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Morphy Richards 43772 Pyramid Accents

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    3 Reviews
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      13.10.2013 12:49
      Very helpful


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      I like this kettle very much because it works good and looks beautiful

      WHAT IS IT?

      A kettle that is made by Morphy Richards. Mine is red but there are a lot of other colours to choose from.


      I like the design of this kettle because it is very unusual. The shape is like a rounded pyramid and the handle is curved around the top of the kettle instead of on the side. There is a plastic strip that shows you how much water you have got in it.

      The lid is quite small and I think it is hard to remove because of the way the handle is over the top of it. I fill my kettle through the spout because I do not like the scraping noise when I take the lid off.


      I like this kettle very much because I think that it has got a nicer design than a lot of kettles and it is fast to boil even when it is full up all the way. It is a noisy kettle and I can hear it when I am in the other rooms downstairs in my house. When it has boiled the water bubbles very fast and if you fill it too much the water will spit out of the spout, it is not very dangerous because it is a tiny amount of water but I try not to fill the kettle up too much.

      The kettle is very shiny and I think it is attractive. It is modern in the design and I think the red is beautiful so it is complimenting to everything else in my kitchen. I like the silver lid and I think it is easy to keep clean because dirt does not attach itself to it, there is a little bit of scale around the edge of the lid but it is not serious and you cannot see it very badly.

      The kettle is cordless and there is a light to show when it is switched on, the light goes off after the water has boiled. I like the base because it is easy to put the kettle on and take it off again, you cannot put it on wrongly because of how it is shaped so it is always very stable. The bottom is non slip for safety also, you can wrap the long electric cord up inside of the base so that there is not a big long piece going across your kitchen work space.


      This kettle costs about £30 and like I have said it is available in lots of different colours now but the red one was one of the original ones. You can get other kitchen products to match this kettle like toasters or even microwaves and coffee machines, I have got a coffee machine to match it but I do not like the style of the other items and do not think they would look good in my kitchen.

      4 Dooyoo Stars.


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        06.10.2013 21:09
        Very helpful



        An eyecatching kettle

        As you will know from some of my previous reviews I have a number of large black gloss appliances in my kitchen. They look great but my kitchen needed a splash of colour so when I came to update my kettle I was immediately drawn to this stylish red Morphy Richards Accents Pyramid Kettle.

        The kettle is made out of glossy vibrant red stainless steel which almost has a metallic effect. It has a silver top and spout and is a conical pyramid shape which looks great. It really draws your eye and is very chic while looking retro.

        The kettle has a number of features including:
        1.5 litre capacity
        Concealed element for easy cleaning.
        3kW rapid-boil element
        Boil dry protection - automatically switches off when the kettle is empty.
        Removable and washable limescale filter.
        Pull off lid.
        360 degree cordless base with non-slip feet.
        ergonomic handle
        Illuminated on/off switch and water gauge
        Height : 27cm Width: 21.5 cm Depth: 24 cm

        The kettle is very easy to use. As it has a cordless base you can easily remove the whole kettle to take it to the tap. The spout is really wide so I find that I can just fill the kettle directly through the spout rather than having to bother with taking the lid on and off. The see through water gauge on the side of the kettle is also useful for seeing how much you want to fill the kettle up to.

        As the base of the kettle is 360 degrees you can position the kettle how you need to which makes it great for people who are left handed. However the electrical lead that connects the base is quite short so it needs to be placed close to a plug socket.

        The kettle is quite lightweight so is not heavy to move or pour from even when it is full. I find that it heats the water very quickly in about a minute but is also very noisy while it is heating up. I found this a bit annoying to begin with but now I have got used to it and hardly notice it at all.

        The only problem I have had with this kettle is that unfortunately the metallic red is very easy to scratch and I have had a few scratches on it without noticing how I did them. However these are not that noticeable (except to me) and the kettle still looks great.

        The kettle is meant to retail for about £49 but can nearly always be found for about £30 on promotion in shops such as Argos and Homebase. It is part of a Morphy Richards range and I also have the matching toaster which I will review separately. Overall I am very pleased with my funky red kettle and would definitely recommend it.


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          02.09.2012 18:49
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          A fabulous kettle that looks great and works a treat (apart from the noise)

          When my beloved illuminated kettle went to appliance heaven I hadn't really got a replacement in mind - Mark had made the stipulation that our new kettle was not to be a light-up model (citing electricity costs nowadays and muttering about people who don't think about the bills) and it wasn't to cost too much money. Our previous kettle cost £90 and as a wannabe thrifty person (living with me?!) this was absolutely shocking to him. I set about browsing Amazon one night and immediately fell in love with this Morphy Richards Pyramid kettle; available in a range of colours, my eye was instantly caught by the red one as it matched my toaster perfectly - which wasn't a surprise as both products are part of Morphy Richards Accents range, a selection of brightly coloured small appliances designed to match and compliment each other.

          With their usual impressive delivery speed, Amazon had my new kettle to me within 72 hours and I was ready to start brewing up again. It arrived in a huge box, I wouldn't normally spend time discussing the cardboard box but I liked it due to the fact that it's bright and classy looking so you could easily give this kettle as a wedding present or even a Christmas gift without feeling embarrassed that you've bought someone a kettle!

          Before use you need to boil it up a few times and discard the water, this removes any manufacturing gunk and ensures you're drinking the freshest water possible. I'm quite cautious about this and filled and emptied the kettle five times before using the water to make a cuppa - Morphy Richards state it's only necessary to do this three times but I don't like to live dangerously when it comes to things I'm ingesting! There is a small light towards the base of the kettle which glows orange when it's switched on and goes off once the water has boiled and the kettle has switched off. This level of illumination Mark was fine with, although the light is honestly so small and located in the shadows of the kettle that I doubt he even noticed it was there for weeks!

          The capacity of this kettle is 1.5 litres, which equates to around 8 cups worth of water. If you're a coffee drinking heathen like myself and use a mug, you'll get just under six mug-sized portions of water from each fill of the kettle. The triangular design makes it look like it holds far less water than my previous jug style kettle, but as that had a 1.7 litre capacity the difference in the amount of water boiled at one time is negligible (well to me anyway as I use an oversized coffee mug!).

          It's a fast but extremely loud kettle, making such a racket I've run to it several times after switching it on convinced there's no water in it and I'm boiling the kettle dry! When the water actually starts getting warm the noise becomes more bearable, but it sounds incredibly laboured and grating as it works to start heating the water in the first place. One thing I've noticed recently is that because the kettle is pyramid shaped it has a very wide base; my daughter has taken a recent interest in fuel economising and has drilled it into me that I should only boil the water I need rather than filling the kettle completely each time - the problem is that a single cup/mug of water doesn't cover the bottom of the kettle deeply enough for it to be safe to switch the kettle on in my opinion. I'm sure Morphy Richards have tested their kettle into oblivion, but it just doesn't seem comfortable to me to be boiling a mere centimetre of water.

          It's an easy kettle to keep clean both inside and out - in fact, during the few months I've used it I haven't had to clean the inside at all due to the concealed element and give the exterior just a cursory wipe over when I'm wiping the kitchen down. Like the matching toaster the glossy red finish of the body of the kettle smears quite badly if you try to clean it with a less than spotless cloth, I find it's easier to wipe it with a damp cloth when still warm and the buff out all the smears once the kettle has gone completely cold. The silvered spout and lid are absolute dust magnets so I try to remember to wipe those sections at least on a regular basis, ours isn't a dusty house so I'm always surprised by how much has re-gathered twenty four hours later!

          I like the way the handle curves over the kettle, giving it a traditional yet very funky look. When the kettle first arrived I was a little concerned about scalds as it loops straight over the lid and comes closer than I feel comfortable with to the actual spout - I needn't have worried however as the shaping and positioning of the handle ensures your hands are kept away from steam, the soft covering of the handle also means it doesn't even get warm after repeated boilings. The lid fits extremely tightly (too tightly sometimes as I struggle to pop it back into place after filling the kettle), but this prevents any loss of steam from this area which would obviously be a problem considering the location of the handle. It fits straight onto the base with no effort at all, the base is as wide as the bottom of the kettle so as long as you pop it down in roughly the correct position you won't find yourself having to move and wiggle the kettle down into place.

          Surely the most important thing about any kettle is the deliciousness of the hot drinks it produces - and here the Accents kettle is absolutely perfect. I can definitely taste the difference in my coffee since replacing my kettle, although there was no furring or anything untoward even in my old kettle, and more noticeably when I make black tea I can see how clear the finished drink is with absolutely no cloudiness whatsoever. My daughter has recently started drinking fruit tea to ward off her anxiety at starting college next month and even she mentioned how much more rounded the flavour was since we changed kettles, although to be honest at that point she hadn't even noticed the brand new (bright red) kettle so she thought Twinings had changed their recipe! So full marks for creating drinks (and packet soups, not that I admit to using those...) that are full of flavour and wonderfully fresh.

          One last thing to mention is the power cord, which is a good length and easily twisted around the base of the base (!) for safe storage. I keep my kettle very close to the socket anyway because of having so many kids running around the house, but if I were to decide to move it to the other side of the coffee and sugar canisters I'm positive there's enough length in the cord to allow some versatility in kettle placing - although obviously, the more cord you leave exposed the more chance of someone accidentally pulling it so I'd definitely recommend keeping it as short as possible.

          I paid £39.99 for this gorgeous kettle and am extremely happy with my purchase; noisy boiling aside I have absolutely no issues with it and even that is becoming less irritating as I get used to it. The water level gauge steams up occasionally but I don't really rely on that anyway as I use as much water as I need and don't worry about passing the 'MAX' line as it seems strangely low anyway.


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          This quirky modern kettle combines all the great features you need in your home. It features a 3kW concealed rapid boil element for super-fast results. There's a water window so you can see exactly how much you've got and a removable limescale fi

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