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Lavazza Tierra Coffee

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2 Reviews

Brand: Lavazza / Type: Filter Coffee

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    2 Reviews
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      28.05.2011 22:41
      Very helpful



      Great tasting coffee (can be enjoyed as a mocha if you find it a little strong).

      I have worked as an employee at JD Wetherspoon for nearly seven years! During this time I have developed product knowledge, and personal experience for many different types of beverages. As a result I would like to share some of my experiences with you!

      The top beverage on my review list is Tierra Lavazza Coffee.

      During my research I have found that there are several different blends of Lavazza. Please note that this review is based entirely on Lavazza Tierra, which is sold at all JD Wetherspoons across the UK.

      Lavazza is a world leader in the coffee market and is known as Italy's No1 coffee. Lavazza Tierra was introduced to JD Wetherspoon in 2008. We happily waved goodbye to our old coffee machines that had previously dispensed powdered coffee, and gladly welcomed our shiny new coffee machines, that were fully equip for coping with pure coffee beans, which just happened to be Tierra Lavazza.

      Lavazza Tierra is made purely from green Arabica beans, which give the coffee a unique sweetened taste. It is also 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee. This means that high levels of environmental and social performance are achieved during farming, and that the workers are well looked after. I have included a link where you can find out more about this at the end of my review.

      Wetherspoons obviously purchase bulk packets of Tierra Lavazza beans to use with their coffee machines. However if you do not have a coffee machine you can buy Tierra in ground coffee form. It is currently available online at Ocado, costing £3.95 for 250g.
      The coffee beans JD Wetherspoon purchase are contained in a large blue sealed packet. The inside packaging is foiled in order to keep the beans fresh. Once opened, any unused coffee beans are placed into a container and sealed with cling film, where they are kept in a fridge overnight to help them stay fresh and maintain great quality. Once the packet has been opened, the beans must be consumed within 3 days, otherwise their great taste will start to disappear.

      My personal experience of Tierra Lavazza:

      I never used to drink that much coffee, but that all changed when I had my children, it seems like a necessity in order to keep awake sometimes. I have not got the luxury of a coffee machine at home so I tend to stick to instant coffee (usually Tesco finest Gold blend, as it is cheaper and I find that it is just the right strength for me).
      However, at work I have had the pleasure of drinking Tierra Lavazza coffee for the past three years! I see this as a luxury coffee that I can enjoy whilst at work.
      Compared to the gold blend coffee that I drink at home, Tierra lavazza is a lot richer and stronger. Therefore my preferred way of drinking Lavazza is in the form of a mocha, where chocolate flavoured syrup is added, as it sweetens the coffee perfectly and takes away some of the strength in the flavour for me. The coffee itself has a pure fresh, rich aroma that will certainly help to wake you up. I have also noticed that it does not leave that awful bitter aftertaste that you find with most coffees.

      JD Wetherspoons:

      JD Wetherspoon have noticed a steady increase in coffee sales since the introduction of Tierra Lavazza in 2008. The coffee sales are high during breakfast and lunch time, and dwindle (as you would expect) throughout the late evening. Many customers have commented on how lovely this coffee is.

      A regular mug of Tierra Lavazza coffee currently costs £1.09, whilst a large mug costs an extra 30p, selling at £1.39. I feel this is a brilliant price, as in a regular cafe you would expect to pay a similar price for regular instant coffee, where as this is premium quality coffee beans. Places such as Costa coffee and Starbucks would charge a lot more.

      JD Wetherspoon also have a loyalty card where you get every 6th coffee (or tea) FREE. The coffee card gets stamped every time you purchase a hot drink, and the free drinks quickly mount up.
      There are also Decaf sachets of Tierra Lavazza for those that are trying to avoid caffeine, but still want to enjoy a premium coffee.

      My Summary:

      Tierra Lavazza coffee is a premium product. There are huge benefits involved with it being 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee. I would recommend buying the beans if you are lucky enough to have a decent coffee machine. For all those that haven't got coffee machines, the ground Tierra Lavazza seems to be a good bet (a little pricey for me). If not, you will find Tierra Lavazza can be enjoyed as a treat at a local JD Wetherspoon.

      For those that would like more information on this coffee and the way it has helped the disadvantaged farming communities in Latin America, please have a little look at this related article.

      Thank you for reading.

      http://www.thats-coffee.com/cms/en/ index.php?option=com_content& task=view&id=242&Itemid=30


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      09.06.2008 16:48



      A good coffee

      This is the third type of Lavazza coffee I've tried, and the only one of the three to be sold in a tin. A tin is always a bonus as it makes storing the coffee properly easier. This coffee is marketed as a fair trade brand, and is grown in a stable rain forest alliance certified scheme, being a mixture of beans from 3 locations. It is also meant to benefit the growers more, with the manufacturing being sustainable, using solar powered equipment, and giving the growers a proper income. Well, that may be all well and good, but the taste of the coffee matters too, and Lavazza have seen to it that it is very nice. The coffee is 100% arabica beans, as well as being 100% from sustainable certified plantations. The strength of the coffee I would say is more or less medium strength, and there is a certain sweetness that seems to come through after the initial richness. This should suit all coffee drinkers, and is equally suited to being made in an espresso machine or filter machine, or whatever else you might use. I have tried it in my espresso machine and in a cafetiere, and it made a nice cup in each, with a decent amount of crema on the espresso. As for price, I think it was £2.99, but was on offer at the time, normally being £3.99 or thereabouts I think, and it is a 250 gramm tin. This is maybe a touch more expensive, at its full price, than the other Lavazza brand coffees that I have tried, but is perhaps worth that little extra if you are into the whole environmental thing.


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  • Product Details

    Lavazza's new blend Tierra is made using the green coffees from three coffee-growing communities in Honduras, Colombia and Peru.

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