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Willie's Supreme Venezuelan Black, Rio Caribe Superior 100% pure Cacao Chocolate

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Brand: Willie's Supreme

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    1 Review
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      30.07.2009 00:35
      Very helpful



      A very rich and moist cake that is utterly delicious.

      *Willie's Supreme Venezuelan Black, Rio Caribe Superior 100% pure Cacao Chocolate I will mention the chocolate itself and mention things from the documentary where important.

      -==- The chocolatier -==-

      Willie came into the public eye after a fly-on-the-wall documentary entailing his efforts to start his chocolate business on pure cacao chocolate and had one belief: Chocolate is an ingredient, nothing more. He moved to Venezuela to live the lovely lifestyle and invested all his family money into the cacao business; where he planted more than 50,000 criollo cacao trees. He is the first person in the UK since the Cadbury family to grow, cultivate, import and produce their own chocolate.

      He now lives just outside of Tiverton with his wife and kids. Why I mention his town is because he essentially lives up the road from my place. ;)

      His documentary has propelled Tiverton into a few seconds of fame and many independent shops in Tiverton have started stocking his chocolate; which is where I purchased the Cacao product. I believe his products can be purchased from Selfridge's and Waitrose. There are three products in his main range; all made with different nuts and spices but I was told that it was very subtle differences and that I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Happily, I bought the one that sounded more appealing; with a hint of citrius fruit.

      ===- PREPARATION -===

      On the inside slip surrounding the cacao, there are several recipes provided that is suitable to use with the cacao itself, the ingredients luckily were easy to find in the shops and the masses required didn't seem to be too much. The recipe I used was to create a yummy chocolate cake; I was rather surprised that it only required 3-4 ingredients other than the eggs and the cacao!

      The cacao itself is actually very solid and thus very hard to break up into pieces so the best way to separate it all is to grate it and it is much more effort than you'd realise. 40 minutes later and several people with poorly arms, it was all grated! It actually managed to fill an entire pasta bowl which is quite enormous. Next; we were told to melt the cacao itself above a bain-marie but we didn't have this piece of equipment available in our kitchen! We resorted to using a thick bowl above a boiling water in a pan that did the trick nonetheless.

      We then had to mix in the almonds and other ingredients; due to the nature of the cacao, it needs excessive beating. The recipe said that the mixture should rise 3 times as much from the beating. Over 10 minutes later, it hadn't even reached twice its size. After doing it and putting it in the oven; it should be in there for about 30-40 minutes even though it lists 25 minutes on the slip.

      === - VERDICT - ==

      After 10 minutes or so; I was greeted with a warm and rich aroma that filled the entire house. It seemed to go everywhere! I couldn't wait for it to rise properly and take it out!

      25 minutes later, it still didn't rise.

      35 minutes; it still didn't rise but we took it out to prevent it being burnt.

      We then put it on the silver grating to allow it to cool but obviously, I wasn't going to wait that long! I quickly cut myself a slice and tried it. It was not what I had expected it to taste like; it was much more bitter and had a longer taste that lasted for ages. It wasn't as tasty I expected but it was very creamy and had a lot of depth. It was incredibly moist that after eating a slice, I didn't feel my mouth becoming dry that I needed a drink as you normally would after eating a chocolate cake slice. One thing I would say though, it was INCREDIBLY RICH. I only cut really small slices and it was still pretty full-on! I don't normally like cakes but I scoffed this at any chance I could get- making sure that I hadn't eaten too much that day allowing not to go over my calorie limit!

      My mother and step-father didn't share my enthusiasm for the cake itself; so I obviously had to finish it all off myself. What surprised me is that despite some parts of still uneaten after 4/5 days, it was still incredibly soft and edible.

      ==- EASE OF USE -===

      As I have stated that it was very tough going to grate this all in; also newcomers may not realise the benefit of excessively beating this to create bubbles and may result in a completely flat cake.

      ==- RECIPES -==

      The inside slip provides 2-3 recipes for completely different dishes; one was a cake and other variants on desserts. From what I saw; the ingredients required for it was reasonable and wouldn't be too tough to find. However. my mother has used this for a normal cake recipe, the result was really good. She's not the best cook in the world but the cake came out very well for her!

      ===- CONCLUSION - ===

      I cannot decide if the cacao was worth the price as seeing one tub costs around £6, having to use the entire tub for each cake you use and you do have to put in a lot of graft into making the cake, and the taste may not even suit some.

      ===- Additional Info-===

      As some of you will have seen in the documentary, his wife Tania had said many times that she had lost weight due to her chocolate diet but actually, she was putting on a show; as they do. Many of her friends have told my mother that she actually went to the gym every morning to lose the weight! Scandalous! So I don't suggest this product if you're looking to lose weight via this. ;)


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