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Tramshed (Halifax)

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9 Lord Street, Halifax, West Yorkshire.

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    1 Review
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      11.06.2001 02:21
      Very helpful



      This should really be Nightclubs in general in Halifax. I'm not surprised no opinions have been written on this because the simple answer is, is that there aren't any worth writing about. Now don't get me wrong, I love Halifax, I was born there and lived there for 19 years, unfortunately I can't go back because there isn't any suitable work for me there. But I do visit regularly and am happy to see that the number of pubs in Halifax is continuing to increase, and they seem to be getting better. They have moved away from the Plummet Line types to more of Yates and Weatherspoons types. But still I ask myself what is going on with the clubs? The biggest is the Coliseum. Due to its size they believe they can charge extortionate prices and everyone will still want to go there. The problem is, in all honesty it's quite small, they can never decide what music to play so you take a gamble every time you go and it's full of kids. (I can still tell the difference between 16 and 18 unlike some of the bouncers!). Flares...well. It's a seedy little club underneath a pub. During the week it's filled with school kids and at the weekend it's filled with 30 something's, usually including a lot of drunk men trying to sleaze onto you...and the place is too small to hide from them. On the plus side though...there are usually some good offers on the drinks and you're guaranteed cheesy music. The Tube. I've only been in once.... it costs £8 to get in and I didn't see any value. I didn't like the music...but at least you can be pretty sure it'll be dance (unlike the coliseum). The Tramshed and Zoo bar. They're next door to each other in a dodgy bit at the top of town and my 16-year-old sister goes there. (She knows she'll never get asked for ID there). Both used to be moshers places and full of drugs..but I shouldn't really comment, it may have changed since I
      last went in. Then there's the Acapulco club, more affectionately known as the Acca. It used to be known as 'grab a granny night' but it has improved. OK your feet will still stick to the floor, you'll still get chatted up by dodgy drunken men. But the drinks are cheap. Thursday night, all drinks 50p, Friday and Saturday all drinks £1. The music is fairly main stream, bit a bearable dance and not too cheesy. This has to be my choice of club in Halifax these days. I consider it very sad, that a town with some great pubs and some wonderfully friendly people gets stuck with such rubbish. All that is needed is a reasonably priced club (cheap entry, cheap drinks) with clean toilets and decent bouncers (chuck people out when they start fighting/being sick/don't let kids in). I know you're never going to please all of the people all of the time, but to know what music will be played always helps. I.e. cheese/dance/party/metal...


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