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The Kitchen (Dublin)

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Temple Bar, Dublin.

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    1 Review
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      29.01.2002 19:22
      Very helpful



      In January, what is a very unusual time to go to Dublin there were four days without rain, what is much more unusual. And this 4 days were our short trip to Dublin. So, on this nice evening, 2 of us decided to celebrate this day the night over. A look in one of the many free citymags and there was The Kitchen stated as the place to be. Being located very nearby our residence (Kinlay House) it was just a walk of some minutes. The Kitchen is situated in Temple Bar, what is kind of the epicentre of Dublin's nightlife. You can find it at East Essex Street, below the Clarence Hotel. There were not too many people waiting outside. After a short while our ID-Cards (no one under 18!) were checked and maybe it was because of the German ID-Cards that I could get in with sneakers. Don't try it! Its very hard. Entry was 6.50 Euros. Wardrobe 1 Euro. Yes, they have it as well and it was cool for me as a German. I did not have to think about the price. Just the same currency as at home. 11:41 pm and we enter the club. It was not very crowded, nice housy techno music, I liked it. The location: In the front area you will find armchairs and couches with space for maybe 30 to 50 people. Everywhere columns. Nice. In this area as well the bar: 5 meters and 5 bar tenders, so you do never have to wait too long for you drink. The prices are extremely ok, I paid 3.40 Euros for a Red Bull. In the back of the club is the dance floor. Very minimalistic, kind of too much stone, some nice light effects, but no laser things or so. On the left hand is a artificial brook with light effects as well. Looks very nice. But do not drink or use for refresh. There is much to much chlorine in the water. On the right side is the way to the toilets, these are clean and ok. Of course there is a condom machine. After the little check we started to dance, as most people did. Not only on the dance floor itself, but also in
      the surrounding areas. The music got faster and more beats came into my ear (and mind), but vocals still ruled the music, it was not the Detroit way of Techno. The crowd was a good selection, mostly between 20 and 25. I got in contact with a girl from NYC/Manhattan and some nice Irish folks. The party got really hot and we celebrated all night long. Not to compare with parties in Cambridge. It was like in Berlin or Dresden. The people were smiling and screaming. Some of them because of the very high drug consumption, which seems to be usual in the Irish party scene. Ecstasy was consumed very often. And so the party went on for the next 3 hours. But 3:00 every club in Ireland has to close (we in Germany are used to celebrate AT LEAST until sunrise). No music, but silence and the lights turned on. We needed some seconds to recognize what happened. Being very high be the body's own drugs (endorphin, adrenalin) we could not even think of going to bed and so we had a nice walk by the river and the bridges. And meet some freaks there ... but this is a different story. P.S.: If you want to have a look in The Kitchen check out the homepage http://www.the-kitchen.com They have a virtual 360° view and all flyers online. P.P.S.: The club is property of the band U2, but I think that's not so important. Just wanted to let you know ...


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