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Nescafe Cappuccino Unsweetened Taste

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Brand: Nestlé / Type: Instant Coffee

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    9 Reviews
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      18.10.2012 11:37
      Very helpful
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      skinny (insert 'slightly too sweet') instant cappuccinos

      I regularly buy sachets of hot drinks to keep in my desk drawer at work. I normally buy the Options hot chocolate sachets, and occasionally I buy the Nescafe Skinny Latte sachets, however I've recently been finding the Nescafe Skinny Latte sachets to be too sweet and so I decided to give the Nescafe Skinny Cappuccino sachets a try this time instead.

      My coffee of choice in a coffee shop would be a skinny latte or a skinny cappuccino, now I wasn't under any illusions that these sachets would taste anywhere near as good as a real cappuccino, but they were on offer in Sainsburys reduced from £2.99 to £2.00 for a box of 10 sachets and so I decided to give them a go.

      These are really easy to make up, you literally just add boiling water to the powder. We have a water cooler at work that also dispenses boiling hot water, so I just add the cappuccino sachet to my travel mug, fill up with the boiling water from the water cooler, and then stir to dissolve the powder. I do find that you need to stir this quite vigorously for a little while to dissolve all of the powder fully, a quick stir just won't really cut it.

      Each sachet of Skinny Cappuccino contains just 54kcal per cup when made up with hot water, I'm not sure how well these would work if made up with milk because the sachet itself contains skimmed milk powder already, I haven't tried and I don't intend to as it tastes perfectly fine when made up with water.

      Once you've made up the cappuccino it doesn't look too bad at all, it does have a bit of a foamy head like a cappuccino, it doesn't have anywhere near as creamy and foamy a head as the picture on the box, but then again I didn't expect it to anyway. I think that the fact you need to stir this quite vigorously for a little while to dissolve all of the powder fully does help to create the foamy head. It also smells quite nice too, it doesn't have that proper ground coffee cappuccino smell, but it does have quite a sweet and pleasant smell to it.

      So on to the taste; like the Skinny Lattes I found these Skinny Cappuccinos to be growers, I wan't sure at first but these have grown on me more and more as I've worked my way through the box. My biggest gripe with these is that I find that they are slightly too sweet, they are not as sweet as the Skinny Lattes, but they are definitely sweeter than I would expect from a 'skinny unsweetened' version of a drink. They obviously don't taste anything like a cappuccino from a coffee shop, but like I said these have actually grown on me, they do taste of coffee - a creamy coffee taste I would say. I'm not sure that I would actually say these taste like a cappuccino, again I would say they have a creamy coffee taste, whereas a cappuccino has a milky coffee taste. However these don't have an unpleasant taste at all.

      I've only bought the one box of these so far, I would buy them again, but only if I saw them on offer, I wouldn't pay full price for them. Not that I didn't like them, I just think that they are a bit overpriced at full price.


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        24.02.2011 13:08



        Great cappucinos!

        I love these instant cappucinos, they are so good I have a stash of them in my office at school. Without these fabulous little cappucinos I am unsure as to how I would get through the day!

        Compared to the other brands of instant cappucinos, these are amazing. Not only do they mix in really well, they are also actually quite frothy at the top. Which for me, is the most important part of a cappucino! They also taste really great, however I am somewhat dubious as to how strong they are (in terms of caffiene). They are really great with coffee syrups too, rather than sugar. Most importantly, they are also very low on calorie intake. If you compare this to a "real" cappucino, they are less than half the intake of calories you would normall expect! Not only do they taste great, but it's not too big of a sin to have one!

        What I also love is the mini chocolate sprinkles that come in the pack! I little bit of coffee heaven in a sachet :)


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        23.10.2010 12:56
        Very helpful



        Very convenient instant coffee with an Italianate twist.

        I recently bought this instant cappuccino from Morrison's as part of a BOGOF offer. As I have recently been recuperating from an operation, these seemed to be a convenient way to bring a bit of instant Italy into my living room.

        Appearance and Taste

        There is a satisfying profusion and density of frothy bubbles created by decanting and stirring the hot water. However, the coffee beneath seemed a little bitter for my taste. I can usually drink cappuccino with little or no sugar, but I needed to deposit two teaspoonsful here. Once modified to taste the drink is quite pleasant. Another nice touch is the small plastic capsule of chocco topping which you can use to sprinkle over the surface of your bubbling field of froth. The topping container is deceptively small and its plentiful supply outlasted all of my sachets, so don't hold back with it.


        Nestle say: 'Pour sachet into mug and add 200ml of hot (but not boiling) water. Give it a really good stir and dust with the chocco topping.'

        I take issue with this. For the purposes of research I experimented with the suggested amount of water, which amounts to little more than a thimbleful. I tend to use quite a large mug, which I measured at about 400ml. This was also allowing for a substantial head of bubbles. Of course everyone has different taste and requirements, but one sachet seems a tad strong even in my large mug. My guess is that it would be extremely bitter in a 200ml mug. The cynic in me wonders at Nestle's thinking behind this. Do they want us to get through the packet quicker in order to boost their sales? This seems a bit backward as,surely, anyone trying their suggested recipe would be unlikely to return for a repeat purchase!


        The outer box and sachets are recyclable. There are 10 x 18g sachets and a 7g chocco topping capsule. The box itself is bathed in attractive coffee and chocolate hues with a large, steaming, swirling mug of cappuccino taking centre stage. Most expected information is detailed such as ingredients, nutritional information and contact advice.


        Sugar, Skimmed Milk Powder, Instant Coffee (16%), Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Dried Glucose Syrup, Lactose, Lactose -Whet Permeate, Milk Proteins, Stabilisers (E340, E452i, E331), Salt.

        Chocco Topping:
        Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Flavouring (Vanillin), Cinnamon. Contains cocoa solids 32% minimum.

        Allergy advice.

        The outer packaging omits any standalone allergen advice. Although it is quite implicit that milk and soya are present from the list of ingredients this, to me, is irresponsible from Nestle. There is a cursory mention at the end of the chocco topping ingredients that it 'may contain milk', but this is unsatisfactory. They are partially redeemed by the fact that allergy advice is contained on the actual sachets and on the topping's capsule. However, this is only noticeable once you have opened the packet so is next to useless, unless you have x-ray vision.

        Nutrition Information

        Typical values Each 18g serving % of GDA

        Energy 310kj/74 kcal 4%
        Protein 1.9g 4%
        Carbohydrate 11.6g 5%
        of which sugars 8.1g 9%
        Fat 2.2g 3%
        of which saturates 2.0g 10%
        Fibre 0.8g 3%
        Sodium Trace 2%
        Salt Equivalent 0.1g 2%
        Antioxidants 0.6g N/A

        There is also a rather desperate claim by Nestle that 'coffee contributes to your daily fluid intake'.
        What they deign to mention is that caffeine is a notorious diuretic, which means that it rapidly accelerates urine elimination from the bladder. So while their claim is technically true, please bear in mind that it is a very fleeting benefit!

        Taking the hiss out of coffee making.

        In all, I would buy this product again for convenience sake. Don't expect anything like the end product that you would get from a hissing, gurgling Gaggia. But for an express cappuccino you could do a lot worse.

        Others in the Café menu range.

        Cappuccino Skinny and Caramel Flavour.

        Cost and availability

        The 10 sachet pack costs about £2.40 and is widely available at most supermarkets.


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          26.05.2010 14:08
          Very helpful



          worth a try if you're not a 'proper coffee' person

          After my first essential drink of tea first thing in the morning I then stick to coffee for the rest of the day but recently have got a liitle bored with my usual Gold Blend. Whilst browsing around our local Tesco Express I was pleased to see that Nescafe Cappuccino was on offer for £1.25 instead of the usual RRP of £2.50 (at 24/5).

          The box looked very tempting not only because of the cup of frothy coffee on the front but also because it stated there were 10 sachets included plus the contents & nutritional values, directions etc were clearly marked. It also states clearly that these are 'unsweetened taste' which is great for me as I hate sugar in my coffee.

          Each sachet is designed to keep the contents fresh & there's enough in each one to make a really cup of frothy coffee. Also included is a small phial of choco topping which helps make each cup look something a little special - not quite Costa or Starbucks but a heck of a lot cheaper.

          It's advised that you add not-quite-boiling water to the sachet mix & I expected I'd have to stir it a lot but in fact it blended with the water very easily & I found there were no lumpy bits whatsoever. The smell is delicious - first you get the aroma of a 'real' coffee then the subtle chocolate taste of the topping. I added quite a lot of topping to mine so I doubt there's enough left to serve on all the sachets which is a shame...

          There's certainly a 'punch' to this drink as the coffee is quite strong but it doesn't actually state how much caffeine is contained here & I was very surprised to see it only contains 15% coffee. I actually wish I hadn't read the ingredients though as there seems to be a lot of hydrogenated this & that plus emulsifiers, vegetable oil, Es & salt etc - so I'll ignore these & just have a cup for a treat.

          For an instant frothy coffee which is neither bitter nor sweet I'd buy this again for the on offer price but not sure if I'd pay full wack for a box. I wouldn't drink cups of per day either because of the contents but one a day would be nice because of the flavour & 'punch' it gives.

          If you're a genuine 'real' coffee drinker I wouldn't recommend buying it but for those of us who like to pretend then I think it's worth a try.


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            07.12.2009 14:23
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Delicious anytime of the day !

            Nescafe cappuccino in all its varieties is a perfect treat.Whether you have the traditional cappuccino for breakfast or as a soothing drink later in the day.The coffee comes in individual sachets that you just pour into a cup and add hot water to.They come in two size boxes the smaller size has ten sachets of nescafe cappuccino and a small vial of drinking chocolate to sprinkle over the finished drink packs of 10 cost on average £2.49 but you can often find them on offer in supermarkets 2 for £3.00,If you really enjoy cappuccino then buying the new 20 pack is worth it,although Nescafe have skimped with the chocolate shaker they only provide one with this size pack.To make the perfect nescafe cappuccino, pour the contents of sachet into a mug and add hot not boiling water,I just add a little at first to dissolve the mixture and start a froth, then gradually add more hot water until you get the quantity you require ,for that real cappuccino frothy look raise the kettle as you are pouring as this makes the froth more creamy,then sit back and relax with your perfectly gorgeous creamy cappuccino and enjoy.I was told by a Italian friend that people who dink cappuccino after breakfast are philistines,but I really don't care because I enjoy the taste so much.After all if I was to buy it ready made from one of those named high street outlets I would be paying the same amount for a single mug, I think I've got the better end of the bargain.


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              09.11.2009 21:56
              Very helpful



              Yum Yum.

              Im a big coffee fan and really enjoy the occasional trips to Starbucks and Costa's but that got to be a little to expensive over the last few months so I started shopping around for a cheaper alternative that would still give me my much needed caffeine fix! I recently went into our local 99p store with my mom and found these nescafe cappucino's in little individual plastic cups, having never tried them before I was wondering wether or not to get them but for the 99p I though why the hell not, if there horrible at least I didnt pay to much for them! I am soooo glad I took a chance on these, they have certainly become my new regualr caffiene fix!

              How To Make & Appearance:
              1.The cappucino comes in a powder like from which is kind of white and brown in colour.

              2.All you have to do to make this drink is simply add boiling water and sugar depending on your personal tastes (& some people might like to add a little milk.)

              3.Make sure you stir well, as if you dont you WILL be left with little lumps and bits of powder floating on the top which trust me doesnt taste nice when you go to taste a sip of your coffee!

              4. You can sprinkle a little chocolate powder on the top of the foam, the powdered chocolate comes with the cappucino and you basicllay just add as much as you like, but careful because the chocolate does come out quite quickly!!

              Nutritional Information & Allergies:
              Each cup contains around:
              74 Calories
              8.1g Sugar
              2.2g Fat
              2.0 Saturates
              0.1g Salt
              This is wothout any extra sugar/milk/chocolate you might add to your personal tastes.

              Different Flavours:
              There are now a hug range of nescafe cappucinos and lattes including:
              Skinny Cappucino
              Vanilla Latte
              Regular Cappuncino
              Unsweetened Cappucino
              Unsweetened Decaff Cappucino
              Caramel Latte
              Decaff Cappucino
              Double Mocha Choca
              Irish Cream Latte
              Skinny Latte

              So there should be one for everybody from this huge range even for people who are on a diet and need something to replace their usual sugary coffee with.

              My Opinion (Last Thoughts):
              I am so happy that I found this product and glad I took a chance on it.
              Its a lovely treat to have once in a while and tastes and looks very expensive (maybe even as good as STARBUCKS!) which just makes the whole drinking experience even nicer! I will definatley be buying again and I would highly recommend it to all others, especially if your a coffee fan like myself! The only thing I would say negatively about this particular flavour is that I found I had to put a lot of sugar into it just to make it taste sweet enough, but I do have a sweet tooth so that might just be me!

              You SHOULD be able to pick this up from your nearest 99p store or Poundland for, well 99p or a £1 so EXCELLENT value for money!


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              29.10.2009 15:46
              Very helpful



              10 out of 10

              Necafe is a well trusted and recognised brand for coffee and I think all of it's products are of exceptional quality. The cappucino sachets are no exception.

              10 packs can be bought in decaffeinated, original and unsweetened versions. I have seen a 20 pack of original cappucinos too, and also they do tubs of the stuff which claim to make 40 cups worth.

              All versions pretty much taste the same to me, I put 2 sugars in whichever variety I choose so I tend to buy any that are on offer although I prefer to go for the decaffeinated option simply because of cutting down caffeine intake.

              The 10 packs are about £2.50, sometimes they can be found on special offers, if you are very lucky for £1.50 and have also seen them going for £2.

              I myself purchased a 20 pack the other week in Asda in Pudsey, I was not even aware that they did these, they cost me £4.

              The 40 cup making tubs are £7 in most shop that I have seen them, so as you can see the more you buy the more you save and trust me you will want to keep these warming drinks in plentiful supply in the kitchen cupboard.

              Cardboard outer box contains chosen amount of sachets and one plastic little shaker full of chocolate powder to add to the drink.

              Just one sachet is good for a big sized mug, I find a big sized mug better for these as the coffee appears to me to be concentrated and I prefer slightly weaker coffee so definitely go for a mug with these.

              Boiling water straight to the top and stir very well, for a slightly more creamier taste I love to add a splash of milk at the top and give it all a very thorough stirring to disperse any lumpy bits of powder and the sediment powder at the bottom. As said I prefer a weaker milkier coffee so you need to do it to your own personal taste. don't forget the chocolate sprinkler this adds a nice touch if you so fancy it. It comes out a bit quick so be careful or else you might end up with too much chocolate in it. It adds a nice taste at the top but can be used without.

              Taste, appearance=
              After stirring, really good froth, very thick and creamy and pretty long lasting forms at the top. Really nice and tasty, the coffee itself is a complete winner and makes for a beautifully warming drink and the mug will be so lovely and warm you won't want to put it down!! It is also very soothing and if it was not a diuretic would make a brilliant bed time drink.
              Personally cannot taste difference between decaff and originals so no difference in quality, just down to your personal choice.

              The drink is also pretty filling so you may not want to drink it whilst eating a meal, I find it is a bit much to have both going at the same time.

              Typical values 16g serving with 200ml Water
              Energy 437 kcal 70 kcal
              Protein 2.3 g
              Carbohydrate 8.2 g
              of which: sugars 4.5 g
              Fat 3.1 g
              of which: saturates 2.9 g
              Fibre 0.7 g
              Sodium Trace
              Salt Equivalent 0.1 g
              Antioxidants 0.6 g

              Beautiful warming, filling cappucino drink which if you don't have a coffee machine then are absolutely vital and a must in the kitchen cupboard!! Very good!

              10 out of 10.


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                02.07.2009 18:21
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Starbucks? Pah. All you need is a kettle.

                Sometimes it's nice to nip into Starbucks for a Grande Latte, but for those of us who are feeling the credit crunch, we have no alternative but to sacrifice our overpriced dose of caffeine and stay at home instead.

                Usually, Nescafe Gold blend is my poison. But I have stepped outside of my comfort zone and gone for the Cappucino version. I opted for Nescafe Cafe Menu Cappuccino (unsweetened.)

                Like most instant coffees, all you need to do is add hot water and you're in coffee-bean bliss. I liked the fact that the Cappucino had an authentic coffee-shop look- a lovely, thick froth, as opposed to the thin layer of bubbles that most boxed Cappuccinos develop after adding the water.

                The froth had a nice, creamy taste. The coffee itself was lovely and had a milky coffee flavour. However, I wouldn't recommend purchasing the unsweetened version if, like myself, you have a sweet tooth, as I found it to be a little too bland. I ended up putting in about three teaspoons of sugar anyway, despite the fact it came with chocolate topping. I also found that even though I stirred the powder for a considerable amount of time, there was quite a lot of dry powder left behind in the foam, which tasted like grated OXO cube.

                If you're watching your weight, then you'll be pleased to hear that it only contains 73 calories per mug. And you needn't worry about salt intake- a mug only contains trace.

                Overall, I'd say that it was quite good value for money- at Tesco, it costs £2.00 for a box of 10. So, at 20 pence a mug, you're saving a considerable amount of money instead of paying extortionate coffee-house prices.


                Skimmed Milk Powder, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Instant Coffee, Dried Glucose Syrup, Lactose- Whey Permeate, Lactose, Milk Proteins, Stabilisers (E340, E452i, E331) Salt.

                Chocco Topping-

                Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Flavouring (Vanillin), Cinnamon.
                Contains cocoa solids.
                May contain traces of milk.


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                  28.03.2008 13:35
                  Very helpful



                  A tasty and frothy instant cappucino with no added sugar

                  ~ Introduction ~

                  I am very keen on avoiding refined sugar in my life and try to choose foods that have no added sugar in them. I love cappucino for its added froth and mild taste. An instant variety is all the better as you can enjoy it whenever you want, at home or at work, without having to go to the coffee shop to buy.

                  ~ Why Nescafe? ~

                  Undoubtedly the most well known brand for instant coffee however I've given the benefit of the doubt and tried Kenco when someone mistakenly bought that at work. It was awful and we could hardly wait to get back to our Nescafe blend. Kenco also has an unsweetened variety of though having had the aforementioned 'incident' I didn't exactly have the urge to try it.

                  ~ The packaging ~

                  The carton is the easily recognisable trademark brown / red that looks very similar to the sweetened varieties apart from a green label that says: Unsweetened Taste. Having the contrasting label is a great way to tell the product apart and not choosing a sweetened variety by accident which will be identical to this one bar the green label. The product comes in a pack of 5 or 10 sachets.

                  ~ The nutrition ~

                  The nutritional values are clearly visible on the front of the pack and the consumed calories are translated into in your daily intake in percentage value. To sum up, I find that one mug of this frothy cappucino is low in everything except for saturated fat. In fact all the fat in your cuppa will be saturated fat and will take up 19% of your daily intake of saturated fat. This figure seemed high considering all of that couldn't have come from the milk powder alone, what I discovered is that the rest comes from hydrogenated vegetable oil with the equivalent of half of the saturated fat of the milk powder consumed!

                  Hydrogenation is a widely used industrial process where unsaturated vegetable fat is turned into saturated fat. Unsaturated fats are of the healhty kind found in plants and are normally liquid at room temperature, while their unhealthy equivalent, saturated fats come from animal sources and are solid at room temperature. So for the sake of solidity, healthy fat is turned into an unhealthy one. For God's sake when does the industry realise there are alternatives and this practice should be stopped?

                  ~ The drink ~


                  After emptying a sachet into my mug, I add about 2 inches of water and stir vigorously to emulsify the powder so cloggy bits are left before filling up the mug. Some will eventually, because the mousse is thick and frothy and you can't see they are still there so I advise you to stir continuously until you fill the rest of the mug. I often add a touch of milk on the top and this gives the drink an even sweeter and creamier taste.

                  The undeflatable froth

                  The first thing that would spring to mind if I was to describe Nescafe Cappucinos is that the froth just lasts and lasts and lasts. So much so, that when I add some more water when it's starting to become cold (yes I can do this because the texture is thick enough not to become too diluted) it frothes up again just like the first time. Now that's what I call frothy cappucino.

                  The truth about Unsweetened

                  Unsweetened doesn't mean there's no sugar in the product. There is 'dried glucose syrup' added so there's a sweet-ish taste. Glucose is one of the two molecules that make up a sugar (sucrose) molecule, the other one is fructose. Because only one type molecule is present instead of two, the sweetness and number of calories are approximately halved. We shouldn't forget that there are also other sugars present, for example lactose that comes from the milk powder. Having a sweet tooth is a result of constantly bombarding your taste buds with sweet foods to the point they become tired of it. If you remove some refined, pure sugar from your diet, you'll appreciate that certain foods (e.g. milk) that have other types of sugars (e.g lactose) also have a sweet taste, though not as sweet as of sucrose.


                  I take my cuppa unsweetened and do not add anything afterwards apart from the splash of milk. The small amount of added milk will make it sweet enough me to enjoy the mild, slightly bitter taste of coffee and creamy froth.

                  ~ Serving Tips ~

                  There's a tube of Chocco Topping 7g inside the packet so you can sprinkle some of that on top of your cuppa. The chocolate topping contains sugar though so you may want to skip this option if dieting.

                  If you still want to sweeten your 'Unsweetened', try adding honey instead of sugar / sweeteners. Honey brings out the flavour of coffee, unlike sugar, which drowns it.

                  ~ Other varieties ~

                  Classic: Cappucino / Cafe / Latte
                  Flavoured: Cappucino Decaff, Cafe Caramel, Irish Cream Latte.
                  These are all pre-sweetened.

                  ~ Conclusion ~

                  Nescafe Cappucino Unsweetened Taste delights and disappoint. Having said that, it is still unsweetened though it has the same amount of saturated fat as in the other varieties. A nice, soul-warming, wind-down relaxing, mild, low-caffeine (15%) coffee that won't give you a heartbeat (I can't drink espressos for this reason) and doesn't contain added sugar, it is kind to your heart too!

                  ~ Price / where to buy ~

                  Supermarkets (Sainsbury's, Tesco) £2.55 / 10 sachets

                  Thanks for reading.

                  ©powered by lillybee also posted on Ciao! UK


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                  Brand: Nestle / Instant Coffee

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