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Morphy Richards Café Rico 47002

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    3 Reviews
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      17.03.2007 00:30


      • Reliability


      great machine

      Morphy Richards 47002 CAFE RICO is one of the best coffee machines i have ever used and believe me i have used a few. i love evrey thing about this one, it fits perfectly into the corner, it looks very modern, it has buttons and extras and makes great coffee.
      the 47002 CAFE RICO heats up very quickly and lights up to tell you when it is done, you can also use the added feature of the frothy milk maker to make capachino or lattee, and it heats up the milk too, again lighting up to tell you when its ready.
      it is easy to use, stylish to look a, and makes great coffe quickly and easily, it is easy to clean and i put my two jugs in the dishwasher and they have come out looking great.
      the best news is i have seen one of these witha extra jug for making expressos. can you guess what im buying next?

      Morphy Richards you are the kings of coffee. 10/10


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        10.10.2006 23:07
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        worth a look .

        This review is written having had 12 months+ usage of said machine .

        <> BACKDROP to Purchase : <>

        With my old filter coffee maker deciding to proceed to the electrical heaven ( AKA the dustbin ) after many a years great service off I went to the local retail outlets in search of a suitable replacement . You name it I tried it , Argos , Index ( now defunct ) , Curry's , Comet , Powerhouse and the larger local supermarkets .
        In the end , I made my purchase from Sainsbury's .

        <> My Purchase : <>

        The Morphy Richards 47002 CAFE RICO Espresso maker , at a cost of just £39.95 .

        <> The reasons for the purchase : <>

        1) The looks

        Heart shaped , black with the odd bit of silver finish ( top of unit and control switches ) .This really looks cool and will fit into most surroundings .
        Maximum dimentions are 30cm - this applies to height , depth and width .

        2) Features

        Capicity - 0.4 litres ( <= 1 pint ) , which allows for six cups of espresso , or four decent size cups of cappuccino .
        Coffee strength selector ( see further on ).
        Milk frother ( 0.3 litres capacity ) .

        3) Price

        At its purchase price of just £39.95 ( original selling price £44.95 ) it was a good deal , however it is now available at just £34.95 at Sainsburys and even lower via on-line stores .

        <> In Use : <>

        To set up / use : ( you may or may not use milk - depending on tastes )

        1) Attach milk frother whisk ( screw thread )
        2) Plug in
        3) Add milk to milk jug , place on its heat mat , switch on.
        4) Add coffee to permenant filter ( Push and twist to position )
        5) Place water in tank , close tasnk lid ( a pressure tank is used with sealed screw top lid )
        6) Site coffee jug under the coffee filter .
        7) Turn on and wait for the coffee to materialise in the coffe jug .
        8) Once coffee is prepared , froth milk and make your coffee .

        The whole process take about 10 minutes from start to finish .

        It really is simple to use and can produce a superb cup of coffee - however this is dependant on your ground coffee choice . When making the coffee the aroma given off is just wonderful - you really can't beat the smell of freshly made coffee.

        The reason why the milk is done first is it takes longer to heat up than the coffee takes to be prepared .

        Frothing of milk is by way of small built in whisk , which is operated using on on/off push button . Do not go above the indicated milk level else when frothing , the milk will spill over onto the hot plate and is then quiite difficult to remove .
        Using too little milk makes life difficult as the whist does not fully reach the base of the milk jug , even when lifted .

        For those not sure which strength of coffee to buy , I would recommend you start with a medium roast , and adjust the strength using the sliding strength selector available .
        Control of strength is via the speed the processed steam takes to penetrate the coffee grounds - the weaker the selector setting the quicker the steam passes through .
        A little trial and error and soon you'll find your ideal setting.

        <> Cleaning <>

        Cleaning is relatively easy , all you have to do is remove all removable items ( jugs , whisk , filter , drip tray ) and clean these as per usual methods , then wipe the rest of the unit using a damp cloth.

        <> Annoyances <>

        1) While the milk has a heated pad to maintain heat ( also allows you to add more milk for a second cup if required , the coffee pot rests on a drip tray , with no heating pad available to keep any remaining coffee hot .

        2) The milk jug has a base diameter of 11cm and a top diameter of 7.5cm . It's height is 8 cm.

        Using semi-skimmed or skimmed milk results in burning at the jug base , which in turn requires scraping to remove . However the jug dimensions and my medium-large hands make this difficult , and trying to use a scourer in the jug has on one occasion reulted in a cut hand |( despite the jug rim not being sharp ) . I have to resort to a knife to scrape the burnt milk.

        However using full cream milk does not result in the burning of the milk.

        3) The milk whisk does not reach anywhere near the base of the jug , even when the jug is elevated . So for those requiring little milk , you have to make extra to obtain your frothy milk.

        4) The on/off LED indicators are manual - having an auto shut off for the coffee making side would have been an added bonus.

        <> Overall Verdict <>

        9/10 - this produces a great cup of coffee , and having a choice of strength makes it suitable for all coffee lovers . The only downsides are lack of coffee heater pad and the milk jug dimensions .

        <> Update <>

        The machine is now 13 months old and sadly the milk heating element has failed - all else works . I have emailed Morphy Richards with my complaint and will let you know how I get on .
        Maybe I have been unlucky , however I still stand by the above rating ( just need to microwave milk as well now ! )


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          02.02.2006 11:09
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Coffee maker with added milk frother

          We received this coffee machine last Christmas, in addition to a Phillips Senseo machine. What followed for this coffee maker was an 11 month sojourn under the stairs whilst we got full use from the Senseo. However all that was about to change one windy Saturday afternoon. A friend of mine came round one Saturday and was asking about our Senseo. She wants to buy some sort of coffee maker for her husband but he likes flavoured coffee so the Senseo might not be the best answer. I dug out the other machine we had gotten for Christmas and showed her all the things you could do with it. Then I happened to notice that we had some flavoured coffee from Whittards that we had picked at using the cafétiere.

          I decided that I wanted to use this Morphy Richards Coffee Maker for a while instead of the Senseo as I also decided that I liked flavoured Coffee.

          Getting this machine out of the box was like Christmas all over again. The box contains the base machine, a glass coffee jug, a metal milk jug, a filter holder and a permanent filter. The machine sits nicely into the corner of your work surface and actually looks quite stylish, considering that it only cost around £30. I opened the user manual, put it down again and decided that I would work it out for myself (although I took note of coffee per cup allowances that were quite easy to spot).

          Using this machine couldn't really be easier; you put the filter holder and the permanent filter into the machine and put in one scoop of coffee per cup you want to make. Then you fill the jug to the required depth of water (there are handy little marks on the side of the jug to measure how many cups you want) and transfer it to the reservoir in the machine. I find it a little tricky to get the last few drops transferred so often just chuck that bit down the sink, it's not really an exact science and you don't need to be spot-on with your amounts. You are able to choose the strength of you coffee with the machine as it has a handy little dial on the top, for example I didn't have quite enough coffee for the number of cups I wanted so I just put the machine on strong and hoped it would come out alright. Gladly I can report that it was delicious. You then shut the lid, put the jug back on its hotplate and turn on the machine.

          This is the bit you've all been waiting for, the bit from the Kenco advert where the host and hostess of a dinner party find themselves making coffee machine noises to try and disguise the fact that they are serving instant. Well with this machine you really do get all of those little noises and can sit back safe in the knowledge that your friends know that you are serving them 'proper' coffee.

          For 2 mugs of coffee I usually fill the reservoir for 4 cups which gives me a little bit left over should I require a top up. Of course even if I made the jug an hour ago it will have kept warm on the hotplate (provided I forgot to turn the machine off!). The 4 cup jug takes about 3-4 minutes to percolate through which I find is fast enough for me obviously the more coffee you want the longer you will have to wait for it.

          Now I like a good milky coffee and the attraction for me of this little machine is that it comes with a milk frother attached. To use the milk frother; add your required amount of milk to the metal jug and turn on the milk hotplate as soon as you start making the coffee, this should ensure that the milk is ready at the same time as the coffee. Then you wait for the all important green light and start frothing. What I have found using this attachment is that it can cause milk splatter around the machine (and surrounding areas with a bit of effort) so be warned and be careful! Once frothed, the milk is easily spooned onto the coffee and actually stays there, quite stiff and froth like. It doesn't even sink under the weight of sugar and chocolate powder.

          The milk is also kept warm on a hot plate which can be used independently of the coffee maker which is a nice little feature as you could use it for making milky drinks like hot chocolate, or even milkshakes…Yum

          Once you have made the coffee you are faced with the dreaded cleaning of the machine. This is in fact very simple with this coffee maker. You take the permanent filter and empty the remnants in the bin then give it a quick rinse out under the tap. Do the same with the filter holder, and put the 2 jugs in the dishwasher once empty. With the milk frother you can unscrew the whisk bit and rinse it under hot water to get rid of any left over bits of milk then wipe down the machine with a damp cloth. It is actually really easy to do and doesn't fill you with dread as soon as you think about the cleaning.

          I am glad that I rescued this little machine from certain attic obscurity and am really enjoying using it and tasting the coffee that it produces. Despite the fact that it was quite cheap it looks stylish on our worktop and certainly does the job it's intended to do. Of course we will keep using our Senseo and I wouldn't want to replace that with this but for my requirements of using it every couple of days the percolator machine will suffice.

          4 out of 5 stars from me, losing one start for the milk splatter (how difficult is it to come up with some sort of guard??


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