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DeLonghi DC300 Coffee Cappuccino

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Brand: DeLonghi / Type: Automatic / Power: 1700 Watt / 10 Cups

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    1 Review
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      29.01.2006 14:40
      Very helpful



      Nice coffee, good looking machine, bit fiddly to clean properly.

      I have had my coffee maker for two years. It now resides in the garage alongside my rowing machine (Duh), my George Formby grill (Duh again) and my many thousands of "must have it" purchases that eventually become too tiresome to bother with. That is not the fault of the machine! That is the result of my finding quicker and less faffy ways of getting my caffeine fix. As coffee makers go,this is a good bet.

      This machine cost me ninety pounds in Tesco. I bought it because of the associations with the maker's name and the fact that the spec. was much better than other similarly priced machines. I drink a LOT of coffee, so I figured that this machine would cater to my demands. It did.

      This machine produces excellent filter coffee results. It has a reusable filter so no need for those awful paper filters that contibute to more landfill. You load the filter with your desired amount of ground coffee (I like fine ground but this can clog some filters. This machine coped well with it) You then measure out in the jug the right amount of cold water for the amount of coffee you need and pour this into the reservoir behind the filter. Then you switch the machine to the filter coffee setting and turn it on. Simple.

      About ten minutes later you get your drink. You get to listen to it dripping through and you get to sniff the air like an overgrown bisto kid while you wait, and in the end you get the brew. You will need to fine tune your measuring to get the right strength and flavour.

      The machine also has an expresso mode. You follow much the same procedure as before but add more coffee and less water. The instructions are exceptioanlly clear and explicit and there isn't much to ge used to. There is also a facility for steaming milk for cappucino coffee. This is the gadget that pushed me over the edge and into my purchasing decision. I had tried those electric aerolatte things that promise to froth up your coffee but they don't. This also turned out to be the bit I actually used least.

      You unscrew a heavy lid on the right of the machine and set your pressure guage. You then pour in your milk and some water into another small reservoir and reseal the lid. Steam away! The milk comes out through a tiny pipe and froths up really well. It does not froth up like the kind of cappucino you get in a decent coffee shop. But you can't expect it to. It is, however, the best froth that I have come across in a home use machine.

      Cleaning is simple. Just hot soapy water and a good rinse out of the removable bits,remembering of course not to immerse the machine in water. (As if you really need to be told) DO NOT leave milky products in the cappucino frother, rinse it as soon as you have used it. Otherwise you will return to make another coffee and find cheese in your lovely machine.

      There is a keep warm facility for maintaining optimum temperature on your pot of coffee and here is also a removeable drip tray under the froth maker. There is also a small green plastic box that slides into the water reservoir. It contains charcoal and it filters the water before pushing it through your coffee. It lasts about forty brews. If you can find a replacement one of these in any shop in Britain you're a better man than I am....

      In all, this is a super machine, doesn't take up too much space, looks classy and well made, no fiddly bits. It's easy to use and produces good results. I abandoned mine because using it is time consuming and I really don't have many dinner parties at which to show it off. I may dig it out however and give it another go. I've reminded myself how good a cup of REAL coffee can be.

      Lowest price I can find is Amazon.co.uk where it is on sale at 73.30



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