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Remedies Bar (Falmouth)

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Address: The Moor / Falmouth / Cornwall / TR11 3QA / England

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    1 Review
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      30.12.2009 00:10
      Very helpful



      A place to go at the end of the night, when you're in the mood for dancing.

      Now one must remember that there are only three clubs in Falmouth, a place which has a student population of just 3000 and around the same amount of club ready locals, now with that in mind please read on.

      I have only enjoyed the joys of Rememdies at night, although I hear it is quite nice during the day. So lets get down to the nitty gritty details.

      To enter this place the price is only two pounds (a bargin on anyones buget). The entry staff were very pleasant and polite. Then you climb the many stairs and get to the "happening" floor. A place where the music is the best in Falmouth and where there is plenty of space to dance, but no where to sit. The atmosphere is normally ruined by an "in-promtu" organised break-dancing which stinks of "high school musical" an era which any 18+ person is far too old for.
      The bar staff range from helpful to rude, although there is free water which is a luxury in these parts (no joke). The staff also won't look after you, legal obligation to punters is an unknown of concept, a friend of mine who was falling asleep got thrown out, even though they had no way to tell whether she was either far too tired or drugged. And another friend had to help a girl who had slashed her arm open and was fading in and out of consciousness from the upstairs toilet to the front door and then order the door staff to order an ambulance, a task which she was lucky enough to undertake whilst sober.

      The drinks are reasonable around three pounds and standard selection is available. A large plus for Remedies is that it can be enjoyed whether sober or drunk a small luxury for places in Falmouth.

      So good drinks, ok staff, ok music, a place to dance should you go here?
      Well I would recommend going here for large groups (5+) to ensure a good experience. Also if you are a male out for an easy pull, I would recommend steering clear of the "porn party" and the "foam party", which although intended to attract all the girls, they attract however sleazy guys and as a result put off the girls.


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