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Kervansaray Night Club (Istanbul, Turkey)

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Address: Cumhuriyet Cad. No: 52/A 34367 Elmadağ / Istanbul / Turkey / Tel:(+90-212) 247-1630-31 / 246 0818

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    1 Review
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      23.07.2011 07:39
      Very helpful



      A very enjoyable evening.

      Kervansaray Restaurant & Night Club.

      Kervansaray Restaurant and night club is a beautiful night club in the city of Istanbul. It produces traditional Turkish shows that include regional folk dancing, Turkish Belly dancing and a short cabaret show at the end of the evening.

      Arriving at the club it appears quite swish and is well furnished in traditional Turkish furniture. There are apparently three function rooms in the building two holding up to 200 people and one over five hundred. Bookings can be made on an individual or group booking basis.

      We visited this restaurant/night club one evening for a Turkish cultural show which included a troupe of traditional folk dancing, belly dancing and a cabaret.I was not particularly looking forward to it as I tend to get bored quite easily but my travelling companions wished to see the show so I relented and went too. I can happily inform you that we had a most enjoyable evening and thought it was good value for £60.

      The show was accompanied by a four course set dinner and half a bottle of red or white wine each or two beers or two soft drinks. The wine was quite palatable but nothing to get too excited about. The standard of the meal was quite ok although nothing special.

      Starting off the meal with a small salad although lacking any dressing it was just plain salad accompanied by filo pastry filled with a soft creamy cheese and a pepper, aubergine and tomato salad which gave the bland part of the salad a bit of a lift.

      The next course was a lentil soup which was quite tasty accompanied by bread. It was served piping hot and there was a bit of a bite to it making it quite pleasant and warming.

      The main course was a mixed thick lamb and vegetable stew served with rice. I found only two pieces of meat in the dish I was served but I was quite full by the time we started this main course anyway so I was not too fussed. It was very hot indeed and quite tasty and quite filling.

      The dessert was fruit salad and ice cream.
      Tea or coffee.

      Throughout the dinner five male dancers and five female dancers performed different folk dances accompanied by several changes of clothes. They were not particularly entertaining and my boredom began to set in. I did not find them particularly interesting in the slightest. After they had finished their various routines a couple of mediocre belly dancers came on and performed some belly dancing routines.

      There was then quite a drum role and some excitement from some of the Turkish clientele and some of the waiting staff. Not quite understanding the significance of this they announced that the dancer Asena was about to appear. The lady came out in a modern looking black belly dancing outfit. The music started up and she began her routine.
      She was absolutely mind boggling my eyes nearly popped out of my head she was beautiful and had me completely mesmerised with her performance.

      As she danced it was almost as if her head was detached from the rest of her body. Her movements were very exact, moving her hips, her abdomen and her breasts in time to the beating and pulsating music. I can honestly say I was completely spell bound by her dancing. I thoroughly enjoyed her performance and she was able to capture and engage everyone's attention with her dancing. When she finished her dance routine she was applauded spectacularly and received a standing ovation. I thought she was fantastic and even more so we were still unaware of her fame. Her performance was stunning and worth seeing if nothing else.

      It was only later that we found out that she is one of the most famous belly dancers in Turkey and has had her own TV shows, appears on various shows on Turkish television and has performed for visiting Presidents Royalty and other dignitaries. She has apparently even performed at Buckingham palace.

      I then excused myself from the table to have a nicotine fix outside on my return there was some guy on the stage. I groaned when I heard him speaking to the audience especially after the fantastic show from Asena and was thinking Gawd don't tell me I am going to have to sit through this.

      He was working the audience and found out the nationalities of all the people at the tables then went on to perform a song in every single one of those languages including Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Turkish, Norwegian, French, German, Dutch, Italian Spanish and English singing a Beetles song. He turned out to be a very talented guy and held the audience in his hands. He was a great performer called Ercu.

      He managed to get a Japanese guy up on the stage and did some cringe worthy things with him including him singing. Put it this way the poor Japanese guy would never win a singing competition however being a game for a laugh Ercu and the Japanese guy had the audience and his friends in hysterics.

      We had a very enjoyable last evening in Istanbul and I can honestly say that I thought the evening was worth every penny or rather every New Turkish Lira! We have some fantastic memories to take away with us from this superb and delightful night club and I recommend it very highly for a good evening entertainment.

      I would give this club 5 Dooyoo stars.
      I would also like to give Asena 100 Dooyoo stars! ;-)

      Cumhuriyet Cad.
      No: 52/A Harbiye,
      Telephone reservations:- 212 247 16 30


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