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46 The Parade, High Street, Watford.

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    1 Review
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      08.02.2009 12:07
      Very helpful
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      Use as a last resort!

      I have been going out clubbing in Watford since I turned 18 (they're very strict with IDs.... I never fail to get ID'd now, even though I'm 22!) and so have visited Area on numerous occasions.

      In all honestly, Area is pretty much everyone's second choice for a club. Oceana (formerly Destiny) is where everybody wants to go, but you have to queue for about 2 1/2 hours on a student night to get in (when the students are back from uni.... during term time, everywhere is dead!). Friday and Saturday nights are much better for queueing and so if you end up in Area at the weekend it tends to be very quiet.

      There is a reason for this! Area is much smaller- there are three rooms, the "mainstream" room (which is basically RnB or Dance music), the Indie room and a small "specialised" room (which is RnB/Hip Hop, but the heavier side of things). The mainstream room is ok for a while, but the tunes played tend to be similar to each other and it does get boring after a while. The Indie room is fun, but usually so packed you cant even move. Hip Hop etc isn't really my bag, so I tend to steer clear of the other room.

      Drinks prices vary, depending on what day you visit, but tend to be pretty standard. Area does get acts in (I have seen Wiley there- of "Wearing My Rolex") but these aren't on a par to the acts in Oceana. Entrance price also is about the same as the other clubs. They used to do a lot of offers but since Oceana got so packed, they know people will come in.

      Area is joined on to Baracka, which is the bar next door. I actually prefer Baracka by miles.... it has a Moroccan decor with lots of sofas and a dancefloor. They have changed Baracka's entrance policy so you pay £7 to go in and then can go straight in to Area. This is clever on their part, as many people used to go from Baracka to Oceana, so this makes them more inclined to go to Area instead.

      Area doesn't have the best representation for drugs, and most parents would prefer their kids to go to Oceana or Kandi Klub, another smaller club in the town! I have never seen anything myself, but they do say there is not smoke without fire!!!

      I have to say, probably the best thing about this club is the toilets!!! If you want to go out in Watford go to Oceana (at the weekend). If you dont want to queue hours on end, I would recommend Kandi Klub which is cheaper and has better music in my opinion!!


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