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Kenco 3 in 1 coffee

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Brand: Kenco

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    3 Reviews
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      15.10.2012 21:45



      Cheap and convenient, but may not be to everyone's taste!

      Being a student, I am always looking out for cheap, good quality products as unfortunately I cannot afford to buy a Starbucks everyday!

      I first tried this product after getting a free sample at a fresher's fair, and was a bit unsure whether the coffee would be right for me as it is a very individual thing for each person (e.g. some people like it strong where some like it weak etc.). However, I was pleasantly surprised as the coffee was just the right strength for me and had a nice, smooth consistency.

      One issue with the product for some people may be the fact that the coffee is not very sweet. Obviously this could be rectified by adding extra sugar to taste, but it would be more convenient if you could buy the product with it included (perhaps further improved by Kenco selling different versions with varying levels of sugar).

      For around 90 calories, this coffee is slightly less healthy than others available, for example, a large, white coffee from greggs is only 40 calories and most vending machine coffees are around 50, although the convenience and low price balance this out in my opinion, making this product a great alternative to other instant coffees and one I would definitely reccommend.


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      03.12.2009 20:48
      Very helpful



      3 in1 on the go

      Ive been to wilkinson this afternoon and noticed the kenco 3 in 1 coffee for less than £2, which I thought was quite cheaper so I grabbed one.

      3 in 1
      A blend of Kenco coffee, whitener and sugar makes a deliciously smooth, sweet and perfectly balanced cup of coffee.

      It's in a box and contained 10 sachets. The box is much smaller than nescafe and the sachet are long and slender. It's very convenient and fits easily into my bag or pocket. As for me I do like coffee in a sachet because it's very handy and I can take it with me wherever I go.

      Just pour one kenco sachet into a mug. Add approximately 200ml of hot, not boiling water and give it a good stir then enjoy!

      You'll find Kenco coffee in stores and supermarkets as well as some of our favourite cafes and restaurants including mcdonalds.

      Tesco £1.95
      Asda £1.94

      They seems to reduce their prices, because they normally cost more than £2. It's pretty good but I still prefered to get more when it's on offer.

      Other's might react on the amount of sugar but in my opinion, it's not too sweet and quite right mixture of milk and sugar.

      Calories: 81 /4% ( of your daily allowance )
      Sugar: 11.0g /12%
      Fat: 2.1g /3%
      Saturates: 2.1g /10%
      Salt: 0.1g /1%

      I do add sugar in my coffee or tea and extra milk but with this cofee, I don't need to. Obviously, it contains sugar so I would expect the calorie to be high. I actually don't mind it because I'm not a big drinker of coffee, just once in a while if I fancy having one.

      Overall, I recommend it to those who prefered coffee with combination of whitener and sugar. Also to those who are on the go and always love to have a coffee without any hassle. These one might be a good idea to carry around like at work, office, travelling, camping or even holiday provided you have your hot water and a mug. It's convenient and cheaper option to have coffee instantly!


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        08.06.2009 09:56
        Very helpful



        A sachet of coffee that contains all the necessary ingredients

        I actually picked up Kenco 3-in-1 by accident, having thought it was the 2-in-1. I didn't realise this until I had my first sip; I must have been half asleep in the store! This product is essentially "smooth white coffee with sugar", as advertised on the box. Each box contains 10 sachets

        ~~~Why buy coffee sachets?~~~

        In my workplace, as may be the case for many people, we basically have to provide our own tea/coffee supplies. I have always found coffee sachets to be convenient, easy-to-use and tidy. You can take them wherever you like - something which Kenco has prominently displayed on its packaging, so these latest offerings from Kenco continue to fulfil these requirements. Furthermore, aside from one of these small sachets, all you need is a mug and hot water. Hey presto, a mug of coffee!

        ~~~Guideline Daily Amounts~~~

        According to Kenco, each serving of this product contains the following allowances of an adult's guideline daily amount:

        Calories: 81 (4%)
        Sugar: 11.0g (12%)
        Fat: 2.1g (3%)
        Saturates: 2.1g (10%)
        Salt: 0.1g (1%)

        Obviously, because it contains sugar, I would expect that certain numbers would be high, but I will admit that these quantities seem rather large considering it is just one mug's worth of coffee. I don't think I'll be having them that often!


        As I mentioned, I bought these thinking they were something else. I actually don't drink sugar in my coffee or tea, so obviously my feelings are influenced by this. I find the drink too sweet and the fact that I have had this product now verging on three weeks (testament perhaps to how long these items keep?), I think illustrates my point. However, I think it worth highlighting that I did give one of these to someone I knew had sugar in their coffee and they didn't finish it because they found it too sweet for their taste. So, obviously, it's such a subjective thing.

        As for the coffee, having had the 2-in-1, I did like the actual coffee element. I just found that for this product, the sugar was overpowering in the taste department.


        Like many of these types of products, you're looking at a price of over £2.00. I do think it is a little high, but equally, this cost doesn't actually put me off. However, it is limiting the frequency with which I would purchase them. It does seem more cost effective to buy a jar of coffee and a bottle of milk. Saying that, though, the latter negates the original requirements of convenience and ease.


        For this particular product, I personally would not be buying them again due to the sugar content. However, having known what the coffee is like in the 2-in-1 (which I will be buying again), I do think this would suit plenty of sugar-in-coffee drinkers. For what they are, I do think Kenco sachets are one of the best on the market.


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        Brand: Kenco / Type: Coffee

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