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The Viper Lounge (Stockton Heath)

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1-3A Victoria Buildings / Stockton Heath / Warrington / Cheshire / WA4 6LG / Tel: Tel: 01925 211185 /

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    1 Review
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      19.06.2007 13:53
      Very helpful




      I’m someone who likes going on a night out but does like to change it about where I end up going because there’s nothing more tedious then knowing every week what clubs or bars you will be going to all of the time. I listen to what friends say or look around myself but am always trying out new clubs but I suppose that is part of the student lifestyle. Being a student in Warrington, although it does have some good clubs it’s not the best place to go out more than once a week as it doesn’t really have a lot of difference to offer so this is why one nigh a group of us headed out to a place called Stockton Heath.

      Stockton Heath is still considered Warrington but it is just one of the boroughs so basically it’s just the outskirts. It is concerned the more upmarket area in Warrington though so knowing that I knew the dress sense and price ranges would be a lot more different here compared to those in the centre. Stockton Heath has a lot earlier closing hours, everywhere closes at 1am which to me is quite early but I suppose it is a smaller part so early closing hours seemed obvious. The people dress a bit classier here as well and you can see right away it’s a bit more sophisticated.

      As soon as you get to the Viper Lounge the sign outside has a policy against what they do not tolerate such as hoodies, hats, trainers, etc basically it has to be very smartly dressed. I have been there on numerous occasions and seen people turned away for not being dressed up enough, they tolerate Converse because they are not actual trainers but that is about as lenient as it gets. Most men are usually wearing shirts but as you get in you go up the lit up stair way which dimmed with blue lighting on each step.

      I didn’t have to pay when I went in and this was on a Friday night. Every night has different things going on, like Fridays and Saturdays is R&B, house and stuff from the past and DJ Pete Pinnington from Warrington’s local station Wire FM does this. Then Sundays is funky house and Thursdays, hits from the 1980s to present day. I was actually quite pleased with the music played on the Friday; it was all well known songs from Phil Collins to anything released today.

      As soon as I walked in it was really busy in here, it was a mix of age groups from early twenties to about late thirties. The club is upstairs and has a floor above it. It is very dimly lit with different coloured lights under everything so it’s really nice. Downstairs is like the dance floor where the DJ stands but this part was very overcrowded so I went upstairs where there are booths to sit and the big white leather seats. The toilets are quite nice too very well looked after. The bar is easy enough to get served at too; it isn’t a long wait, maybe on a busy night it might be a bit of a push but no great fights.

      The drinks in here I knew were never going to be cheap but I bought a double vodka and coke and it cost me £4.90 which I kind of expected but you need a lot of money in here if you’re going to stay a while. It is served in an average sized glass and wasn’t watered down so I suppose it was ok for that. The prices here are the usual kind of prices I’d expect in a city and for the nicer club I suppose it isn’t too bad to pay that.

      The only annoying thing about this club is I was just getting settled, enjoying the music and having a good time when the club was closing and 1am was approaching so to be honest if you do still want your night to continue on you will have to get a taxi into Warrington city centre. From the Viper Lounge it only cost a total of £4 to get into the centre of Warrington which wasn’t bad split between four people at all.

      To get to Stockton Heath in a taxi from the outskirts of Warrington cost me roughly £12 which isn’t bad at all but Warrington does have a relatively good taxi business and so it is quite cheap if you want to travel around. After being to the Viper Lounge it was a good night out but I don’t know if it would be my choice all of the time. It wasn’t the kind of place I could comfortably dance in and it did have a snobbishness about it but this was to be expected.

      It was a good night out for a change and the actual club was very nice appearance wise and there weren’t a lot of embarrassing drunken people about which I liked. I would come here for a fancy occasion but for my usual night out I’d stick to clubs which have cheaper drinks and more space to dance, I won’t fault the music here though as it was good.

      If you want more information or live in Warrington or the surrounding areas and fancy something different then go to http://www.theviperlounge.co.uk for more information as to what’s on and how to get here.


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    • Product Details

      The Viper Lounge is located in the Victoria Building in Stockton Heath and is the Premium Venue in South Warington! The venue website is www.theviperlounge.co.uk. More to be added at a later date. Stockton Heath's newest and most exclusive venue. VIP area upstairs. Music till late.