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White Chocolate Covered Oreo

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Brand: Kraft / Type: White

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    3 Reviews
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      11.02.2010 18:40
      Very helpful
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      5 out of 5

      I am not a huge biscuit lover, I much prefer cookies, cakes and sweets. I don't drink hot drinks either so am not an avid dunker but when I saw these limited edition Oreo's at Christmas I just had to have them.

      Oreo's originate from America, one of the few products that have been popular over here in England. The plain Oreo's are available in a snack tub, individual packets or a normal pack.

      These limited edition chocolate covered Oreos come boxed and are individually foil wrapped in two's for freshness. They are available in two flavours, white chocolate and milk chocolate.

      I like the fact that they are individually wrapped as this keeps them fresh and stops you from eating too many. Believe me - two are plenty as they are rather sickly due to the chocolate coating.

      For anybody who has never encountered an Oreo, they are chocolate flavoured biscuits with a creamy solid filling sandwiched in the middle. These particular Oreo's are then fully coated in chocolate.

      They also melt easily so if you are giving these to children expect them to be smothered around the mouths and across their faces!

      Despite being very sweet the white chocolate covered Oreo's are my favourites.

      Oreo's 'Twist it, lick it and dunk it' slogan does not work in this case unless the milk you are dunking it in is hot (this by the way is delicious!)

      Nutritional Information

      These are per biscuit:

      114 Calories
      11g Sugar
      5.7gFat of which
      3.3g Saturates

      So each packet contains a whopping 228 calories.

      Price and availability

      I have found both white and milk chocolate versions in my local Sainsbury's and local petrol station for just 99p for a box of 8 lots of 2 biscuits - 16 in total. I guess this is a good price considering the make and that they are sealed individually. I have just read in another review that they paid £3.49 - I definitely would never pay that for them!

      I would go for the white version every time as I feel the milk chocolate ones lack that chocolate flavour. Next time you pass them in your local make sure you give them a try.


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        20.11.2009 19:44
        Very helpful




        Being a bit of an Oreo fan when I spotted the Christmas Themed White Choc Covered ones in Sainsburys I decided to ditch the diet and give them a go.

        Im used to Oreo snack packs where they come in 4s so was a bit dissapointed to see these come foil wrapped in 2s with 8 all together in the box. However upon munching my way through the two I realised this was for the best as anyone who can manage more than this in one go must have a ridiculously sweet tooth.

        They are exactly as the name suggests, an oreo biscuit with white chocolate covering. I was surprised at how thick the chocolate was, it makes it a very thick biscuit YUM YUM!! I have to say they are super sweet but people who like Oreos are probably used to and enjoy this. The Oreo biscuit under the chocolate mountain is the same as the basic Oreo, dark chocolatey biscuit with a vanilla white filling.

        I bought these on offer at Sainsburys, £2 for a pack. I havn't seen them on sale anywhere else but I expect they will be at most major supermarkets. Now for the boring and depressing bit....they have a shocking 114 calories per biscuit, however I found one would satisfy my sweet craving so not as bad as regular Oreos which I could easily dunk my way through 4 in one go!!!

        I would probably eat them as a treat instead of a chocolate bar, and general enjoyed them however I doubt I would buy them again as they are quite expensive and just a novelty.


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          10.10.2009 11:34
          Very helpful



          Definitely have to try them- SO yummy! Quite pricey though& sweet so best as a treat!

          These are the original oreo biscuits- chocolate sandwich with a vanilla filling- but these ones are covered all over in a thick layer of creamy white chocolate.

          I was really impressed with how thick the white chocolate was, it melts in your mouth!

          They are as you can imagine VERY sweet but as a treat they are so yummy!

          In a box you get 8 snack packs that each contain 2 biscuits, being so sweet means a couple of them do satisfy (I have a really sweet tooth but even I only managed 1 pack in one sitting!)
          These snack packs are great for lunchboxes too.

          Although these are VERY delicious I think they are rather expensive at RRP £3.49 ,but they are often on promotion in sainsburys for £1 0ff.

          They can be found in the Christmas food/gift aisle.

          They are limited edition for the Christmas period. The box is very festive with snowmen on it and a christmas spot the difference game.

          They are very nice and have a great quality taste but as they are just a regular variety of biscuit, im not sure how suitable they would be as a gift for someone, unless they were a particular fan of Oreo- It may be a bit like giving someone some digestives or custard creams!

          Each 22g biscuit contains:
          Calories 114 (6%RDA)
          Sugar 11g (12%RDA)
          Fat 5.7g (8%RDA)
          Saturates 3.3g (17%RDA)
          Salt 0.2g (3%RDA)

          SO ENJOY IN MODERATION!!.............. Oh what the hell, its Christmas!!!!


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