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Classic Buildings, North Road, Durham, County Durham DH1 4SH
Tel: 0191 3843900

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    1 Review
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      14.12.2001 01:55
      Very helpful



      Going clubbing in Durham isn't an activity which is filled with choice. There are two main options (or three if you count the semi-club, Cafe Rock). You have the choice of Klute or Rixies, and remembering that Klute was once voted the second worst night club in Northern Europe (even more scarily it aims to be the worst) then anyone sane will head off to Rixies, which I must mention is actually called DH1. It's had several name changes over the years, but students still now it as Rixies - it's name from a few years ago! It isn't the best night club in the world, but neither is it the worst. It even played host to Radio Ones very own Westwood just a few weeks ago. Still, in general it isn't the place for the hardcore clubber, with the majority of nights it has favouring cheese over any real dance music, and in a way it's what the majority of students want. Weekends may well differ, because Durham town centre isn't really a place that most students go at the weekends. Like a lot of University cities, the locals and the students don't get on that well! To make up for this, just about every weeknight (Monday-Thursday) is a student night of some kind, often with a theme behind it. So far they've cycled through all the usual costumes, including togas, school uniform, thongs and Blues Brothers. Dressing up isn't a must, but there's always a few people who are up for it! Better than the dressing up are the prices, although they have been raised over the last few months as the club is now under new management. On Mondays you used to pay £2 to get in, then £1 for a bottle of VK. Now it's still £2 to get in, although all bottles cost £2, which isn't bad, but then ain't great compared to the old offer. The club itself is of medium size. It's only got the one room, but it's big enough to hold quite a few people. On busy nights it gets VERY busy, and one must wonder how they are
      legally allowed to fit so many people in. Decor wise the clubs a but style-less, it certainly doesn't have a theme. I guess it's a bit industrial looking, with the toilets and the one or two tables looking suitably metallic and worn. But then for all I know the place could just be a dump. The plan when going to Rixies is to get wasted beforehand in the cheap college then just top up in Rixies with a few bottles of alcopops. Apart from the main dancefloor there are two smaller sections to each side, raised slightly from the main dance floor. One of these goes by the name of Collingwood corner - my college - due to the fact that the club is so popular with our students. In addition to this there is a rather risky podium at the end of the dance floor, which while proving no problem to a sober person, to a drunk person it could spell a broken leg! And if you don't break bones on the podium then the never ending staircase that leads in and out of the club is bound to make up for it. Seriously, I'm just waiting for the day someone falls and has a nasty accident! Despite it's often busy nature, the bar is large enough to ensure that you don't have to wait too long for a drink. They'll keep your coats in a cloakroom for you too, if you pay them another £1. Post Rixies food is supplied from a small take-away across the road, which sells a dubious range of burgers, pizzas and chips. The place doesn't look all that good, but when you're drunk who really cares! (The meat did taste a bit funny though!!). Overall Rixies is a good night out, it's the best club in Durham, which although isn't really a term of endearment means it's the number one spot for Durham students!


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