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Nightclubs in Bangkok (Thailand)

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    1 Review
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      13.09.2008 12:54
      Very helpful



      Noval idea for a club, i have never seen anything like it.

      On a recent trip to Bangkok Thailand, we decided to take on some of the nightlife. I was a little wary at first as I didn't want to visit the go go bars, where they Thai girls are hanging around, if you know what I mean.

      As we only had four nights before heading to Phuket, we decided on the Bed Supper Club. This was absolutely amazing and nothing like the clubs the UK has to offer.

      Bangkok's nightlife is miles away for the nightlife we know and love, gone are the huge dance floors with very loud rave music. In Thailand they have opted for a more relaxed lounge with great décor. Granted there are a few clubs in Bangkok that are very similar to what we know but I would recommend you give this type of club a go if you are ever visiting.


      The building looks like space craft from the out side you will know when you are approaching it, to enter the club you have to walk up a large plank type ramp to enter the club.

      Once inside you see that the laws of gravity still apply, as you are confronted with suspended low seated chairs and beds for you to lounge on. Yes this sounds like a club that you should not visit but it is sensational.

      The club itself is all lit up with soft neon lighting, to give a permanent blue glow. It really suits the space theme as this lighting can give you an alien glow. All the beds and tables are surrounded by tea light candles, to give it that relaxed look and feel it the place.

      Everything and I mean everything is white. The beds, bedding, tables and carpeting are all white and immaculately clean. I found this superb and rather novel, because if a club in the UK went white it would only be clean for a few days.

      It appears the Tourists are Bed's main source of income, with the select exception or a few Thai's, these being the business men and women of Bangkok. This was not a club where you would go to pick up a Thai bride, but there were a couple of she men scattered around. But you get that everywhere don't you.

      The entrance fee was 500 baht, which is the equivalent to 7.50 in English money. Within this entrance fee you can have two free drinks. So it is very reasonable to have a fun relaxing night out.

      You can go to supper club anytime from 8pm but they only serve meals, and then at 11pm the club opens up until the early hours of the morning.

      The meals were reasonable but I would say that there were defiantly better places to eat in the surrounding areas, so I would recommend you eat before hand then go to the club at 11pm. You are best arriving as close to 11pm as you can as it can get very busy, and you may not get a bed, if you opt for a bed and not a table then you have to remove your shoes before you enter the bed area.

      The music was very up to date and none of this Thai rubbish, they mainly played R&B but I think they do play different music every night.

      Yes there is a dress code, but it is not to extreme they say you can't wear flip flops or shorts, but jeans and t-shirts are fine.


      Bed supper club is located on soi11, just off of Th sukhumvit road. If you are traveling via sky train you will need to get off at the Nana station and walk, this will only take a few minutes and the club can't be missed it is that oddly looking.

      You can always take a cab of tuk tuk to the supper club.


      Don't wear white, because you will be like a chameleon where you blend with every thing. I loved the fact you could sip on cocktails while lounging in a bed. I know it sounds mad but it was so relaxing.

      If I was reading this review I would be thinking that this isn't for me, but the clientele in the club are not those you automatically associate with Thailand, and the whole place was gleaming and clean.

      I would not recommend this club to anyone who is looking to pull while visiting Bangkok, they may be better going to the regular Thai bars for that. If you just want a few drinks in piece then this is the place for you.


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