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Douwe Egberts Skinny Latte

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4 Reviews

Brand: Douwe Egberts / Type: Instant Coffee

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    4 Reviews
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      24.01.2015 20:56
      Very helpful



      Not for everyone's taste :(

      Okay, one of those coffee addicts who are not completely made up about skinny lattes, I know it means well, but the compromise on flavour is sometimes not worth it depending on which brand you go for.

      Although I have awarded three hearts here, that is the highest I've ever given a 'Skinny latte product' that is instant, so I'm looking at it from a positive angle.

      This instant coffee is good not good simply because the taste of coffee is good, it's the trusted Douwe Egberts brand and to be honest I expected nothing less and really trust that no matter what product of their's I try I know as a customer that the blend of coffee and the standard with always be high.

      On the skinny latte front, this was not as good as what a coffee shop produces simply because you can taste the replacement product for the milk that didn't sit well with me. I didn't like the taste of the overall product, but the aftertaste of coffee is undeniably this brand. The taste was hollow or too fake.I know it is potentially, but there was no real depth to this even for a skinny latte. One other point to make is that it felt as though I was drinking a normal coffee with milk, not a 'latte' effect. There was not the hint of espresso with what you expect a latte to have.
      In order to dissolve the powder you may have to work at it a little longer than you might think.

      This is easy to make, a good standard but not something I would personally recommend :( sorry.


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      13.02.2009 13:11
      Very helpful



      Great product, very good value and the baileys version rocks!

      I do love my lattes, especially on a sunday morning to accompany the newspapers, however, living in rural Shropshire I cant just nip into the nearest coffee house chain to satisfy this desire.

      I found this powder in Tesco about a year ago and have been using and experimenting with it ever since. Of all the 'instant' latte powders I have tried this is the closest to an authentic flavour and texture that you can get, in my opinion.

      Basically you measure out around 5 spoonfuls into a mug (I use 6/7 if using a tall latte mug) and you add a little cold water to mix this into a smooth paste. You then fill the rest of the mug with hot (not boiling) water and, voila! you have a lovely latte ready to drink.

      Heres the interesting bit; if you like a really creamy latte (although this is the skinny powder!) you can heat milk in the microwave or in a pan and use this instead of hot water, or you can use a mixture of cold milk and hot water. One of the benefits of using cold water and/or milk is that the coffee is at a drinkable temperature straight away.

      It has become popular in recent years to be able to order a Bailey's latte as an after dinner coffee in many restaurants; we experimented and found that with this powder you can also make a Bailey's latte and it works really well, here is how you do that:

      Add the same amount of powder that you usually would into the mug, add literally a drop or two of water to loosen it into a mud texture (not runny just dampened) now add a shot of baileys to the mug (I measure by eye) and mix into a paste, its very important not to use boiling water with the baileys as it can cause it to split, also pour the water in slowly and stir while you are adding to ensure it mixes well. There you have it! Tastes as good as in a restaurant if you ask me.

      I havent tried making other spirit coffees with this powder but I would imagine the process would be roughly the same.

      This is a great substitute for a latte from a proper coffee machine or made by a barrista, for me it ticks all the boxes. You get about 12 tall latte's out of a bag but you would get more if using smaller mugs, I keep mine in an airtight tub in the fridge once its opened and it seems to keep fresh. I always make sure we have some in if we go out for dinner so that we can come home and have a baileys latte without paying £3-4 for the privilege.

      The only criticism I would have of this product is that it never quite gives you a caffeine kick like you get with a barrista made coffee, I guess because the coffee itself is diluted into the powder and you cant really control how much you are getting. If you are a real caffeine head you might notice it doesnt give you the buzz you look for.

      In the current economic climate, if you cant do without your morning latte, then buying a thermos beaker and a bag of this might be an acceptable and money saving compromise!


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        25.01.2008 00:40



        Well recommended as a cheap alternative

        I was waiting for a train once, and i thought I'd go get a coffee (i had a long time to wait). When i got there i thought I would try something new and went for the latte. I am damn well pleased that i did. I like my coffee but this was so much nicer. This was where i found a problem. I am a bit of a cheapskate, and to buy a latte costs more then making my own coffee at home. You see to make a latte it is suppose to be an espresso with steamed milk. To make this i need a coffee machine. Which again costs (and i hate coffee machines)

        Haha, Douwe Egberts to the rescue. Out they came with an instant latte mix. Now its not the greatest coffee or latte that ive ever had, but for the price and ease to make, its damn close.

        I find that its best if made with milk rather then hot water. However if you use half boiled water and the rest as cold milk, that works fine as well. Especially if your being lazy.


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        23.03.2007 05:14
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        I think this in nice now and again , not something i would enjoy all the time .

        I am a very big coffee lover , anybody who knows me will know this about me lol, i know where all the good coffee shops are in town including costa , which is my favourite .

        Anyway yesterday i was in my local shop it was a sweet shop in fact called sweets and treats lol.
        I go in here not only to get sweets and treats for the kids lol, but also to get my douwe egberts ground coffee for my coffee maker , its cheaper than the shops in here .

        While i was in there yesterday i came across another douwe egberts product but this was in instant mocha.
        It was called douwe egberts instant skinny mocha, its a 200g bag and it makes up to 16 cups of coffee .

        Here's the best bit it only contains 37 calories a cup .

        I much prefer fresh coffee but as this was on offer for only a pound a bag.
        Normal price in supermakets around 2.00

        I thought i would try it anyway , the picture on the front of the bag looks quite appealing .

        ~ Nutrition information ~

        Calories 37
        protein 1.3g
        carbohydrate 4.9g
        fat 1.3g
        fibre 3.0g
        sodium 0.02g

        Its also suitable for vegeterians and is gluten free.

        ~ How to make ~

        I had it in a mug and i put in 5 heaped teaspoons , then mixed to a smooth paste with cold water .

        Then you pour on hot , but not boiling water , stir and its ready to drink .

        ~ Taste test ~

        The taste i have to say was nice , it was creamy and smooth but i did find even though it was a chocolate flavour , it had a bit of a bitter taste .

        The smell was nice and welcoming , it does smell really nice .

        I was impressed with the amount of froth it had considering it was only an instant coffee.

        I would drink it again but its not something i would drink all the time , i,ll stick to my normal douwe egberts coffee in the coffee machine.

        Thanks for reading x


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      • Product Details

        Smooth and milky instant coffee. Makes up to 16 cups. Only 35 Calories per cup.

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