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Sabichi Aspire 89915 Filter

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    1 Review
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      24.02.2012 11:05
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      I love my coffee machine!

      We received this sabichi coffee machine along with the co-ordinating kettle and toaster as a housewarming/ new baby present. My grandparents decided that with having a new baby we would be having a lot of sleepless nights and drinking a lot of coffee. Unfortunately they were right and even now at 10 months it's very hit and miss whether my daughter will sleep or not. To say that this coffee machine has been well used would be an understatement.

      As it was a gift I am unaware how much my grandparents paid for it but a quick search shows me they are available for around £35. For how much I have used this coffee machine I think its well worth the money and would be more than happy to pay for it myself. What I love about it is that it's so simple to use. You literally stick a filter in, I pick these up at tesco for around £2.00 for 40. Then you place the coffee into the filter, I normally use around 4 spoon but it depends on how you like your coffee. Lastly is the water. I fill the jug up that comes with the coffee machine and pour that in so I know I'm putting exactly the right amount in. The you switch it on via the button on the bottom and in around 10 minutes you have a jug of freshly made coffee.

      It really couldn't be simpler. The coffee just sits on a warming plate so the coffee will stay warm after it's made. Very useful although it tends to taste a bit stale after a number of hours, it does warn of this in the instruction manual. The only negatives I can find with this product is that the jug says it holds 12 cups of coffee, in actual fact it hold no where near this amount. I usually get 5/6 cups. I can only assume it's been measured on those tiny little espresso cups. It is also supposed to have an auto shut off if you take the jug away from the warming plate but mine has never worked so I have to leave the whole jug to brew before I can have a cup.

      The filter coffee I personally buy is £1.79 in tesco and lasts me around a week. Which when you consider the price of coffee in shops is a bargain. I love the smell of fresh coffee this allows me to have that coffee shop smell in my kitchen for a fraction of the price. It doesn't have any fancy feature all it can do is make coffee, it has only one button on it. I love it's simplicity but others looking for a more snazzzy coffee machine may be disappointed. It is also very easy to clean. THe part where the filter sits in comes out, so you can wash any spilled grains of coffe out and the jug still looks like new event hough it has been extensivel used for 10 months a bit of soapy water is all you need.

      All in all I absolutely love my coffee machine, after thinking it was just going to be a useless gadget taking up space on my work top I have been proven completely wrong. I couldn't live without it now. It has been used daily for 10 months and is still going strong. A deserved 5 stars from me


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    Short name: Sabichi 89915

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