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Tramps Club (Teneriffe, Spain)

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Address: Arona / Tenerife / Canary Islands / Spain

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    1 Review
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      29.08.2009 21:19
      Very helpful



      The king of Clubs in Tenerife.

      ** Intro **

      When I announced to my work colleagues that I was off to Tenerife for a week they all looked at me rather astounded. You see, one thing Tenerife is famous for is its Nightlife, and rather obscurely I am not known as a night owl at all. But this all did change on my week away.

      ** What is Tramps? **

      Tramps is one of the biggest nightclubs in Tenerife and after being around for nearly a decade it definitely is on the Tenerife wall of fame and has labelled itself 'King Of Clubs'. Whether you see if for yourself or hear about it though the grapevine, people always seem to rate this place as the number one hot spot for revellers to Tenerife. It has no entrance fee on regular nights but this seemed to be the same throughout the area. You will find a lot of competition between the clubs to get you in. They don't have a dress code and the legal age is 18. Pretty similar to that of the UK clubs however they only had bouncers hanging around after about 2pm so they didn't seem to be that strict. But I did see them get rid of a bit of riff-raff every now and again.

      It is one of the latest opening clubs usually staying open until 6am and as most of the other bars shut around 4am Tramps becomes the place to be at about 3am if you can stay awake that long! Plus with a holding space of up to 2000 they'll never turn you away unless you're crawling on your hands and knees!

      ** Where is it? **

      I stayed in Playa De Las Americas which hosts an array of clubs, bars and restaurants and when talking about the place it definitely seems to be the liveliest resort in Tenerife. Being 23 with the world at my feet this seemed like a perfect area and I wasn't naïve, I knew that going away with 3 friends meant his was going to be a party holiday. So I was prepared. Luckily enough our hotel apartment was 5 minutes away from some of Playa De Las Americas most popular clubs and this meant we got to know the area relatively well.

      It is based in the Starco centre which is a like a commercial block building holding numerous bars and clubs as well as take-away joints. This makes it easy to move from one place to the next and it looks like one big party from the outside. Luckily for some most of the taxis tend to collate in this area meaning it is always easy to get home after a long night of partying. From the main road you walk down the steps and you are greeted with a large terrace and a complete open building, no doors (as they use shutters to close the club) and a treasure trove of interesting things inside. You can hear the music from outside and usually crowds of people sitting on the surrounding walls and tables which line the 'Tramps' area so you definitely can't miss it. Like I said it resembles an open party for everyone and as it is on the corner of the Starco centre it has loads of outside space.

      * What's going on inside? *

      There really is so much inside Tramps in terms of bars, music rooms and décor that I will have to break it down for you. There is music for everyone and volumes to suit your personal taste. Not everyone likes strobe lighting and ear-bashing beats! When you first walk in to Tramps you usually find a large podium style cage with a stunning female dancer showing you how it should be done. A part of me felt a bit sorry for her as she much get leeched on by the drunken teenagers all night but she is definitely not shy and shows you how club dancing is more of an exercise then a hobby. When you walk in it is quite dark and you suddenly realise just how big the club is as it has corridors and bars all over the place. Tramps itself is split into 3 main 'rooms' which are catered to their own individual music genre. All rooms have bars and places to rest your weary feet which was great for me and my 6 inch heels!

      ~~~Room 1 - Main Arena~~~
      This was the 'hard' clubbing room. You walk through a corridor and there are double doors at the end which makes you feel like you are heading into a special zone. Very exciting as you can hear the thump thump of the music and you can see the amazing strobe lighting through the doors and what looks like a million silhouettes jumping around. This is where they play the Electro, funky house and Dance Anthems. They have two dance podiums in the middle of the room where you can get up and dance if your brave enough, they also have 6 poles at the from on a stage like area for those that want to show what they can do to the world and at the back of the room they have a 'red' area. This is where they have some stunning red sofas and the chill out area with red lighting (which is very flattering may I add!). But no matter how chilled out it is you still wont be able to hear each other as the music is deafening. You'll also find that people go slightly berserk in this room and I ended up getting 3 drinks knocked out of my hand at one point so I would advise you not to drink in this room. Way to dangerous!!!
      As far as I can recall they had 2 bars in this room and as most people were dancing away getting a drink was pretty easy. They had plenty of staff floating around and even my broken glasses got swept up almost before I realised they had been knocked out my hand!

      ~~~Room 2 - The Blue Terrace~~~
      This is the room you immediately walk into just after entering Tramps, it has a large bar in the middle and the name 'Blue Room' rings true when your there as it has blue lights everywhere. Not flashing lights just a constant blue 'hew' to the room. It has large sofas at the back and this is defiantly the more chilled out area. It doesn't have as much dancing space but to be honest people were dancing everywhere, even behind the bar. They played everything from brand new chart RnB tracks to some old slow jam songs which were brilliant. They added a bit of hip-hop every now and again to beef it up a little but this was my favourite room of Tramps. Very relaxed and my style of music. This area was for the slightly more mature clubbers in my opinion and was more of a walk through area for the faster crowds.

      ~~~Room 3 -20 Degrees~~~
      This is what they call the party room. It really is a smallish room with a circular bar in the corner. Usually the slightly quieter area and the place where the people who have fancy dress etc go. They play all the party music from the 70s, 80s and 90s as well as the current party hits. For me this was the 'cheese' room. A place for a laugh and a giggle or in my case to get past the shyness stage until you've had a couple cocktails! This room had large mirrors which I think was to give it a larger look and had plenty of seating but like I said this was usually the room with the least amount of people.

      All the rooms are stunning and offer a lot of space, chrome, decent lighting and great textures from velvet to leather. There is really is something for everyone.

      ** Special Events **

      Being the self complained 'king Of Clubs' Tramps has to provide something the other bars and clubs don't and this comes in the form of World Famous DJ's. Tramps host special events where the likes of Judge Jules, Head Kandi, Dave Pearce, Trevor Nelson and more. These special events are all held in the Main arena and you usually pay Euro15 entry or Euro50 entry PLUS a free bar all night. However the rest of the club is still accessible so it is up to if you think its worthy of sending your extra money. When I was their Judge Jules was making an appearance and believe me if there is something going on then you will know about it. Posters everywhere, PR's on your case and constant talk about it in the club. I didn't want to pay the extra as I thought it was pointless. I am not a fan of house music and the drink deals were already enough for me. But I can imagine it was definitely an experience.

      ** Drinks **

      In Tenerife the bars seemed more then happy to provide you with whatever drink you fancied. There were even a couple of occasions where they made us a random cocktail! What usually happens in playa De Las Americas is that PR's (people the clubs pay to get you in buying drinks) roam around outside feeding you a load of waffle to get you inside. They are usually on commission and will offer you all kind of offers. The most popular offer we got from the PR's at Tramps was... (Now listen carefully as you won't get an offer like this in the UK!) 4 drinks of you choice (Sex on the beach cocktail was my choice usually) and 4 shots for Euro10. This works out at about £8/£9. Bargain! Now the shots themselves are usually a bit pants and something like peach schnapps or similar. But the other drinks were pretty decent and as you can choose what you want it was a great way to make your money go further. So my advice is never, ever pay full price for a drink. With all the PR's around the place you are guaranteed a bargain of some kind. Whether it's buy one get one free or a cheap deal. These offers usually expire at 3am so get them in early! If you don't get a deal or want to buy more drinks while you're inside they are usually between Euro4 and Euro7.

      Tramps has 8 bars and plenty of staff so no worry about long queues and if you do get your drinks through a Pr they usually go straight to the bar and if there is a queue then you beat it! You also get scantily clad women walking around selling shots which I always avoid as they are a bit of a rip off and also occasionally selling 'laughing gas' which is a bit like helium and makes you apparently feel a bit woozy but I would avoid that if I was you!

      ** Amenities **

      Unfortunately I can only describe what the female toilets were like but I imagine the gent's facilities were not much different. There were plenty of loo's and we never had to queue which was great as alcohol can sometimes make you feel slightly incontinent and as most people are out for hours there is no choice but to use the clubs toilets! There was always loo roll available and plenty of sinks and mirrors. It was a bit grubby but sorry if this puts you off but they must get used hundreds of times a day. So considering that, they are pretty well maintained.

      Tramps also have a cloak room which they charge for. But I see this as being pointless! It is so warm you don't need to take a jacket and to be honest I wouldn't trust my bag with anyone there. My advice is just to take the bare minimum, you don't need a phone. (If you want someone's number use a napkin!) Just take your money and some lip-gloss for the girls and you'll be fine.

      ** Conclusion **

      The hotspot of Tenerife and an experience I will never forget. You can't avoid this if you're hitting
      Playa Americas of an evening and you can't help but become a bit of a regular. It has a great atmosphere with plenty of space and some great and friendly staff.
      I would definitely recommend heading here before anywhere else and really getting your dancing shoes on! A Trampy Club? NO! King Of Clubs? - well in Tenerife at least!


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