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Skibunny @ Auntie Annie's (Belfast)

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Dublin Road, Belfast. On Saturdays. Info: 02890 329 542

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    1 Review
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      01.09.2005 17:21
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      Belfast club

      Do you ever wonder how large groups of people in a confined space, falling about to "Sweet child o' mine" constitutes a good night? Or why do we mouth the words to Panic by The Smiths so venomously, if somewhat ironically " Hang the D.J, hang the D.J" like some angry mob. Perhaps you are the type of person that believes "A town called malice" by The Jam is particularly poignant to your own life! Fact is that not a lot has changed over the years these songs are just but a few of the classic songs that are still being played in the small venues of our towns, as sure as the posters that still hang on the walls of student bed-sits across the land.

      I am not concerned with debates about era. There has been of late, a resurgence of rock music back into the mainstream. This begs me to wonder if the days of the super-club are not over. The small club has lived through the worst of days. The mainstream british chart recently has been flooded with new talent, with not as much attention being put on the silly little pop acts that have dogged the music industry for so long. Of course i have seen this all before, and for some if not possibly most of you reading this you've probably seen it alot more. For me mid nineties britain held so much promise. So much talent around, bands that i could hang on my wall, my sixties. Could this be a frivolous attempt to try an emulate something that i will never understand. Im not a sixties child, Im not even the son of a sixties child, but yet the ideals speak to me. Im quite sure however that like now, the sixties had its fair share of commercial pop, if not more. So this leads me to think what is it all worth? Do we just have to make the best of what we have at the minute and tell ourselves that Pete Docherty is the new Kurt Cobain, when really hes just well, rum.

      The thing is that its all good. I mean Ski-bunny at Aunt Annies set list may be as rudimentary as lego, and as predictable as death but it works! Sure your gonna hear your old favorites, maybe stumbling around to Supergrass or Pulp one minute then The rolling Stones the next, whilst perhaps some kid is asking you "who is this"? But like Bob Dylan once said " Who wants to go and get whipped? And if you do want to go and get whipped arent you in fact being entertained"? And Aunt Annies is certainly an entertaining night, its fun. And yes its loud, smokey and sweaty but isn't it meant to be? The worst that could happen there is that you could have some beer spilt on you or some bloke gets off with a girl you've had your eye on. Maybe things get messy and you get sick, Who knows?

      Aunt Annies is definitely worth checking out, costs a fiver in and is upstairs from the main bar. One thing i would say that its is very smokey and busy, cues for toilets are a nightmare sometimes and I dont think they cater for wheelchairs. Which actually is a real shame on alot of bars and clubs.


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