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Currys Essentials C12FCB10

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    1 Review
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      20.08.2012 14:04
      Very helpful


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      Quick and easy way to make a brew.

      ===Why I Bought This===

      Well not being a coffee drinker it may seem odd that I would have purchased one of these units but I was after something inexpensive to brew tea.
      I often have flare-ups of il health which can lay me low and I then spend most of my time in bed and do not have much energy to get to get to the kitchen. After one such spell I decided to be prepared so I purchased this coffee maker so that I could brew myself tea in the bedroom and I would have everything easily to hand.

      ===The Brand===

      Curry's Essentials -this is Curry's own basic brand.

      ===The Product===

      Curry's Essentials filter coffee machine.
      Model C12FCB10.
      Black coffee maker.
      900 watt.
      Made in China.
      11 inches tall, 8 inches wide and 10 inches deep.
      Thin glass jug 5 x 5 .5 inches.
      Has filter tray which holds a filter jug.
      Red on/off switch.
      Warming plate under jug.
      Can use ground or instant coffee.
      Can make between one and twelve cups.
      Jug is 1.5 litre capacity.


      ===Ground Coffee===
      1 cup (125 mls) - use 1level tablespoon of coffee.
      6 cups - use 6 level tablespoons of ground voffee
      12 cups - use 12 level tablespoons of ground coffee.

      ===Instant Coffee===
      I cup - use 1 teaspoon coffee.
      6 cups - use 6 teaspoons of coffee.
      12 cups use 12 teaspoons of coffee.


      I paid about £6.99 and had free delivery so it was a cheap investment for me.


      The manual states you need to clean it through with white vinegar every 40-80 uses - but I have not bothered with this yet.
      Otherwise it just needs a wipe over and the jug a rinse now and again.

      ===My Opinion===

      This being a coffee maker it has a filter basket where you are supposed to put your ground or instant coffee. However this works just as well with teabags - or you could just use the unit to heat the water and brew your tea in a mug - or have the teabags in the glass water jug.
      If you wish to just make one mug of tea or coffee (half pint) it takes about 4 minutes. If you fill the jug with the full 1.5 litres of water it wll take around 10 minutes.
      The is very easy to use - you add the required amount of water to the top of the unit - it just has a lift up flap. Then if you wish you add tea or coffee to the filter basket. position the glass jug underneath and flick the switch - it will glow red and you will then hear the water working its way through the machine.
      Once all the water is heated it will have dripped down into the jug through a hole in its lid. The unit then goes silent but the red light will stay on to indicate that the hotplate under the jug is keeping the brew hot - keep this on for as long as you wish - people probably do this with coffee but I do not bother with tea.
      Be careful of the jug as it is thin glass and the hotplate does get hot.
      Thia is quite a bulky unit but I have a cupboard it fits in easily when not in use - it could sit nicely on a worktop in the kitchen if you wished.
      I have found this very useful - but luckily have not had to use it too often.
      i keep a bottle of water ready for use and then it is a simple matter of filling it up and just flicking the swtich. The water may not be 100% boiling as is supposed to be when you make tea but it is quite hot enough to make a decent cuppa, after all it is designed for coffee.
      This would be excelent for a workplace or if you needed to have coffee on the go all the time.
      For the price I am very pleased with it when you compare it to proper tea makers which cost around £20 at their cheapest.
      Now again packed into its cupboard but I like knowing I have something that will make me a quick cup of tea without the effort if I need it. It also will do just water if I wanted hot chocolate.

      ===Star Rating===

      5 stars - for the money it is great.

      ===Would I Recommend?===





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