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  • Ears hurt 3 days after you've left
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    1 Review
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      14.06.2002 23:34
      Very helpful



      • "Ears hurt 3 days after you've left"

      This 'club' is poor, oh so very very poor. And quite frankly, hurts. 1. I walked into a lamppost outside the club, okay maybe not the clubs fault but it was sore anyway. 2. The club itself has a big spiralling staircase, which when drunk is quite hard to navigate. Stairs were meant to go straight, none of this turning to the side nonsense. 3. Due to Reds being quite small, the speakers are always close to you wherever you go. All sorts of ear damage going on right there. 4. You find it hard to breathe after 20 minutes or solid laughing at your mates dancing. 5. The lack of ventilation, confined space and an over smokey smoke machine causes eye crustiness of epic proportions. Anyway, about the actual club. Size: Quite small, the dance floor often gets very crowded if it's busy and the bar is beyond tiny. It's far too small for even the size of this small club. Often queues and hefty amounts of pushing to get to the bar. Also in the middle of the club there's these tables, which just get in the way of everything. Toilets: Uch, tiny like the rest of the place. 2 sinks, 2 urinals and 1 proper toilet. Dismal. Staff: Only good thing about the club, friendly bar staff, the bouncers do their job very well. Even the wee cloakroom woman is nice. And i sure know if that was my job I'd moan like a big nasty overly moany person. So well done to her. Prices: Very easy to get in to reds for free. Wander about for 5-10 minutes in the street and you're sure to find someone with free passes for Reds. Drinks are not too bad, I've never been there when there's been a promotion but even then they're just your average drinks prices. £2 for a pint. £1.75 for a Jack Daniels and coke, £4 for a double. The place closes at 3am and you've got a wee walk to the nearest taxi rank. Oh and enjoy trying to get down the stairs leaving the place
      . So unless you get knocked back from the Garage or Shack or anywhere decent and have nowhere else to go. Avoid! Reds 375 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow (0141) 331 1635


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