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Philips CA6500/60 Senseo Milk Twister

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    1 Review
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      30.01.2014 15:57
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      a lovely addition to my at home coffee

      I absolutely love our Senseo coffee maker. There are loads of options with it including a cheap attachment that means I can also use other ground coffees of my choosing. no and again it is nice to change from the regular or have something a bit more indulgent especially with the cold rainy weather hitting hard. When visiting a friend who has a proper barista style coffee maker I thought to myself how nice it would be to have some frothy milk more often. Our big coffee machine was just too much hassle thus why it no longer has pride of place in the kitchen so I started trolling Google. ideally I wanted something small that I could put away when not in use and even better if it matched the Senseo coffee maker.

      My search didn't bring back too many results at first in part largely to me not knowing what to type into the search. After a little while I had about 4 I was looking at. I didn't want one of those handheld ones because I have one of those and it's useless. Whilst I was looking at the shortlist of items an add came up on the side of my screen for a Senseo Milk Twister! obviously i clicked to have a look. Never dawned on me to call it a "milk twister" but glad Google ads knew what I wanted! It was available through Amazon but was sourced from Germany. I went onto YouTube to watch a video about it to ensure it was what i was after especially as it was priced at £68. Bit pricey but I really wanted it so new year pressie for me.

      The Twister is available on Amazon UK in Black but picture shows that you may be able to source a white version and also a black version with a blue base (maybe a bit of mix and match too). I wanted all black to match our other machine and the kitchen so works for me that black was all that was available.

      Straight to the cuppa!

      Have to say when it arrived I was pleased that it was very simple to use. I opened up the packaging gave everything a wash and then got right to it. Poured about 100ml of milk (to the fill line) and then placed the lid on (the lid has the stirring bit attached to it). Tap the power button once for hot frothy milk in just over a minute and press and hold the power button for a moment to get frothy milk without the heating.

      I was really impressed with my frothy coffee! My son loved his froth top hot chocolate too.

      I love a clean home but I hate things that require a lot of effort to clean ... the twister thankfully is in my good books. Having the frothing bit attached to the lid means you lift it from the milk and run it under hot water for a quick and easy rinse off. Also once the lid is off you can easily pour the froth into your cup and get right to the good bit. Because it's got milk in it and I have a weird thing about the smell of milk I always clean out the main bit of the twister after each use before I even get started with my drink. I quick wipe through with some hot water and soap and good to go. I try to avoid any water touching the bottom of the device just to be careful as it's the same as the bottom of a kettle and they say you shouldn't get those wet.

      Any downs?

      Well yes just one ... It's from Germany and thus has a Mainland Europe plug. When it arrived in the box was a UK adapter so at least there was a solution right there waiting for me.

      Quite an expensive little present for myself but i think in the long run it will pay for itself. I work at home and have been known to nip out for a Starbucks. Since the twister arrived I haven't gone more than a couple times.

      Enjoy a cuppa in style

      (c) oioiyou 2014


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