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Boudoir (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

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Address: Dubai Beach Marine Resort and Spa / Dubai / UAE / +971 (0) 4 345 5995

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    1 Review
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      19.02.2010 20:33
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      Fantastic Experience - A great night out!!

      Well, what can I say - This place is all that you expect from a glamorous country.... Located in the Marina area - effectively a part of a beach complex... It is easy enough to find - everyone has heard of the club and taxi's are relatively cheap (Just a quick mention on the taxis - they are all on a meter and very very cheap so you can't be taken advantage of, if for example, you have been drinking).

      There wasn't much of a queue when we got there (about 11pm) and paid... It was ladies free so only the guys paid...(which cost around £20 for the guys at the exchange rate then - so £10 each I guess....)

      As soon as you walk in - you can see that it is time to PARTAY!!! Haha... The decor is that of a 'boudoir' - meaning velvets, reds, plush seating, wood and drapes everywhere, low-lighting... and people everywhere!!!

      It is always busy so can be difficult to get around - if you can get into VIP then I would strongly recommend it just because seating is sparse and this experience in itself makes the night extra-special... There are lots of places where you can sort of stand to the side and TRY to have a conversation, but it is just so fast-paced and busy - especially on a Thurs/Fri night (that is the weekend in Dubai).....

      I am aware of there being two rooms - but I have only ever stuck to the main room - just because once you're in there, there is so much going on, it really is amazing! The first time I went there is the most memorable for me.... Probably because I had no idea what to expect and was constantly being WOWED!!

      I must say, the one thing I still have not got used to in all of Dubai is the fact that people can smoke in public places - being a non-smoker myself (and actually quite strongly averse to it) I really didn't like having to run away from smoke all the time - BUT.... most of the people I was with are smokers, so while they didn't mind having to go out in Dubai (because it's warm and just a little bit quieter - they loved that they didn't have to!)

      Just a word about VIP... It is so inviting - there are plush couches, and big tables... there are attentive staff just for that section alone who provide table service. and literally right next to the dance floor....!

      Something I found amusing was a 'ritual' (if you can call it that) which they performed very often.... whilst in the middle of the song, just randomly, the lights would dim and you would hear the Rocky theme tune start... and you can turn around to see two hench guys dressed in something reminiscent of the Undertaker (from wrestling) as they walk through the dance floor and the crowd holding a Magnum of Champagne in the air (it's difficult to explain, but almost like they're holding two poles horizontally and balancing the champagne bucket in the middle - I'm sure it is a lot more secure than that though....!) but once they have taken it to the table which has ordered it - the music and lighting returns to normal and the party carries on.... Thing is, a few times it was fun - because then you got to know what was happening - but after a while I did get sick of the Rocky theme tune spoiling my favourite songs, BUT.... I loved the theatrics and drama and how everyone gets involved - even without realising it...!

      Music is always excellent... the atmosphere is brilliant... People are so glamorous and it certainly is somewhere you could dress very well for.. If you're going to Dubai and wish to enjoy the nightlife - I would highly recommend this place!

      it is set in a BEAUTIFUL area... I mean, when you leave/get there it really would be a shame if you didn't have a look around the rest of the complex... there are gardens and restaurants and then on teh actual beach (a little further down) they have beach parties sometimes... I remember I really wanted to get in (it was about 3-4am, the weather was warm and amazing and we were still in the party mood) but I didn't have ID which meant we couldn't get in.... Shame, because this was free entry and everyone was just loving dancing in the open air!! Yes, I should also mention that in Dubai you must be over 21 in order to get into clubs and as I experienced, they can be strict! I am definitely older, but you never know when they will ask for proof...

      Hope this review helps, and thanks for reading!! (",)


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