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Das Lokal (Wroclaw)

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Address: Odrzynska 6a

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    1 Review
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      31.12.2012 11:24
      Very helpful



      Das Lokal

      Das Lokal, Wroclaw, Poland.

      Das Lokal is a smallish pub and club I visited for a friends birthday in Wroclaw.

      Das Lokal is located at Odrzanska 6a and is accessed by a small entrance which isn't that obvious at first glance. The do have a sign outside but as there are quite a lot of signs on the same wall it isn't so easy to see. The small entrance will lead you into a court yard area with a few little bars, hence all of the signs at the entrance, Das Lokal is the one in the far left corner with a steep set of concrete stairs leading down to the main entrance.

      Bar Area
      As we entered Das Lokal the first thing I noticed was a small glowing cat ornament at the bottom of the stairs, after my initial distraction of the cat I saw that we were walking into a darkened room with a small bar area to the right of us. We are now standing in the main room which is also the main dance floor area. Making our way across the dance floor we found 2 smallish rooms with some nice comfy chairs and a couple of sofas so we sat ourselves down here and waited for the rest of the group to arrive as we were a little early.

      Looking around the pub I could see quite a few of these glowing animal ornaments as well as various neon glow sticks and coloured fluorescent tubes. The walls are mainly painted white and have black and white pictures and photos decorating them and there are a few areas of raw brick walls which I think looked great and really added to the atmosphere with the tea light candles placed on little ledges sticking out from the wall.

      Overall I really like the layout and decor in Das Lokal, while it looks simple and in a way simply thrown together it looks great and fits with the underground theme and slightly alternative image of the pub.

      Let's Drink!
      Once the other people in our group started to arrived we headed for the bar. There is only one bar in Das Lokal, the small one located near the entrance. Despite its small size the bar is extremely well stocked and offered everything from the usual wines and beers, both local and imported through to mixers and shots of all varieties and colours! Knowing that we had to get a train back to Krakow at around 2am we decided to stick to what we knew best and just have a couple of beers each.

      The guy who served us was really friendly and quite chatty, he asked if we'd been there before and if we were with the birthday group while he was pouring our drinks. We were charged 12.50zl (Polish Zloty) each for our beers and the guy wished us a nice evening. The beer tasted good, although I've noticed recently I'm starting to go off the taste of beers and lagers a bit. It wasn't watered down at all and for a 0.5l glass of it I think 12.50zl is a great price as with the current exchange rate of £1 = 5.1zl this works out at just over £2.

      ...and Party!
      Obviously, being a pub and club the music was playing and due to the small size of the pub you would think that this would make it virtually impossible to be able to maintain conversation with the music being loud. However, due to the nice design of the pub being split into a few different rooms this meant that while the sound did travel into the other rooms it wasn't so overpowering and we were still able to have conversations without shouting at each other.

      The music in the club was very much house and dance music and this proved to be very popular with the customers as I think the dance floor was quite full for most of the time we were there. I personally cannot dance, so I managed to resist getting up and making a fool of myself but I did like the music and doing a bit of people watching.

      After a couple of beers it was time to 'break the seal' and head for the toilets. The toilets are located in a tiny corner next to the sitting areas. Thankfully the don't smell so you don't notice how close they are when you are sitting down. The toilets themselves are clean and have enough toilet paper. The sink area is also clean but the bad point of these toilets is the locks on the doors, they are simply a hook and eye fastener, the kind we used to attach to bedroom doors to stop the dog opening them while we were out! While they worked fine I just felt a little uneasy about them as they didn't look the most secure and I had images of a drunk person being able to open them with a little force.

      Wheelchair Access?
      Due to the steep concrete stair case leading down into the pub Das Lokal isn't suitable for wheelchair users. As far as I could see this was the only entrance to the pub.

      Pub Website
      While sending a product request to add this pub to the site I managed to find Das Lokal's website, the website is completely in Polish, so unhelpful to those of us who don't understand Polish and it also has quite possibly the most annoying theme tune which plays constantly while the pages take ages to load. As far as I could see there was no way to turn the music off or change the language.


      Overall, I did enjoy the experience of Das Lokal. The atmosphere was good as was the beer. The music was great and this was consistent in quality! I would recommend this pub and I would visit here again if I am ever in Wroclaw.

      Thanks for reading :)


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