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Asda Everyday Ground Coffee Dark

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3 Reviews

Type: Filter Coffee

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    3 Reviews
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      23.06.2009 12:55
      Very helpful



      A great every day coffee as promised by Asda!

      I really do enjoy a good cup of coffee from time to time to kick start my brain! I have a cafetiere and indulge myself usually a couple of times a day as a change from my habitual tea drinking!

      Priced at £1.28 a pack it was actually the cheapest coffee on display in my local Asda store and what swung me into buying it is not only the price of it but I wanted a really rich coffee but a change from my favoured French for a while!

      The Packaging....

      Dark bronze oblong foil bag and on the front I'm told it is 'Everyday' Dark Roast Ground Coffee which is strength 4 and suitable for percolators, cafetieres and filters. On the back of the pack I'm given instructions on how to make the coffee and how to store it, contact details for Asda are given, size is stated (227g and the only size this is available to purchase in as far as I'm aware of), the best before date is stamped on and finally there is a bar-code on there. Nice, neat straightforward bag....this is.

      Directions For Use....

      Suitable for all coffee machines except for pod machines and espresso machines.

      As a guide we would recommend one rounded dessert spoonful of coffee per cup, but this may be adjusted according to taste. For cafetieres, percolators and filter machines follow the manufacturer's instructions.

      The Coffee Itself....

      This is actually a really superb coffee. It is medium/strong in strength/flavour but what is nice about this is that you can adjust the strength with your own judgement to how you want it to be.

      The coffee itself is of course dried, dark brown and quite lumpy in texture. I use my cafetiere and the first time I used this I used 2 heaped tablespoons to make myself 2 cups of coffee and almost blew my head right off it was that dark and strong so for me personally I find one rounded dessertspoon to make me at least 2 cups of coffee!

      It has a really roasted flavour to it and a slight bitterness and really smells it along with being so fresh and inviting. It has a smooth flavour and is incredibly dark and rich tasting.


      A really strong coffee you can adjust to your taste once you get used to using it of course and it is trial and error! Great value you'll get loads of coffees out of this (again depending on how much you use per cup of course lol) but even so it's one of the cheapest coffees I've seen on supermarket shelves that isn't value or economy as such! very nice, this will get you buzzing around in no time!

      Only available in Asda stores.


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        24.01.2009 15:07
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        An intense, affordable coffee that won't break the bank.

        These are difficult times financially for many people. We have a dilemma. We want to spend less but enjoy the same quality as if we were spending a lot. Asda Everyday Ground Dark Coffee is the answer to this problem (at least in respect of coffee cost savings).

        I have been using this coffee since I discovered it. I love coffee, the stronger the better for me, so I often forked out for decent brand coffee's which can be anything up to £4 for 227g. I tried supermarket brand coffees and found them disgusting to say the least (I will be writing a review on Tesco Italian brand soon which will sharply contrast witht his one!). That was until I found this little gem from Asda.

        I cannot stress enough how good value this is for the price. We get the large pack, which is £1.99. Since we only have cafetiere coffee on weekends, this bag lasts a couple of months! Not only that, but it is delicious. The flavour is dark, intense and rich and you do get a real coffee kick from it. It does not have that icky chicory taste you get with other supermarket brand coffees. Furthermore, it is as good as any top brand coffee. Asda have not skimped on quality on this product.

        What is most satisfying about this coffee is the fact that it could be any major brand. You lose nothing in quality, the strong is strong (unlike others) and it is so, so cheap. After finding this coffee, I would never feel happy buying a major brand anymore.

        The packaging is a basic, dark brown shiny bag. It is not resealable, but this can be overcome with a clothing peg! You do not need to use any more than normal to get a good, full flavour and you can get it in medium and large sizes. The large is the best value and lasts ages.

        But be warned, the strong coffee really is strong. If you do not like mind-blowingly strong coffee, go for the medium.


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          30.10.2008 13:19
          Very helpful



          Wonderfully priced strong smooth blend to wake you up

          First of all, you can laugh with amusement as at the time of this review, Asda still had this product miss-listed on their home-shopping as 'instant' coffee

          OK so here we go.

          Asda Everyday comes in two distinct types, Medium & Dark. I have tried both! (bonus) The difference between them is that while both are Strength 4 (on a scale of 1 - 5 and 5 being the strongest) the dark comes through distinctively much darker, headier brew for those used to more European coffee like espresso. I prefer the dark to the medium in this case.... mainly because I drink coffee black and the dark looks like a major coffee hit is coming atcha!

          The price is currently £1.28 for 227g and at one point Asda did do larger, double sized packs slightly cheaper than buying 2 packs.

          Both 'colours' have a similar flavour, with the dark being a little more coffee bitter than the medium. Smooth and definitely blended for a UK market, this coffee certainly hits the spot freshly brewed in the morning. Although labelled "everyday" this is a lovely smooth blend coffee that's ideally strong enough to wake me up in the morning without a gakky after taste!

          ~Ground type (sounds like pokemon)~
          The ground is fine, making it perfect for peculators, filters and cafeterie's (?) although I plonk 2 tablespoons in the filter and leave the timer ready for the morning.... oh its wonderful to wake up to!

          Nice glossy well sealed pack with a lovely little 'breathing widget' near the top. From the outside all you can see is 2 little slits near the 'y' on everyday, but inside is definitely a little widgetty thing.
          The pack looks foily, however is more like a shiny plastic foil. The top rolls down ok, but its definitely better if you have something like a Tupperware container and refrigerate it once opened.

          Nothing beats opening a fresh pack of coffee though. And believe me, that smell it there! The wonderful aroma from the grounds and the completed coffee is absolutely heart-warmingly amazing. You can see why people suggest putting the coffee maker on when your trying to sell your house!

          ~eco bit~
          Asda are going through a whole 'ecoresponsable' realignment thing at the moment, and issue the following about their everyday coffee

          UTZ KAPEH - Certified Responsible Coffee. Utz Kapeh certification means that the coffee production meets the environmental, social and economic criteria of the Utz Kapeh code of Conduct for certified responsible coffee. www.utzkapeh.org.

          Simply put apparently this coffee is supposed to be similar to fairtrade without actually being fairtrade. Which is OK. I suppose.

          Those who are fairtrade officionados may still avoid this coffee as the utzkapeh code isn't as well known as fairtrade.

          Im just happy with a nice well balanced strong yet not to bitter coffee. Hmmmmmm

          PS goes very nice with those chocolate truffles I reviewed ages ago.......


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          Filter Coffee

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