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Supperclub (Amsterdam)

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    1 Review
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      18.06.2001 22:49
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      • Whatsoever!

      In early December last year, a few weeks before our planned New Year?s trip to Amsterdam, my girlfriend and I, along with another couple, were advised by a friend to visit the Supperclub. We were promised that it was a night not to be missed, that it would be "the coolest night" we could possibly imagine. We visited the Supperclub on the cold night of December 30th 2000, cynically bearing our friend?s advice in mind. Was it "the coolest night" we had ever experienced? Did it live up to our much hyped expectations? Yes - it exceeded them by a long way. On a scale of one to ten on the enjoyment monitor - it hit eleven. I can honestly say that it was one of the best nights that I have ever had. So good, in fact, that I?m concerned that my description won?t do it justice. Well, I suppose I can try? The Supperclub is located off a small alleyway off Dam Square. There is no sign - just the number of the club and a large brass door. Anxiously, we pressed the buzzer on the door and were greeted by friendly camp middle-aged man wearing a Minnie-Mouse T-shirt., who warmly invited us into the building. He informed us that supper would be served in an hour and in the meantime we should go to the bar downstairs. Bemused we went downstairs to enter a large room, whose walls were draped in dark red velvet. A red neon sign saying "Bar" on one of them suggested to us that we were in the right room. We approached the bar, ordered our drinks and were told to take them through to an adjoining room. This room was quite different to the dark bar that we had just been in. It was entirely white, with long white leather sofas marking different sitting areas. Every now and again the lights would slightly change turning the walls from white, to a light yellow, then to a light green. There were black and white photos of trendily dressed Japanese on the walls. The music was a very funky James Brown/ soul music. We noticed that most of the other people th
      ere were dressed in white. We felt very relaxed and excited at what dinner would offer. An hour passed and it was announced that all those who were dining should venture upstairs. We followed the throng of people back upstairs and were led into a huge dining room, well, hall seems more appropriate. Like the drinking area, it was entirely white. Along the sides of the hall, against the walls on either side, were two wide rows, which were essentially very long white beds. These had pillows on them, which you could use to support your back as you sat/ lay on this massive lounger. There were about five silver trays on either row, each marking "the table" where you ate. Here you would recline and eat. Above these rows were balconies, where more people lay and dined. In between these rows, were several normal tables, where people who hadn?t booked in advance, had to make do with sitting at a table, instead of lying on the vast beds on either side. Spotlights pointed downwards from the high ceiling onto each table. Various images of nudes (honestly - not in bad taste) were projected on one of the walls. At one end of the room was the kitchen, which was open plan, so you could see the cooks at their jobs, flashily throwing knives and food around as they prepared your food. When everyone had settled down, a 6? 2in prostitute, decked entirely in white, stood up and announced that she was the compare for the evening. She hoped that we all felt like we were at home - relaxed and free to do as we please. We were then introduced to her two friends, also drag queens, who she claimed would help her in providing entertainment for the evening. She then declared that our first course was ready. Before this was served, however, she then sung a caberet song, much to our amusement. In fact, before, each of the five courses, one of these girls would take turns to sing a song, which would range from flamboyant disco, to a melodramatic love song. We all remained captivat
      ed and thoroughly entertained throughout. The food was very nouvelle cuisine - ranging from pasta to duck pate and finishing with an excellent apple strudel. Eating was a long process and each course sometimes took nearly an hour to serve - this hardly mattered though because we were entertained between each serving. We also felt assured by the fact that it was being freshly cooked - which also helped soothe any impatience Moreover - it was of the highest quality, which made the waiting all the more worth while. A woman also went from table to table offering a head and shoulder massage for 25 guilders (£8 approximately). The pace was so laid back that we really didn?t care about how long it took to eat. After all the food was served, the music turned louder and everyone got up and danced to the blaring funky soul music. We arrived there at 7pm and left at 1.30am. We didn?t fell bored once. The ambience was an excellent balance of being both electrically charged and soothingly relaxed. The food was of a high standard and everyone was very friendly. The music was also fantastic. For those of you who decide to indulge in smoking marijuana while you?re in Amsterdam, you can also smoke it at the Supperclub. It cost about £40/ head which may seem expensive but if you consider that it included an excellent five course meal - combined with a club, then you realise that you get more than your money?s worth. I know that this is a rather long description but this place was incredible. If you go to Amsterdam and fail to visit - you are missing out, horribly. You will never forget this place. Just visit the website if you don?t believe me - that should spark anyone?s interest. I just can?t wait to go again?


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