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Douwe Egberts Instant Cafe Latte

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Brand: Douwe Egberts / Type: Flavoured coffee

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    2 Reviews
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      03.08.2009 21:56



      Douwe Egberts instant Latte is in my view by far the best of the instant Latte mixes. I find it hard to understand why some people write such stinging reviews of instant coffee products - it is a different product from ground coffee, if you don't like it don't drink it! Technology has moved on, and instant coffee is now quite acceptable. Douwe Egberts instant Latte is creamy, frothy and tastier than most (and I've been trying all I can find, as I'm quite fussy!) - and extremely quick and convenient, which is the whole point, really


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      14.12.2008 13:03
      Very helpful



      A sickening and sweet instant latte that nearly put me off coffee for good

      I am writing this review with the packet of the above product in front of me and my coffee cup, three quarters full. I cannot bring myself to take one more mouthful of the stuff and before I throw the bag away, thought I must review this first.

      I've been trying out quite a few of these instant cafe lattes and instant cappuccinos recently. Sometimes it's nice just to have a quick standby for when I don't have enough time to go through the routine of making my espresso with frothy milk.

      There are an enormous variety of these instants on the market now and I've been quite surprised by the vast difference in flavour between them all. When I look to purchase, my two main priorities are the calorie content and whether or not it contains hydrogenated fat or hydrogenated vegetable oil.

      I picked up this bag of Instant Cafe latte by Douwe Egberts last week in Sainsbury. There are a few reasons I chose it:

      1. It contains only 50 calories per serving
      2. It contains no hydrogenated fats and it states this on the front of the packet
      3. It comes in a large bag, meaning you can serve up as much or little as you like. So if you want half a cup, you can measure out half the amount. The majority of instant coffee mixes are packed into individual servings.
      4. Douwe Egberts is a name long associated with coffee and I've enjoyed other varieties of their coffee in the past.

      ~~~The Packet~~~

      The packet contains 200g of instant coffee and should make up to 16 lattes. There is a delightful picture of a coffee cup filled with a creamy looking latte with frothy top. It's called Instant cafe Latte and says it's an instant milky frothy coffee.

      ~~~The Ingredients~~~

      Skimmed milk powder (29%), glucose syrup, sugar (24%), non-hydrogenated vegetable fat, instant coffee (2%), stabiliser (E340), caramelised sugar, anti-caking agent (E551), salt, flavourings.

      It's suitable for vegetarians.


      Preparing your delicious Cafe Latte: 1. Spoon 5 heaped teaspoons into a cup. Add another spoon for a mug. 2. Pour on just boiled water and stir. For more frothiness use a milk frother or small whisk. Enjoy. It also suggests adding a splash of milk for extra creaminess.

      ~~~My Verdict~~~

      I couldn't wait to try out my first taste of this coffee. I do generally prefer lattes to cappuccinos as I like a milkier coffee. I spooned out the required amount of coffee. I should have been warned by the colour of the powder. It was practically white with the tiniest specks of coffee granules.

      After pouring on the hot water, there is a small amount of froth on top. So my first sip was froth. It was totally insipid, like warm milk slightly flavoured with something vaguely resembling coffee. I thought it would get better once the froth was gone. But no. This coffee is simply not coffee. I should have taken note from the ingredients. Obviously, something containing 2% coffee, is barely going to taste of coffee.

      I struggled to finish the first cup. I tried making another two cups, adding more powder and even some milk as they suggested. More powder didn't improve the flavour and adding milk defeated the purpose as it's so milky already, it's more of a milk drink than coffee. Also, the sugar level is frighteningly high making it taste sickeningly sweet. But the high sugar content is something in common with many of the instant lattes and cappuccinos.

      I'm someone who likes milky coffees, not coffee flavoured milk. However, I struggle to even put the name coffee to this product. I had to throw away my last mug of this coffee and certainly won't be purchasing it again. You live and learn! So, this will be going in the bin. Or I might get hubby to donate it to his work's kitchen. I'm sure some unsuspecting staff member will be grateful for it.


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    • Product Details

      A rich and smooth Instant Café Latte for you to enjoy any time of the day.

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