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Nescafe Cafe Menu Cappuccino

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Brand: Nescafe / Type: Cappuccino / Espresso

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    4 Reviews
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      12.07.2012 09:15



      Great coffee and easy to make BUT last three boxes I have purchased have no chocolate powder in them - is this a cost reduction exercise?


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      16.08.2011 17:30
      Very helpful



      A quick treat any time and almost anywhere you want

      I'm not a big coffee drinker, and I'm certainly no coffee 'expert', I had a coffee percolator once and used if for infusing herbs into oil, the coffee I produced with it did nothing for my taste buds.. I should add that I tried making coffee with it before relegating it to an ad hoc infuser, so my coffee wasn't unpleasant because it tasted of coconut oil with hints of lavender. I'm generally quite happy with instant coffee, and for me the less bitter the better. I've always enjoyed cappuccino though and contrary to a certain journalists 'racist' comments (AA Gill, I like your writing style but you're an arrogant devil) which went along the lines of the Welsh having never tasted cappuccino or espresso as we are such a parochial and unsophisticated and uncultured nation - I have been drinking it for a very long time, as have most of the rest of Wales, in fact we've been drinking it in the valleys (and the hills) for generations. Long before it was popular in most other areas of Britain, thanks to the large proportion of Italian families living in the area for many many years. Anyway I digress apologies, cappuccino is clearly an emotive subject for me (not really... honest). I was delighted when ranges of instant Cappuccino became available. The first I tried was Nescafe, and after trying one or two other brands I have stuck firmly with this as it suits my tastes best.

      The Nescafe cafe menu selection is regarded as a speciality range and contains other varieties other than the cappuccino which I'm talking about here, they are,Cappuccino Unsweetened, Cappuccino Skinny, Cappuccino Decaffeinated, and Cappuccino Unsweetened Decaffeinated.

      I thought you could buy this drink in different quantity packs, but the one that seems readily available (which I've been able to source) is a 10 sachet box, which comes with a little sprinkler of chocolate powder. I spent a good few minutes rummaging in a box of Maxwell House cappuccino recently looking for the chocolate, it didn't have any, I was mortified, and learnt to my surprise that the chocolate sprinkle for me makes a big difference in taste. I presumed that the chocolate sprinkle was a bit of decorative nonsense that was too meagre to make any flavour difference, but having tried my Nescafe without (as well as the Maxwell House) when my daughter used it all up prematurely I can say that for me the chocolate adds a little depth to the flavour which I miss when it's not there.

      At the moment a ten serving box can be bought in Tesco for £2.55, but there are quite often offers available on this product where you can get it close to half that price, and I rarely buy it at the full price. This 'incarnation' of Nescafe cappuccino is low fat and each serving if you don't add anything other than water contains 70 calories.

      To make the drink you empty the contents of the sachet into a mug, then add 200ml of boiling water, fairly slowly and giving a little stir as you go. I find that the mix melts into the water very well, and doesn't need to be mixed to death. The creamy frothy head forms very quickly and tends to average about half an inch or a little under thick... unlike the horrible Maxwell house which just forms a scum on top. The 'head' is substantial enough to give the cappuccino feel, though when you sprinkle the chocolate on top it does seem to make it start to go flat a little quicker. The head does last well generally, and I do sometimes get the pleasure of running a spoon, or if I'm honest more often a finger around the inside of the mug to scoop off any remaining sweet froth from the sides. I find that slightly 'under dilluting' it gives a better flavour for my tastes.

      The main draw of this product for me and many others is that you don't have to invest in a potentially expensive coffee maker or fork out the high prices in most coffee franchises, (though a decent cup of cappuccino in Swansea can be a reasonable 80p to £1.30 outside of the Starbucks universe) it's not the taste of real cappuccino but it's close enough to satisfy the craving, and it's quick and easy to make virtually anywhere, at work, home, in a caravan, you could enjoy a Nescafe cappuccino almost anywhere.

      As for the taste, this is where the compromise lies, though it really shouldn't as the packaging states the coffee is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans. Arabica beans are considered to be of a better quality than the other most commonly used bean; Robusta, the Arabica beans are are lower in caffeine and less bitter than the Robusta, there are of course differences of personal opinion on which is the best tasting bean. I enjoy the Nescafe drink, but in no way is is comparable with the delightful frothy milk based confections we normally think of as cappuccino. It tastes a little 'thin' and watery, the coffee itself is ok but for me nothing special, and unless I adulterate it with added coffee whitener and sugar it can leave a slightly artificial after taste at the back of my throat. I think this is more to do with the ingredients added to turn it into instant cappuccino, rather than the coffee bean used in production.

      My sister loves the drink as it is, and doesn't find an unpleasant after taste at all, so as with so many things it comes down to a matter of personal tastes. Although I feel this product is no match for a home made 'proper' cappuccino or shop bought drink I do see it as a bit of a treat, and enjoy it more than my usual cup of instant coffee. I like to have it available at home to offer to family members when they visit as they like me they aren't coffee aficionados but they do enjoy a nice cup of instant, and see the opportunity of something a bit different at home as a nice treat, and something a little special. Not a substitute for genuine cappuccino but a nice standby to enjoy any time in a trice. My friends tend to be offered booze, but I don't see why you couldn't make this 'Irish' cappuccino if you felt like it.

      This is what Tesco's website says about it in the product description:

      Naturally rich in antioxidants
      Low fat
      No hydrogenated vegetable oil
      Made with 100% Arabica coffee
      Free chocco topping included
      Italian inspired coffee
      Suitable for vegetarians
      Instant coffee with whitener, sugar and topping


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        11.05.2011 23:13
        Very helpful



        Solution For a Inexperienced Coffee Drinker

        NESCAFÉ CaféMenu is Good for Inexperienced coffee drinkers, someone who drinks coffee everyday will probably think it taste too watered down and feel it's probably missing something compared to one made from a cappuccino maker...

        i am a inexperienced coffee drinker and i sometimes get these cravings for coffee, there is no Starbucks near my house ,if there were i probably would be a experienced coffee drinker by now :p
        anyway i am not one who makes a decent cup of coffee from instant grounds as i tend to add to much and when i end up drinking it anyway i get a caffeine rush , dizzy high then sick to my stomach feeling .. but even that doesn't stop me from buying coffee products , i have trouble liking coffee but i keep trying to make myself like it, i guess it looks refreshing and relaxing when others drink it and i want to experience this for myself lol...perhaps desperately.

        so when i saw these boxes of single sachet instant cappuccino on sale for about 1 pound 30 at the co-op i thought i should give it a go usually these are almost 3 pounds a box, i bought the Skinny half the fat Cappuccino one,which has 52 calories and 0.8g of fat a sachet.

        When i got home i was excited as i was finally going to have a proper cup of coffee.
        you pour the powder in a mug then add 200ml of hot water and stir and it goes Extremely Frothy which is awesome .. The really really cool thing about this is that it comes with a little shaker full of chocolate flakes that you can shake ontop of your cappuccino ,just like how it in a real cafe!

        so i added the chocolate and took a sip and got a full mouth of Froth lol half the mug of cappuccino turned into froth , which is not so bad i kind of liked it that way , it made it less watery,the cappuccino seems watered down compared to the strong coffee i usually make myself.. but on the plus side i didn't get dizzy or sick drinking it, you can also taste some milkiness in it though you only added water which gives it more flavor.

        Comparing Real Cafe cappuccino with Nestle
        there was only one time when i bought a cappuccino from a cafe and this was one of those fancy places at a airport , and comparing that with Nestle i find them almost the same except the real cappuccino was not as frothy and maybe it did have more of a coffee flavor so it was stronger then Nestle...
        can you tell i never was a city girl :p i would love to live in new york or london though i think I'd be a coffee addict if i did lived in a place like that :D

        Overall: i think its worth Buying if its on sale as you get about 10 sachets a box its a bargain.
        The Coffee is really not that bad for a instant coffee drink and also its good if your looking for a little change from your regular every morning cup...if you can afford this when its not on sale while getting your groceries then you can still buy this but since you have no money problems I'd suggest to go for a higher quality coffee brand then nestle and invest in your own cappuccino maker.
        NESTLE Café Flavours range:
        Irish Cream
        Double Choca Mocha
        Mocha Skinny
        Cafe Menu Cappuccino Range:
        Cappuccino Unsweetened
        Cappuccino Skinny
        Cappuccino Decaffeinated
        Cappuccino Unsweetened Decaffeinated

        i think next time i will try Irish cream and Mocha Skinny maybe those might have more flavour in them then the normal cappuccino skinny

        Skimmed Milk Powder, Instant Coffee (15%), maltodextrin, Lactose, hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, sugar, Stabilisers (£340,64521 e331), Milk Proteins, thickener: E466.
        Chocco Topping: Sugar, Cocoa, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Flavouring (Vanillin, Cinnamon).

        Allergies Information
        Contains Lactose, Milk Powder, Milk Proteins & Soya Lecithins
        May contain Milk


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        30.06.2010 19:14
        Very helpful



        Nice treat!

        One of my favourite treats when I go out and have a couple of quid sort of spare in my pocket is a cup of coffee out. I love Starbucks in-particular and usually always go for a latte or a cappuccino. However the other day what with moving into my own place such luxuries are not an option at the moment so when I saw these instant cappuccinos at a pound a box in Asda (on offer there at the moment and these will usually cost about £1.99 a box to the best of my knowledge) I grabbed them as a wee treat for myself!

        The Packaging:

        The box is a chocolate brown sort of colour and there is a picture on the front of a cappuccino on there and I am told that they are Nescafe 'Café Menu' Cappuccino and that they 'Now have even better taste' and there is an at a glance nutritional chart displayed. Other information on the box includes being told a little bit about the cappuccinos and how to make them up, the best before date is displayed, I'm told there are 10 sachets in the box (10x18g), there is a full nutritional chart displayed, ingredients are listed and contact details for Nescafe are given. Inside you get 10 brown coloured sachets that are made from paper lined with foil and easy enough to tear open etc and the box is informative as it needs to be and then when you do look in the box you get a small tube of chocolate powder in a small shaker style...well tube!

        The Cappuccinos:

        Well all you do is pour the white and brown powdery coffee powder into a cup/mug and add hot water (preferably not boiling) to said powder and give it a quick stir to rid any lumps that naturally form as you make the mix up. That's it then it's ready to drink whenever your ready and you can add the chocolate powder if desired in quantities of your preference!

        The drink appears really frothy with plenty of whipped looking creamy froth to the top of which is rather airy and it has a rich coffee aroma to it with a slightly bitter overtone and it looks nice.

        This does have a slight natural taste of sugar to it though not overly so. The coffee is rich and dark (under the froth) and rather bitter and flavoursome. The chocolate powder tastes of milk chocolate, is sweet and does taste of chocolate!


        This is actually a rather good cappuccino, easy to make up, looks like a cappuccino should and tastes of strong coffee. I like the tube of chocolate powder you get with it so you can dust your cappuccino (or not as that case may well be) and I like the way its only delicately sweetened already and me, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase this again in the future...I think they're a great handy little treat!

        Nutritional Information Per Sachet:

        Calories: 74
        Sugars: 8.1g
        Fat: 2.2g
        Saturates: 2.0g
        Salt: 0.1g

        Available in all food supermarkets etc and available in all different flavours too!


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