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    1 Review
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      30.06.2010 22:27
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      Can ten cups of coffee at a time be good for your system? of course it can

      Many people like a good cup of coffee but most aren't over keen on the making process which, to be honest, can be a little boring after the third or fourth time.
      Then there's the actual art of making a good cup of coffee, not to strong that you could stand a spoon upright in it, whilst not too weak so it's like drinking a glass of warm water.

      So, to help beat that boring making process over and over again they invented a coffee making machine, which doesn't actually make the coffee per se, as you need to add things to them before you get the finished product, but it certainly helps in making that nice cup of coffee over and over again.

      There are many many different coffee making machines on the market these days, some even offering to make your bed in the morning as well, but if you just want a nice cup of coffee without all the gadgets and gimmicks then I have found the ideal coffee making machine for you... and it comes with a well known brand name so you know you can't go wrong... The coffee making machine I am talking about is the Braun KF47 'Aromaster', (possible meaning Aroma master maybe).

      *THE SPECS...

      * This Braun coffee maker comes in two colours, white and Black, both being made of a sturdy plastic casing.
      * It has an anti drip system and a Jug which is capable of holding up to 10 cups of coffee.
      * Beneath the jug there is a hotplate for keeping the coffee warm.
      * It has a water level indicator to tell you how much water is in the reservoir.
      * It has a removable filter which pivots out from the main unit for easy filling
      * It has a 1000watts of power for faster heating

      ** MY OPINION...

      I personally love this little beauty as it saves me from having to re-boil the kettle every time I want a cup of coffee. It manages to keep the jug full of coffee warm enough until I have drunk the entire 10 cups which it can hold, (maybe I should cut down on my caffeine somewhat but you know what it's like when you need to stay alert for a while).
      I often have it on the go, especially when I'm working from home and I have a lot to catch up on, (this usually happens after the school holidays have finished and I'm behind with all my paper work).
      So when I know that I need to be alert for a while I fill up the water reservoir and place in the necessary coffee, (usually fairtrade if my daughters have any say in the shopping list), in the filtration system and away I go.

      It's nice and sort of compact, being more tall than wide, so it won't take up much room on your worktops, and it comes in two colours, black or white.
      The jug fits nicely underneath the filter holder so that the hot water runs gentle through the coffee, filtering into the jug. And with the flick of a switch you can keep the freshly brewed coffee warm by using the hot plate which lies below the Jug.
      The handle on the jug is solid enough so as not to brake when

      It is so simple to use and is just a matter of putting in a filter then filling it with the coffee of your choice.
      Then fill the water reservoir up to its limit, (this is shown on the side in 'Cups') and finally press the button at the bottom of the machine to bring the water to heat. This will then make you that lovely jug full of coffee, and when it has you can then press the other button to keep the hotplate, which is below the Jug itself, warming your freshly made coffee.

      And cleaning it is as easy as cleaning a cup, you just simply take out the removable filter and empty it into a bin, then gently rinse the filter in warm soapy water, making sure you rinse it in clean water afterwards so the next time you use it you don't get a soapy tasting coffee.
      As for the jug, well, this is easily cleaned using the good old fashioned warm soapy water once again.

      It is not a top of the range coffee maker, and it doesn't claim to make the perfect cup of coffee, that is up to the individual person to do, but what it does do is help you in finding that perfect coffee and it then keeps it warm for when you want the next one.
      And it does it job quite quickly indeed, easily capable of heating 10 cups worth of water within a matter of minutes, then keeping the freshly made coffee warm for a long while afterwards.

      So if you want to taste that lovely fresh coffee over and over again then this is the one for you, and, as it sells for around the £40 mark, it's pretty good value for money too.


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      Short name: Braun KF 47

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