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Nightclubs in Cambridge in general

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    1 Review
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      11.05.2001 20:20
      Very helpful



      Cambridge's reputation on the clubscene leaves a lot to be desired, it must be admitted. And yes, if you're looking for giant clubs with sophisticated music then Cambridge is perhaps not the place for you. But as a Cambridge resident I feel I must stand up for the eight clubs that exist in my town. Despite the variable music quality and small capacities, Cambridge's clubs do have great atmosphere and cheap drinks (two undoubted advantages). So don't write them off straightaway! Here's a general guide to the venues... **The Junction** This is one of the largest venues in Cambridge (about 1000 capacity) and hosts music gigs as well as club nights - the most famous being Rubber Soul (one of the biggest R'n'B nights outside London) and Boogie Wonderland (70s cheese, every Friday). The Junction is always packed fairly early on, although the somewhat relaxed door policy means that the average age of clubbers there is often below 18(!) The dress code in general is 'dressy', so I recommend digging out your skirts and boots and boob tubes. **Fifth Avenue** This is still referred to as 'Cindy's' by university students, despite the fact it's been Fifth for ages now. It's probably one of the most popular clubs in Cambridge, being right in the centre, with queues forming on Friday and Saturday nights. The occasional big name plays here, but in general expect average-standard tunes by the resident DJs. Dress is very important - no trainers or denim allowed, except on student nights - and the bouncers can be quite strict on ID, so bring it along. Look out for the Fifth scouts, who hand out 'skip the queue' and 'discounted entry' cards to people in selected bars (try Henry's on the Quayside). **The Fez Club** Also a popular club, just 200 metres or so away from Fifth. It's pretty small (although they try to hide that by using lots of mirro
      rs) so it gets full quickly. The dancefloor is very small, and it's right next to the bar, so dancing is cramped to say the least! **Toxic8** Since this opened six months ago, it's established itself as the main venue for a) underage clubbers; and b) older men. Unimpressive plastic decor also puts off the trendier clubbers. However, it is one of the larger clubs (finally, space to dance) and the music's not too bad. The student night, apparently, is good enough to rival Fifth's. **Life** Formerly known as (and still referred to by many as) Chicago's. Possibly the coolest club in Cambridge, aided by its over-21's only policy on Friday and Saturday. I haven't actually been there (embarrassing admission) but everyone I know has recommended it - particularly the student nights. It's tiny, and the queues start at 10:30 (earlier when the students return), so get there early! Oh, and Mark Owen came once. **Po Na Na** This club is quite tucked away but it's a gem. It's the little sister of the Fez, but it's layout is (in my opinion) much better. The salsa classes and club on Monday nights are probably the best thing they have going, along with their frequent drink promotions. Not really a jumpin' place, but worth checking out for mid-week clubbing. **Kambar** Right next to the Corn Exchange and round the corner from Toxic8. The bouncers are intimidating, but don't worry about them 'cause the Kambar is actually a nice place. The size is comparable to the Q club, but the decor and atmosphere are so much better. The music's also gained some respect with their recent hip-hop nights. **Q Club** This is out of the city centre and tends to attract a slightly 'out there' crowd. Its decor is graffiti-style and the dancefloor is absolutely tiny (it literally cannot fit more than 25 people on there). I hate to be rude, but I th
      ink its the worst club in Cambridge. I should perhaps mention that the quality of various clubs is hotly debated. Me and my friends certainly don't agree on the merits of various clubs (except Life, which everyone thinks is brilliant). So in order to get the best opinion, you'll just have to try them out yourself. So there you have it. Cambridge contains enough clubs, I reckon, to keep most of us happy. And if you're not, you can always go dwon to Newmarket (20 minutes away by car) for the delights of bigger clubs like De Niro's, or even to London (50 minutes on the train) where the choice is endless.


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