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Ernesto Cappuccino

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Brand: Ernesto / Type: Cappuccino / Espresso

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    1 Review
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      26.07.2011 22:54
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      instant cappuccino drink

      I have never really heard of Ernesto as a brand before and think they are international but at work I have been spending so much money on the vending machine for hot drinks I had to make a change. This is why, I decided to go to my local B&M's and see if I could get any hot instant drinks for a fraction of the price the machine charges and I wanted something with caffeine as this always keeps me awake. I came across this box of Ernesto Cappuccino, the price was great and I wanted to try it out.


      These hot drinks come in a rectangular cardboard box with a logo and image of a frothy hot cappuccino which looks very fancy and appealing. The box includes 8 sachets and they all come in their own foil wrappers which do look quite posh. Most of the box is covered in type which is in other languages but it does have the British section to explain what ingredients are included and how to make the drink which is self explanitory anyway.


      The Ernesto Cappuccino was quite exciting to try as I had never heard of the brand and they looked really fancy and I was eager to see if it was any good. The foil sachets are easy to open as the top of each has a side slit which you can rip open easily and then you just tip the brown powder into a mug. The powder smells really sweet which surprised me and is an array of white and brown powder which made me hope that this wasn't hot chocolate as it had a smell of creamy chocolate, very bizarre.

      Next thing to do, was boil the kettle and pour the hot water into the mug. Instantly the drink frothed at the top, nowhere near as much as the packaging photo but nicely enough. The thing I was very happy with was that all of the powder dissolved right away and so there were no big lumps in my drink which is something I usually come across with instant hot drinks. Also you didn't really need to stir it as again there was no big chunk of undissolved powder at the bottom it was all in the drink.

      The taste of the drink wasn't too bad, it didn't taste awful and watery but had quite a nice consistency and a light coffee taste but not too overpowering. It had a hint of a milky taste and the froth was nice but soon dissolved quickly. The taste was good enough though and although not the best cappuccino I've ever had it was alright for an instant drink and atleast resembled that cappuccino flavour but it would have benefited from milk which I suppose you could add, I just haven't tried it.

      I think this is a good option for the office if like me, you waste money in vending machines as this is better quality and taste than those. It kept me away through the afternoon so the caffeine is definitely there and thankfully it didn't leave a horrible aftertaste like some cappuccino's can do. It is a bargain at the price and if you live near a B&M Bargains you should go in and get these as I notice online Ernesto do other hot drinks not just cappuccino but this was all mine sold.


      You can buy a box of Ernesto Cappuccino in B&M Bargains for 8 sachets it will cost you 59p which is a ridiculously good price making each drink only cost about 7p each so you really cannot complain at all at the price even if you do hate the taste.

      I have not managed to find an official website for this product.


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