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The Zone/ 5th Avenue (Rotherham)

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    1 Review
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      03.04.2001 04:59
      Very helpful



      Wow, its Saturday night, 6. 45 pm and I'm on my way out for a night of partying!! OOPS forgot were I was then. Why I'm I excited, well its not often with two children the I get out (AWWW), but tonight is a friends birthday and we are off to paint the town red. I wont bore you with an account of my evening of drinking but I will tell you about the best night club in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. After going for a pub crawl around some of the major pubs in Rotherham (opinion coming soon) and getting just a bit merry to say the least, we stumbled into The Zone/ 5th Avenue. It was about 11 pm and it was quite busy outside but we only had to queue 5 mins before we went in. There are two entrances to the club, one through The Zone and the other through 5 th Avenue. Two clubs in one building The Zone is for 18 and overs and here they play great music. Most of the time they play upto date music or whatever is in the clubbing charts at the time. As you go in they have a reception area were you pay those pennies to get in and have a good time. We had tickets so it was only £3 but if you don't have tickets its usually £4. Woohoo saved a pound but spent it on drink !! After you hand you ticket to the doorman, you can go in. On you left you have a cloakroom in which you can pay £1 to put you jacket/coat in. In my younger days I used to go clubbing without jackets but I must be getting wimpy in my old age, as I feel the cold more. There goes that pound I saved then. It was getting busy, and was lots of people on the dance floor so after downing another bottle of Watermelon Barcardi Breezer, we boogied the night away. There are two huge bars in the zone, one on your left as you walk in and one down the bottom end, over the other side of the dance floor. The bars sell most bottles like Bud, Barcardi Breezers, Becks, Miller, Castaway, Hooch and many more. They also do shots, cocktails, soft drinks and water. The average price of bot
      tles are about £2.00 - £2.50, shots £1.50, cocktails £2.00 up and soft drinks from £2.00 a pint. On the water side, clubs are NOT allowed to charge you for having tap water. As I was a bit frazzled anyhow I only had one alcoholic drink all night, the rest was water to stop me from dehydrating while I danced. On a personal note I think that the price for soft drinks are an out range. You pay £2 for a pint of coke, but lets face it, who's gonna drink a pint of coke all at once. Most people buy half pints and this cost around £1.20. It probably works out cheaper going out and drinking and then sharing a taxi with friends. The dance floor is HUGE. It has the DJ at one end at the bottom, and a few stages if you are brave enough to dance on them. The dance floor itself is in a diamond shaped and has a non slip flooring. They are 3 ways onto it, from the DJ side, and the others are leading from the bar. Drinks are not supposed to be carried on the dance floor for safety reasons but many people do. Just don't dance to near the edges, as this is were people usually stand them if there is no room on the ledges. All around the sides of the club are seats and tables, so you can sit down if you need to rest those poor aching feet of yours. If its really busy, you might not find any seating, but I suppose if there was too many seats, no one would be dancing. There are toilets, Ladies and Gentlemen, and are on the left as you walk in the club. First visit in, last visit out ;-) The Music in The Zone like I said is great. You can go to the DJ and request records for yourself or a mate. Its loud, bassy and great to dance to. 5th AVENUE The 5th Avenue is the smaller of the two clubs but it is just as good. This club is for the over 25's and is accessed either though The Zone or from the outside. To get into 5th Avenue, you do get "stamped" on your hand, and unless you have ID, if you don't look over 25 years old,
      then you can't go in. Again, there are two bars, one on your right and one over the other side. They also sell a wide range of alcoholic beverages, soft drinks as well as water. The dance floor isn't as big as The Zone and is more square ish. The smallness of the dance floor isn't a disadvantage, you can still dance comfortably without feeling too closed in. Saying that sometimes dancing close has its advantages as I got chatted up by a rather sweet young man. Did no end of good to my self esteem ;-) There are tables and chairs around the walls, but are in short supply. I fond myself sitting on a few steps, while waiting for my feet to cool down a little before I went on another dancing spree. There are toilets over the other side of the dance floor with dispensers including, sanitary products for ladies and condoms for both. The music they play in 5th Avenue is mostly 80's and 90's music which I love. It was my era. Although they do play more upto date nearer the end of the night. All in all I had a brilliant time with my mates out. By the time midnight came around I was sober but laughing at my mates who were still quite drunk! I used both clubs and danced most of the night away as I had the best of both worlds. Dance music AND 80's music too.I must say to that these clubs aren't filled with loads of teenagers (sorry to all that are!). Sometimes you can go to clubs and it is full with either underage or teens. With The Zone / 5th Avenue there was such a wide range of ages. I usually feel quite old going clubbing, but didnt here. We decided to book at mini cab to take us down and back as there were eight of us and that cost £25, so it was about £3 each. Its picked us up at Swinton and dropped us off at our door which was great. I took £40 out with me and spent just over £20 so really, I had a cheap night out. So cheap Im off out again this weekend!! If you go around Rotherham, you can
      garantee you can pick a flyer up for The Zone. These Flyers usually let you have free or reduced price enterance fee. To get in before 11.30 its £4 usually and £5 after, especially at weekends. So after having a good pub crawl, head off to The Zone. The Clubs are open: Monday 9.30pm- 2am....70's and 80's music Tues.. Closed but is open for hire Wed..Closed Thurs..Closed but open to hire Fri..9.30pm-2am...club music Sat..9.30pm- 2am..club music Sun..Closed. If you want more information or a free drinks voucher go and visit www.zone5avenue.co.uk So don't be square go to the The Zone if you are in or near Rotherham. .....its partytime!!!!!


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