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Gibsons Nightclub (Oswestry)

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New Street / Oswestry SY11 1PY / Shropshire

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    1 Review
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      27.11.2011 15:33
      Very helpful



      Party Here!

      Gibson's is a night club in the Shropshire town of Oswestry. Gibsons is the last 'stop' on a night out. After a night of going to pub after pub; Gibsons is the place where you spend the last few hours dancing away the night.

      ~ * Where Is It? * ~

      Gibson's is located in a good place; it is situated on new street and is located on the left of the street. It is located in a good place because it is close to the other 'main' Oswestry pubs; Wetherspoons and The Boars Head. The nightclub has quite a 'discreet' entrance. In the day you would think that it was just a normal building and wouldn't think that the doors were the main entrance. The outside of the club is good too because the whole street (it is only a mini street) is empty (there is only Wilkinson's next door and that is obviously closed at night), and so it is a little bit away from the road.

      ~ * How Do I Get In ? * ~

      Whether you have to queue to get in or not depends on what night it is. For example if it is Christmas, Halloween or a bank holiday Sunday then you can guarantee that you will have to queue to get in; sometimes for as long as 15 minutes, which isn't very good especially if it's cold and raining, as all queuing is outside. You know if it is going to be a good night or not from whether there is a queue or not.

      There are always a few bouncers on the door; they are generally quite helpful. They ask for your I.D and then they let you through to pay. Normally we don't go into Gibson's until around 1am and it is always £5. However, they have recently introduced a 'free entry before 12am' which sounds good. However, you can guarantee that you will be the only ones in there for an hour or so...until everyone else arrives... They will stamp your hand with the famous 'Gibson's' stamp - which means that you can get back in for free if you go out.

      ~ * What's It Like? *~

      It's actually quite nice inside...now. Up until recently, the club looked very shabby inside; the paint work was chipped and it just looked old fashioned; like something from the 80's. However, a few months back a pub (Fitz's) turned into a nightclub - before then Gibson's was the only nightclub in Oswestry and so with all the hype surrounding this new club (it had state of the art lighting, a big dance floor, lots of different rooms with different music...just very modern, and so Gibson's had big competition and so needed to up their game.

      So, having not been to Gibson's for a while, I was completely surprised by the big change. They had painted the place a lovely red colour (much nicer than the aqua blue colour they had before). They had removed the old horrible wooden barriers and added much nicer on the eye metal 'fences'. They also added a load of seats; before the only seats available were high stools which were miles away from the dance floor and located by the door. However now, they have added great big 'high back' sofas which can probably seat up to ten people per 'sofa' which is really great. Plus they are located right by the dance floor so you can still 'soak up' the dance floor atmosphere. I think this is a good idea, especially if your shoes are hurting; because before if you wanted to sit down and your friends wanted to dance you would have to go miles to sit down and then you would obviously become separated, but now you can still be with your friends.

      They have also added 'high tables' for people who want to stand by the dance floor with their drink. There are also a few other little seating areas with sofas located around the club and so it is much better.

      There are two floors in Gibson's; the bigger downstairs bit with all the up-to-date music and the main dance floor, and the top floor; much smaller dance floor and with older music (mainly from the 80's and 90's). I myself prefer the top floor because I don't know why, but I feel I can relax more up there, I know the music (and usually they are traditional party songs with famous dance moves) and so I find that I always end up enjoying myself more on the top floor. There is even a bar up there (there's a bar downstairs too) and an outside balcony. However, now, they only open the top floor when it is busy which is annoying; but I guess it is to save money as otherwise they would have to pay 2 Djs, 2 sets of bar staff and 2 sets of bouncers.

      ~ * What About The Music ? * ~

      I think that the top floor has the best music; Steps, S Club 7...my kind of music. Whereas downstairs has all the up-to-date stuff which sounds good. However, I have had a couple of nights in Gibson's where it has been really, really quiet and the music was just really bad...every single song was something I had never ever heard of...and just generally bad dance music; there is nothing worse than dancing to music you hate/never heard of. However, generally it's ok with plenty of Rihanna!

      ~* What About Security? *

      Security at Gibson's is very tight! They are very strict; if anyone is causing trouble...out they go. They are always watching everything you do like hawks which is good. The minute someone takes their shoes off they tell them to put them on, or if someone has a drink on the dance floor (which is not allowed), they will tell them to get off the dance floor. So the security is very good!

      ~ * What About The Rest of The Staff? * ~

      There is always plenty of staff buzzing around; whether they are behind the bar or collecting the glasses or just generally buzzing around. There always seems to be plenty of staff and you never have to wait long for a drink. All the staff (apart from the bouncers who stand out because of their orange jackets)wear t-shirts which say 'I work here', which is good as it means that they are easy to identify.

      ~ * What About Drinks * ~

      Funny thing is even though I dance a lot here, I never 'want' a drink when I am here and if I do, all I'll have is a coke, which costs around £1.20 and tastes absolutely disgusting (real cheap stuff). They also do loads of alcoholic drinks (including beer, smirn offs ices, WKDs, shots...that kind of thing). I think a WKD costs about £2.50 or £2.80 something like that.

      ~ * What About The Dance Floor ? * ~

      The dancefloor has been made smaller since they have introduced sofas etc, but there is still plenty of room to have a good boogie. There is also a 'stage' which is a raised dance floor; I don't particularly like dancing up here as everyone can see you and the lights are really unflattering; big bright things! I much prefer dancing on the 'lower bit' where it's more darker and private.

      ~ * Does It Get Busy ? * ~

      It does get very busy but only on bank holidays and Christmas etc. Sometimes you can't move because it is so busy. However, 'inbetween' big nights, it is quite average; it can be very quiet which can be boring, but it could also be a bit busy too. It just depends whats going on that day! I prefer it when it's busy as there is always a good atmosphere.

      ~ * What Else ? * ~

      On a Saturday night, Gibsons opens at about 10:30 and closes at...well I'm not sure actually..I've been there until about 3:45am and there's people still been there.

      There are only around 5 toilets- sometimes you have to queue- they look really shabby and aren't that clean either.

      If you smoke there is a huge outdoor area at the back where you can sit and have a smoke - there's also some umbrellas and benches for you to sit down on.

      ~ * Would I Recommend It? * ~

      Yes! I would! I mean it's not the best club in the world, but it is... I was about to say the only club in Oswestry (but I forgot about the new club, Desire...it is the best club in Oswestry and is much better nowt that it has had a make over.

      Thanks for reading!
      November 2011
      xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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