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Intrusion @ The Cellar (Oxford)

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    1 Review
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      01.01.2002 20:16
      Very helpful



      Anyone familiar with my musical tastes probably won't be surprised to find this isn't quite a 'normal' club. The Cellar is a pokey little venue on Frewins Court, next to the Union nightclub (the 'Purple Turtle') and just off Cornmarket Street (behind the Good Bean cafe). It normally specialises in underground hip-hop and drum n bass I believe. Intrusion, however, is something of a departure - a goth/industrial/80s night. Since the demise of the 'Morpheus Project' (a fortnightly goth night in the Antiquity Hall) over Christmas 2000-01, there hasn't been anywhere in Oxford for the black-clad hordes to congregate - once we even had to take the train to Church of Madness in Reading. Well, that changed half-way through Trinity term 2001, when Intrusion was first launched. The idea was quite simply to enliven the alternative scene in Oxford, something which definitely needed doing. Intrusion was begun as a monthly club, to take place on the second Tuesday of the month. Unfortunately this was hampered by clashing with the Zodiac's weekly rock night, but since that was reduced to the first Tuesday of each month this year, that's no longer a problem. Despite Oxford's sad obsession with cheesy pop (shudder) the first night of Intrusion was very well attended - and it has since been able to go ahead on a monthly basis. People turned up from as far away as London and the south coast to make the night a success (and distribute flyers for events elsewhere). The organisers are very friendly - DeeTee (who DJs) and Sexy Sophia (generally on the door - or dancefloor!) The Club The Cellar itself is an underground room - literally a former cellar I believe. You go down the stairs and enter a 'main room' which has a bar on the right and a few tables and stalls on the left. At the far end is a dancefloor and the DJ booth. Toilets are behind you and there are seating areas off to the left
      and right, slightly away from the music and dancefloor action. There's another bar on the left, but it's never open for Intrusion. The club's fairly small and dark, but never too crowded. Sometimes they put candles on the tables, and there are always lights on the dancefloor. At the moment, Intrusion is run 8-11. The late license should've begun in October, but DeeTee blames the Cellar owner, and promises he will get the club running late as soon as possible in the new year. As it is, you can at least enjoy the whole night and then nip next door to the PT and beat the queue there! There's no official dress code as such, most wear black, with PVC always popular. Anything goes really, so expect crazy piercings (like pointy ears) and coloured hair, but also some people who seem to turn up in their normal jumper and jeans(!) Entry is a reasonable £3 and you get free sweeties on the door. The bar runs promos on certain cocktails until 9, or two bottles for £3, but I've never tried the selection. Pints are also slightly pricey at £2.50 - although Fosters is only £1.50 and water's free. Generally, I don't come here to get drunk (I'd stay in the college bar or Union, it's cheaper) and stick to the dancefloor, speaking of which... The Music As I said, the music is goth/industrial and 80s so there's enough to please all sections of the goth crowd - from the metal end (Ministry, etc) through trad-goth to the dancey ebm sounds of Apoptygma Berzerk, Covenant etc. Occasional 80s hits such as 'Take On Me' and 'Sweet Dreams' will be dropped in whenever the DJ feels like it. We're quite a happy bunch really - you should see the crowds on the dancefloor trying to co-ordinate a huddle to 'Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head' (goths have a sense of humour, but obviously no co-ordination!) I guess the best way to give you a taste of the music is to list songs you might hear
      . DeeTee is a big Nine Inch Nails fan, and the other main DJ (Doktor Joy) likes quite a bit of industrial stuff too. Last time I went, the tunes I recognised were (and this partly reflects my tastes as well as theirs): Nine Inch Nails - Heresy, Rammstein - Du Hast, Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams, Apoptygma Berzerk - Love Never Dies (part 1) and Non Stop Violence, Covenant - One World One Sky, Ministry - NWO, Godhead - Eleanor Rigby, Killing Joke - Eighties, Fields of the Nephilim - Moonchild and Pulp - Common People(!) It's worth saying not to bother if you don't like the music or might be offended (by something like Heresy) but it's not necessary to know all the songs - many are too obscure for me, but it's clear from the reaction when 'big hits' come on. Overall This may not be a normal club. It won't appeal to the 'Shark End' massive or 'Filth' crowd. Mind you, the nightlife in Oxford generally isn't up to much, especially for the alternative crowd. Intrusion's the best club night I've been to, and hopefully it will continue going strong. UPDATE: Apparently they now have a late license, so in January and February 2002 will be running until 1am (though they may have to cut back to midnight in future if the club doesn't prove popular) Doors open 8:00pm - 1:00am 3 quid entry on the door Free sweeties on entry!! 8th January 2002 DJs: Doktor Joy, DeeTee, Nils (Slimelight/Disturbance) Drinks promos available ----- 12th February 2002 DJs: Doktor Joy, DeeTee and guests - tbc


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