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Douwe Egberts Cappuccino

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Brand: Douwe Egberts / Type: Flavoured coffee

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    2 Reviews
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      09.09.2011 16:28
      Very helpful
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      instant cappuccino by Douwe Egberts

      At my work place, we have a hot drinks machine but like the majority of employees when I first started I was reeled into the coffee in the afternoons to wake me up. However, I was throwing in so much money to that machine that it was getting ludicrous which is why I decided to invest in a better option but looking for a brand that did Instand Cappuccino drinks which would be a lot cheaper in bulk. I saw this Douwe Egberts Cappuccino in B&Ms and wanted to try it.


      The Instant Cappuccino comes in a tall packet which has 8 cups full of powder stacked on top of each other. There is an image of a hot frothy cappuccino on the front of the maroon coloured foil packet and the logo. It clearly states that this includes 8 cups and also has nutritional information on the front. It actually looks very sophisticated and I like the idea of these. The brand looks very warm and welcoming and this is why I opted for them.


      Now, I was a bit unsure about buying these instant drinks as I know cappuccino can sometimes be horrible from these things but I was willing to be positive as I know they are a well known brand. Now, at first I was confused about why these were cups and no sachets but they are stacked on top of one another to stop the powder from falling out of each cup. You get a brown lid which you stack on each to stop powder from falling out.

      The cups are small caramel colours plastic ones, typical of those you'd get out of a machine but it is good and saves you bringing your own mug in. The powder is a grainy light brown and cream speckled one but it smells lovely like vanilla and very sweet. The nutritional information is based on a 9g serving and so it is 40g of calories (2%), sugar 3.25g (3.5%), fat 1.25g (2%), saturates 1g (5%) and salt 0.01g (<1%) so not too bad at all really.

      To make the drink it is easy it is just a case of boiling hot water in the kettle and pouring it into your cup. Once it is poured in the liquid goes a warm brown colour and all of the powder disappears. This is what I'm most happy with since using these that there is no powder left at the bottom of the cup at all it is just a warm creamy cappuccino drink. It has a perfect blend of coffee without being too strong and has a nice frothy layer on the top.

      I really like these cappuccinos and there is just enough in the cup that you don't need too much. The taste is lovely, very smooth and creamy enough. It is not quite as classy looking as the packaging shows but for the price t is great and saves me a lot of money. These keep me awake into the long tiring afternoons and I will be buying these again. They are handy if you want a quick hot drink without too much fuss and everyone should have these in their office.


      You can get these instant cappuccino's in most supermarkets but as I said before, I got these at my local B&M Bargains where they cost only 99p. You can get these at Home Bargains too, you just need to keep a look out for them.

      The official Douwe Egberts website is http://www.douwe-egberts.co.uk


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        26.04.2005 20:54
        Very helpful



        Douwe Egberts’s hot drink Cappuccino comes in a large 200g bag, which “makes up to 16 cups”.

        Each bag costs about £1.25 and contains cappuccino mix but no sachets/bottle of chocolate flavoured topping.

        This cappuccino is rather creamy with a very frothy top, which needs mixing well. Unlike the other Cappuccinos I have reviewed, this one does not contain any sachets of chocolate topping, which is a great shame.

        The ingredients used are Skimmed Milk powder (23%), Sugar, Lactose, Instant Coffee (15%), Hydrogenated Vegetable fat, Milk Powder (9%), Glucose syrup, Stabilisers (E340, E452), Milk Proteins Emulsified (E471), and Anti-caking agent (E341). Fortunately it is clear if there are any e numbers to avoid.

        This drink states that it is suitable for vegetarians but looking closer at the contents of the ingredients it is possibly not highly suitable for diabetics or those on a diet as there is an awful lot of it is Sugar but there is also Lactose which is a form of sugar.

        It is highly recommended that you store this in a container – as the bag splits easily and goes everywhere. There is no re-seal able tape provided and the bag does not reseal like a freezer bag.

        The preparation guidelines are easy to understand i.e. Use 5 teaspoons full in a cup (more in a mug – though that seems excessive) and add hot water then stir.

        However, there is a mention of using a scoop (not provided) but does not state the size of the scoop. I have several scoops for cooking purposes and was unsure which they were recommending as it said use 2 scoops, instead of 5 teaspoons.

        Douwe Egberts’s has website which is www.douwe-egberts.co.uk . This item is produced in the United Kingdom (makes a change) for Douwe Egberts UK Ltd, PO Box 760, Slough, PDO, SL1 4FL. I have not tried the website yet.

        I would recommend this drink but I prefer the Nescafe version because:
        1. Nescafe has a chocolate topping
        2. Less mess – the cappuccino mix went everywhere but the mug, the bag is difficult to open and can spill onto the work surface when opening.

        Each serving is 48 calories, which has 1.8g of saturated fats and a trace of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, and no fibre. This makes it slightly better for me than the Tesco version but I’d need to purchase a container (and chocolate sachets as these always make it taste better) so any savings health-wise are outweighed by the other costs.

        This tastes absolutely georgeous (no bitter aftertaste) and no gunge in the bottom of the cup. It is a sweet but fairly strong coffee taste (but I like it fairly strong anyway). I'd say this is the nearest I've got to the Italian style cappuccino instantly - without having to go to Italy for it! High praise you might say - well try it for yourself.



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      • Product Details

        A rich and smooth Cappuccino Coffee for you to enjoy any time of the day. Smooth frothy coffee. Up to 16 Cups.