavoured, and it tasted lovely, the dark chocolate obviously made with a dark chocolate made from twenty five percent cocoa solids, which is made from cocoa mass from Ecuador, hence the name derives from.

          The Cocoa beans used to make these ice lollies, are high quality beans, infused with the flavours of flowers and red fruit to make up this delicious dark chocolate flavour which coats this ice cream.and they are grown in the luxuriant shade of the region of Ecuador, which helps to produce a rare and aromatic flavour for their delicious dark chocolate, which covers the ice cream, and it tastes yummy.

          The Ice Cream vanilla flavour is made from these ingredients **********

          Skimmed milk, sugar, vegtable fat, glucose fructose syrup, whey solids butteroil, e nos 471, 476, 410, 412 and 407.

          Store at 18 oc and see side of pack for best before date, if you can resist for that long lol.


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            15.05.2008 20:13
            Very helpful



            Magnum ice cream.


            Everybody is familiar with the Magnum Ice Cream from Walls, although you may not be familiar with the Dark chocolate Magnum offering. It is called Ecuador Dark. Quite simply because the chocolate is from Ecaudor and it is Dark Chocolate as opposed to the normal Milk or white Chocolate with the more popular Magnum's.

            ...The Packaging...

            The packaging is pretty standard the Magnum brand name is written in capitals below the Walls symbol and there is a picture of the ice cream on the box, there is also a picture like this on the individual wrappers for the ice creams. I think the packaging looks good and it stands out enough from the other Magnum varieties like the Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate ones.

            ...Getting your hands on them...

            These are available in anywhere that sells the normal Magnum Ice Creams and they are usually around £2.49 for a box of three but will often have offers on, be careful as sometimes only specific Magnum varieties are in the sale so look at the offer closely. the typical offer for these is buy one get one free. Although you will be able to find deals which cheaper prices for just one box when they have a different offer to buy one get one free.

            ...The Ice Cream...

            Although the same shape as the other Magnum's I can tell you that this particular magnum is far different in terms of taste compared to the others. Once you bite into it you will get the coffee feel as it has a Columbian Coffee aroma. The Ice cream is the same as with the other Magnum's and the Dark chocolate blends quite well with the Ice Cream.

            Although this Ice Cream is very rich it does have a nice taste and the Dark Chocolate seems to be of a very good quality just like the white and milk chocolate Magnum's are. Although this not my favourite Magnum it is still a nice tasty treat that will appeal to many Magnum lovers.

            ...Nutritional Info...

            100g 100ml p/portion (86g | 110ml)

            Energy [kcal] 310 240 270
            Energy [kJ] 1300 1000 1100
            Protein [g] 4 3 3.5
            Carbohydrate [g] 26 21 22
            Of sugars [g] 25 19 22
            Fat [g] 20 16 17
            Of saturates [g] 15 11 13
            Fibre [g] 2.5 2.0 2.0
            Sodium [g] 0.04 0.03 0.03


            This is a very nice ice cream as long as you get used to the richness of the taste. It may put you off but I would recommend another try as it does have a nice taste. Not my favourite Magnum but still a nice ice cream. It has less calories than a lot of other similar ice creams so that is something that is for it. The only problem with this ice cream is it is a little sickly if you eat it too quickly.


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              03.11.2007 12:43
              Very helpful



              Go on - treat yourself!

              I just wanted to tell you about what is probably my favourite ice cream of all time. Now I know it's not exactly ice cream weather at the moment with the dark evenings drawing in but who cares! This is just too good to wait until summer! Having said that though, as I am still on a quest to lose a bit of weight before Christmas, I look on these as a well deserved treat and not just an everyday food item.

              The ice cream in question is Magnum Ecuador Dark. Now I do like most varieties of Magnum but this one is just that extra bit special! And I think it's all in the chocolate which uses Ecuador selected cocoa with a minimum of 62%. Not that I know that much about how chocolate is made but it sounds good to me.

              This are like choc ices only on a stick. Each one is individually wrapped and comes in a packet of three. This seems quite a silly number to me - especially as both my husband and I love these. We can either have one each and then fight over the third, or else what we normally do which is to buy two packets which ultimately means that we both have three each - not all at once I hasten to add! So of course this could be a clever marketing ploy on the part of Magnum!

              So what is it that makes these ice creams so great? Well firstly there is the very smooth, very creamy, rich vanilla ice cream. It is so smooth and just dissolves on your tongue. The ice cream is covered by a thick generous coating of this delicious dark Ecuadorian chocolate and it is very dark. I love dark chocolate, and this has a really bitter deep taste which is a fantastic contrast to the creamy ice cream! As I said it comes on a stick and it also seems to be to be quite a generous size compared to similar choc ice bars. Because it is so gorgeous though, the best way to eat one is very very slowly so that you get to savour every single bit!

              It also looks very tempting. The box and the wrapper have a very dark musky chocolate appearance, and when you unwrap it, the appearance of the chocolate is so smooth. It almost looks too good to eat! And just to add to it, it has a perfectly formed M embedded in the chocolate. It looks just like a hallmark or a seal of approval!

              Now I'm sure that you are thinking that something that tastes so gorgeously delicious is not going to be good for the waistline and of course you are right! Looking on the box I note that the calorie content per bar is 264 calories which would be a fair chunk out of anyone's daily allowance and it seems to be saying that the fat content is 17 grams which does seem very high to me! Well I did say they were only the occasional treat!

              The other downside to these wonderful ice creams is the cost. You can buy them in Sainsburys for £2.79 for a pack of three which is seriously more expensive than other similar size bars (normal Magnums are only £1.99!) However, I do look out for offers and Sainsburys often sell them as a BOGOF offer which then makes them a much more reasonable price.

              So overall, these do make a very tempting treat for me and my husband - unfortunately I can't tell you what my daughters think though because these are far too good for children! - what a mean mummy I am!


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