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Nightclubs in Coventry in general

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    1 Review
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      20.07.2005 22:16
      Very helpful



      If you want to know where to go when you come to Coventry, get reading!

      I have been going to Coventry City centre now for nearly two years, although im only 18, i dont mind!

      Its not always the best place in the world for night clubs, Birmingham is only around the corner its just an extra £50 taxi faire!!!

      Coventry has two or three main clubs, IKON, JAKS and Bonds (AKA)Diva, there are many many more but most in Coventry are pubs with late licencing laws.

      Ikon is the main Job, it is one BIG dance type of nightclub, for more raver clubber people, they charge anything between £5 and £10 entrance fee and usualy on a friday night its £2 for a bottle of VK.

      It is huge compared to the rest in coventry, when you get there the queue's aren't too bad untill you are up stairs and go to pay, before you get upstairs the doorman ID you then you walk through a metal detector. Once up the stairs expect about a 15 minuite wait untill you can pay, then once paid walk through into an astonishingly Big room, with the dance floors in the middle and two or three bars around the outside. In Ikon It is all dance and club music.

      I tend to walk around the outside because that is where the air conditioning points. Word of advice, dont go there if you think you can have a conversation with anybody because you wont here a thing, but it is a brilliant laugh!!!

      Next is Bonds (AKA)Diva, Bonds Diva and Ikon are all attached at the Skydome in Coventry, Bonds is the smaller of the three, we usually go there for a few beers first, on a friday its around £5 to get into Bonds but this lets you through to Diva AND Ikon, (Bargain)Bonds isnt anything fantastic mainly a large bar, small dancefloor and a seating area.The same again all dance and club music with an odd exception of R&B.

      Then we Progress to Diva, usually Diva is realy packed so we dont bother, it is quite small and very stuffy but a good laugh. The same again 1 main dance floor and two bars.Yet again all dance music.

      The best of all though if you are going out to dance and have fun, Jumping Jacks (AKA)Jacks, We love Jacks, it has dance music, rock music, funny music and is known for its more cheesy music. Jaks is built around some kind of theme, im not sure what because im usually to plasterd to realise! The staff are amazing because they get on the stage and dance with everybody, they sing live, the Dj does embaresing things like sings happy birthday to your mates, (even if its not there birthday)! They are expensive though at Jaks, £4 to get in (not bad) but at £3.50 for a bottle of VK????

      If anybody was to ask me to reccomend them to a club in BRITAIN i would say JACKS without a doubt.

      Thanks for reading, any questions feel free to ask!



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