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Nightclub. Cleveland Street, Hull HU8 8AU. Tel:+44(0)1482 326698. Check the website below for more information.

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      21.02.2001 21:51
      Very helpful



      I was surprised when looking through the Hull section in DooYoo, to find that no-one had written any opinions about nightclubs in Hull. So I thought I'd write one on my favourite Hull nightspot: Spiders. However, now I've sat down to actually write it, I think I'm beginning to realise why no one else has attempted it. I frequented Spiders on many a Friday or Saturday night from 1995 - 1997 when I was living in Hull doing an MA at the university. But despite this, I actually struggle to remember lots about it, this is down to the old demon drink. I remember going to Spiders once sober, and only managing to stay 10 minutes. It is the place where you need to have a fair amount of booze inside you to enjoy I think. I will try my best to give it a review through the drunken haze of my memory. Spiders is to be found on Cleveland St in East Hull, about a 10 minute car journey from the city centre, ask a friendly "lurcul" for directions. One tabloid newspaper's guide to clubs described Spiders as: "that ghastly hell hole" where you would only go for the drink or to pull. That is a fairly accurate description, although I prefer to describe it as cheap and cheerful rather than ghastly. As with most places in Hull, it is an inexpensive night out. The cost to get in Spiders used to be a paltry £3.50 and I doubt if it has gone up much. Once in, I remember it being a fairly decent sized club with at least 2 dancefloors (upstairs & downstairs) and 2 or 3 bars. The decor I can only describe as neo-gothic with an arachnid theme, in other words completely nauseating. But then you have the drinks, and I believe this is the main reason so many people come here. Spiders serves up lethal combinations of cocktails with wacky names. Try the Pangalactic Gargle Blaster, the Brown Bomber or the Tizer to name but a few. They are ridiculously cheap. A tizer (my favourite) would set you back just 90p!! Even if you (
      sensibly) stuck to something like Bud, a bottle was only £1.10. Shorts were a mere 40p!!! Don't ask me what goes in to the cocktails, I've never really wanted to find out. All I know is that they slip down far too easily and leave you with a shocking hangover. My flatmate and I used to joke that you've never been properly drunk unless you've experienced a Spider's hangover. I can only liken it to how I imagine it would feel to be crushed by a steamroller. I'm sure the cheeseburgers purchased from the dodgy van always outside Spiders at the end of the evening never helped either, but they always seemed a good idea at the time. Note: a night out at Spiders should be followed by a quiet weekend. Don't make the mistake of going if you have a long car/train journey planned the next day. You will be very sick. The music at Spiders tends to be indie/rock, more rock on Saturday nights. Not much else to say about that really. Finally, the main reason why I look back fondly at Spiders. The pulling, which happened often. One particular night stands out. It was a warm Friday in August '96 when I was talked into going to Spiders (against my better judgement, I had a busy weekend planned). On my way to the ladies I bumped into a tall handsome (I thought, although I did have my tizer goggles on) man. A few minutes later we were dancing (and snogging)to the tune of "Good Enough" by Dodgy (remember them?). Nothing unusual in that you might think. Except that we arranged to meet at a pub the following Sunday (The Linnet & Lark if you're interested) and actually remembered to do so. Reader, I married him. (Apologies to Charlotte Bronte, but I've always wanted to pinch that line from Jane Eyre). Nearly 5 years later finds us living in London with our baby boy. Spiders: not a place that immediately springs to mind when you think of true love, but hey, it worked for us! A brief update, I've just checked out the website (click on the top of the page) and it's fantastic, includes a very interesting history of the place. Although I was shocked to learn that Tizer has gone up by 25p!


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