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Dusk Nightclub (Guildford)

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Address: 4/6 North Street / Guildford / Surrey / GU1 4AA

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    1 Review
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      27.01.2009 12:50
      Very helpful



      Dance the night away 4 nights a week in this modern newly refurbished club.

      ***ABOUT THE CLUB***
      This club formally known as Time had a huge make-over & re-fit and changed their name to Dusk. This club has been fully refurbished with a bigger and better sound system and a new light system. A new dance floor has been put down and they have designated VIP area's and booths you can hire out for birthday's or other occasions.

      This club is now more modern looking and looks cleaner and brighter. As you walk into the club you see will the dance floor straight ahead of you, if you look carefully you will notice the dance-floor has sparkly pieces in the flooring which sparkle under the lights.

      To the right had side there is a small bar and on the left hand side behind the DJ booth you will see another bar as well. Over to the left hand side of this bar are a disable toilet and the ladies and men's toilets. Across the dance-floor from when you walk in you will notice another bar, which I would presume is the main bar seeing as this is the biggest one in the club.
      This club is probably one of the smallest clubs I have been in, how-ever there always seems to be plenty of room to move around and there are no stairs making access to the disabled easier.

      Of course as this is a nightclub you do have to be over 18 to get into the club and doormen never fail to check ID if they think you look under-age. Trainers and sports-wear is not allowed in the club on any of their nights, but other dress codes vary by their nights.

      If doorman believe you are already intoxicated before getting in the club they have the right to refuse you entry into the club. It is advised that you do not take large bags to the venue as these may be searched and you will have to deposit the item into the cloakroom. As with any nightclub it is also advisable that you do not leave any items unattended during the night either.

      ***WHAT GOES ON HERE?***
      * Monday Nights - This is Guildford's number 1 student night. Drinks are just £1.30 before midnight and admission is just £4, unless you have a NUS card and then entry will be reduced to just £3. The music for the night includes Party, Dance, R'n'B & Disco. Dress code is relaxed and you can wear jeans and trainers to this event.

      * Thursday Nights - This night is called vibe and is surrey's number 1 urban night, playing R'n'B, Garage & Drum and Bass. Admission is £5 all night or £4 with a NUS card and dress code is smart casual. Please note that ID is essential.

      * Friday Nights - This night is called Desire and they play the best of R'n'B, Party & Dance music. Entry before 11pm is £3.50, before 12 entry is £4.50, and after 12 entry will go up to £6.50. No sportswear is allowed and you must dress to impress. Again ID is essential.

      * Saturday Nights - Introducing Platinum, playing Funky House, Baseline, Smooth Grooves and dance classics. Entry before 11pm is £3.50, before 12 entry is £5.50, and after 12 entry goes to £7.50. Dress code is smart dress and no sportswear or trainers.

      You can put your coat or bag into the cloakroom. Sometimes there are long queues to put your coat in and even longer queues to collect it again at the end of the night. This costs £1.50 per item, and they will give you a ticket which you must keep, as this which tell them which number your jacket/bag is. If you loose this ticket you have to wait until the end of the night, until everyone else has got their jackets until you can get yours.

      They don't do a huge range of drinks but do stock Alco pops, water and bottle beer. They also have Pepsi and they do a range or Corky shots as well. They also their own brand of Red Bull, which you can choose to have with vodka if you wish. The Alco pop bottles cost about £4.00, they aren't cheap and the cherry flavour is very sweet, not only this but this flavour stains your clothes very badly as well. They do a range of flavours including, Apple, Cherry, Orange and they sell Smirnoff Ice as well.

      ***THE TOILETS***
      I have to admit that this was their worst area before they had the refit, the toilets were disgusting and people were forever tripping over the carpet which was always loose. I was looking forwards to seeing the newly refurbished toilets. How-ever these look great when you walk in, but already half the toilets don't lock, some of them don't flush. Half of them leak and a lot of the lights in the toilets don't work either. I was very surprised at how quickly these toilets got vandalised. There always seem to be a lack of toilet tissue in them as well & very often I have had to use a tissue from my bag. I have also noticed empty vodka bottles in here where people have obviously sneaked their own bottles into the club and have drunk the bottles in the toilet and have left them in there.

      ***SMOKING AREA***
      They do have a designated smoking area. As you pay for you tickets to get into the club you will be stamped on your hand. This enables you to go in and out of the club when you wish, if you are a smoker. The smoking area is just literally outside the club on the path outside. This is ok for customers as they don't have to walk very far, but I think it blocks the path outside the club and passer's by sometimes have a job to walk through.

      ***MY EXPERIENCE***
      I had have had good nights here and bad nights here. Some nights are really good, and I have heard that Monday night's are one of the best night's to go to. I only ever go here on a Friday and Saturday and even then the majority of it will be a Saturday night with the girls.

      We always put our jackets in the cloakroom and keep hold of our bags. We spend minimal waiting time at the bar before we are served by polite and friendly staff who seem more than happy to serve us. The dance-floor is normally always packed and when you do managed to get on here, a lot of the time you will be pushed/shoved about and you will be forever kicking and tripping over the bottles which have been dropped onto the dance floor. Please note that these are glass bottles as well, not plastic so if these break and someone falls over this can cut them quite badly.

      On a few occasions I have been here there have been a few fights, but never anything which the door-team can't handle. If there is a fight kicking off the door-team will be there straight away and they ill taken to the nearest fire exit. I have to point out that there is a lot less trouble in here than there used to be!

      (Review also on ciao)


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