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    1 Review
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      08.06.2013 13:05
      Very helpful


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      Despite a couple of idiosyncrasies I'd recommend this machine wholeheartedly.

      Like many people, I tend to only consider my day genuinely started after a cup of coffee or two, and this is my choice of machine for the purpose. Capable of holding up to 1.5L (6 cups) in its glass container, making the coffee is as simple as pouring the desired amount of water into the top, adding a scoop per cup of coffee powder into the removable coffee holder under the lid and pressing the pleasantly over-sized 'Start/Cancel' button.

      The jug has measurement indicators down the side in two forms, one supposedly the amount of larger cups, and one the amount of smaller cups. Unfortunately I find neither actually scales to the size of cup I would actually use, so instead just use each indicator as another regular cup, rather than the maximum of 15 small/12 large it states, I get roughly 6 out. The scale itself also appears to be uneven and so not especially useful at its stated purpose, though it works as a guideline if used as described.

      The coffee filter is removable and reusable, however if desired disposable filters could easily be used instead and fit easily in the same space. The included filter has an attached handle and sturdy rim, making it simple to remove and knock out used powder.

      A hotplate under the jug keeps the coffee warm for two hours after brewing, and there's a standard valve that stops it pouring out if the jug is missing, though obviously removing it part way through the process will result in a few drips.

      It's not the fastest maker on the market, but I find it to be reasonable at around a minute per cup. The size is about 22cm x 22cm x 33cm so it fits safely on most counter tops. As for reliability, I've been running mine for a good five years now with no decline in quality, so very happy with that.

      The main hook of this device is the included clock/prog function. Relatively easy to set up, this allows not only for the machine to display the time (because of course everyone needs another clock in their kitchen...) but also to program in advance when the machine should turn on and start making coffee. This means that those with the inclination can set up the machine the night before and have it on and ready with coffee brewed to go by the time they're out of bed the next morning.

      The process is fairly simple, if a little unintuitive. There are a pair of buttons labelled 'Auto' and 'Prog', neither of which has an obvious function. Prog, it turns out, cycles through setting the system clock, the allocated auto-brew time and back to nothing. Each of these are simply set with another pair of Hour/Min buttons. Auto simply puts the machine into a state of waiting for the time to come around when it's due to start brewing. This is only cancelable by pressing the start/cancel button twice, which first starts the machine off immediately and then the cancelling resets it to default state. So yeah, not that confusing, but might need to go through the manual a bit. Overall though this is a great feature on a device of this cost and in fact for a time I even used it as a kind of alarm clock, waking me to the sounds and smells of coffee.

      The level indicator on the side does its job effectively, though I find the only special feature of it is that it emits a nice blue glow when in programmed mode to let you know it's set.

      Overall, despite a couple of idiosyncrasies regarding the jug units and button labels I'd recommend this machine wholeheartedly for a relatively cheap (I paid around £30) filter machine with a genuinely useful extra feature.


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  • Product Details

    Prestige Deco Digital Coffee Maker in Almond 50668 / Prestige Deco Digital Coffee Maker in Almond 50668 The Prestige Deco Digital Coffee Maker comes in a stylish almond and stainless steel design / This filter coffee maker has a 1.5 litre water capacity / giving you an approximate 12-16 cup capacity / It has / Short name: Prestige 50668

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