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Kruger Latte Macchiato

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Brand: Kruger / Type: Instant Coffee

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    1 Review
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      21.11.2010 16:49
      Very helpful



      Never will I consume one of these ever again...I hope!

      I love what I think of as posh coffees! When I have the extra pennies I will often be spotted with a Starbucks in hand however I haven't always got the extra pennies to spend of course and and am sometimes housebound with a bad back and so often when I am out and about shopping (or my flatmate is) we will pick up instant sachets of coffees to try as a treat.

      These costing only a pound a box (for 10 coffees) in our local Asda store stood out to us. We have both had Macchiatos out and about before and at 10p a drink they were mega cheap!

      The Packaging:

      You get 10 silver foil, large sachets which are easy to tear open and you get told what they are on them along with ingredients and preparation advice on them (and in foreign languages too). The box is a yellow and blue in colour and the front and the back of the box appear the same. We are told that they are Kruger Latte Macchiato and that as I mentioned already there are 10 sachets that equal 100g in weight and that one cup contains 39 calories and there is a picture depicted of a frothy looking coffee on there. Other information on the sides of the box include ingredients and allergy advice, we're told how to make the coffee up to drink, there is an at a glance nutritional chart as well as full nutritional rundown chart shown and contact details for the manufacturer are given (again there is lots of information given in foreign languages once again). The packaging is nice enough, informative and the sachets are easy enough to open too so good start eh?! HMMMM.

      The Latte Macchiato:

      What you get per sachet is lots of dried milk powder which makes up the majority of the mix giving the white colour of the mix and a small amount of dark brown powder. You simply pop the contents of the sachet in a cup and add boiling water, stir and drink.

      This makes up a really, really weak and cheap tasting coffee with a slight bitter taste that lingers in the mouth way after consuming it. It looks unappetising on the whole with a tiny bit of froth on the top, but really only a tiny amount and its tastes watery if anything and is a sludgy brown colour with a faint chocolate smell to it.

      It has a slight taste, to it of chocolate and hazelnuts (in my opinion) but again thats a light flavouring and tastes watery! It is highly sweetened and it does contain sugar but again this doesn't taste good against the cheap coffee flavour that it possesses at all.

      When my flatmate spotted I was about to write about this drink she told me to give it minus one star as its disgusting and I agree. Cheap coffee with weird flavourings isn't good and this is why they cost 10p a drink not because they are a bargain believe us lol!

      Nutritional Information Per Serving:

      Energy: 39 Kcal
      Sugar: 5.3g
      Sat: 1.0g
      Saturated Fat: 0.9g
      Sodium: 0.06g

      Available in all good supermarkets etc but one to really avoid me thinks!


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      Kruger / Instant Latte drinks.

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