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1883 de Philibert Routin Coffee Syrups

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Type: Coffee

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    1 Review
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      29.09.2010 13:47
      Very helpful



      A amazing product - very highly recommended! :)

      1883 de Philibert Routin Flavouring 

      I just adore the gingerbread latte at starbucks but they only make these at christmas so I went on a mission to find out how they make them taste so good, and on my travels I found these, coffee syrups! They come in so many different flavours and they are gorgeous!

*About the product*

I have the gingerbread one, it is a toffee coloured liquid and it is not really like syrup in the fact that it is quite runny but it works well. It is made in France and it is 250ml or 8.45 fl oz. They are lots of other flavours in the range from Kiwi and Bubble Gum to Eggnog and Mojito!


Natural aromas, 
Colour caramel - E150a 

      *My opinion on the product*


      I do like the packaging, the cute images on the front that illustrate visually the flavour of the syrup and I like the overall design of the packaging but the only thing I don't like about it is that, it does not have a lot of information on the bottle. For example, it does not suggest how to use the product and as I had not used a product like this before it would have been quite useful to know how to use it, such as the amount of syrup to put in.

      The bottle has a screw top lid which is really secure and it does not leak out any of the product. The syrup is in a glass bottle (which does add to the postage costs) and it is fairly heavy. The opening of the bottle has a divider in it, which has small slots so you don't pour out too much.

      -Appearance, Consistency and Scent

      It is a gorgeous light toffee coloured liquid and it is quite translucent as you can see through it. When I first bought this I thought that it would have a similar texture and consistency to real syrup, such as, golden syrup, so it was a bit usual to find that it is quite runny and it is quite viscous, but it works well and I guess the thinner the liquid the easier it will dissolve into the coffee.

      While in the bottle the syrup does smell exactly like gingerbread, like a strong gingerbread scent, which is strong enough for me to smell even when I am ill, like today, so it is fairly potent. The scent is like gingerbread men from a bakery and it is so nice, although the scent of this has a bit more cinnamon than gingerbread men/bread.

      -How I use the product (for a gingerbread latte):

      1. Makes two shots of espresso (in my De'longhi espresso machine)

      2. Then add the espresso to a larger mug/latte glass and add steamed milk

      3. Add this gingerbread coffee syrup - I add about two tea spoons of the product and again it does not say on the bottle how much to use, so I just go off the taste

      4. You could then add a small amount of powdered cinnamon or you could possibly use chocolate shavings

      It says on the Routin website (link below) that you could add this product to warm milk, to get gingerbread flavoured warm milk, I personally don't know why you would want to do that, but some people may like to use this product in that way.


      I really love this product, it really does make my lattes taste like the Starbucks Gingerbread lattes that only come out at christmas - it does not make it taste exactly like it but it does make it taste really similar. 

It is so nice, it is mainly cinnamon which is a main component of gingerbread but when it is in a hot/warm liquid it tastes more like gingerbread and not just cinnamon.

      I really like coffee but sometimes it can taste quite bitter, especially the cheaper pre ground coffee beans, but if I use a couple of tea spoons of this product with the coffee, it makes it taste so much better - it makes it taste sweeter and less bitter.

      -Negative aspects of the product

      One thing I don't like about this product is that it does not have a lot of information on the bottle, it only has a short list of ingredients, where it was made, the best before date and the flavour of the syrup. It does say really how best to use it or how much syrup to use. Another quite useful piece of information that this product does not have on the bottle is the nutritional information, such as the number of calories, sugar, etc. But other than the issues with the lack of important information on the bottle, the product is great (one star off from this negative point).

      -Positive aspects of the product

      The taste is gorgeous, it tastes just like gingerbread - just with a bit more cinnamon. It makes a regular coffee taste extra special and it can be used with a variety of drinks, such as milk, hot chocolate (which I have not tried yet) and it can also be used with alcoholic drink and for this product in particular it says on the site that it is perfect with tequila and it also works well with cocktails, champagne and also non alcohol drinks such as fruit juice and smoothies.

      -Price and availability

      Overall, I really love this product (apart from the small amount of information on the bottle). It makes a gorgeous gingerbread latte. I bought this product from www.nextdaycoffee.co.uk and I can't remember the specific price but with postage and packaging it was under £15 - maybe £12. Which is quite expensive in my opinion, but I have had this product since august last year and I have just less than have left so it does last a while - Granted I don't use this product every day, probably once a week (as I don't like the hassle of getting out my espresso machine and cleaning it). 

      They also have other flavours such as Amaretto, banana, butterscotch,, chocolate, cinnamon, eggnog, french vanilla, irish cream, cranberry, maple, rose, Grapefruit, violet, rum and bubblegum! They also make cocktail syrups, gormet sauces, gormet smoothies and sugar free syrups. 


      Good points

      *Makes a gorgeous gingerbread latte 

      *They have loads of different flavours and they make all different types of other products 

      *Does last a while 

      *Very easy to use 

      *Great high quality brand 

      *Can be used to make a coffee, cappuccino or latte a bit more special 

      *Quite widely available - it is also available on amazon 

      *They have a lot of information about each individual syrup and recipes on their website (below) 

      *Can be used with alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, eg: 'perfect with tequila', milk, hot chocolate, cocktails. 

      *Available in the 250ml (which is the version I have) or a 1 litre bottle

      Bad points

      *Not a lot of information on the bottle - about how to store, how best to use and nutritional information

      *A bit expensive 

      One star knocked off for the lack of information 

      For more information visit: www.1883.com 

      Thank you for reading my review - this review will be posted on dooyoo as well (as an updated review) under my username tigger1992


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      Philibert Routin / comes in a range of flavours.

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