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Taylors Decaffinated Ground Coffee

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Type: Decaffeinated Coffee

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    2 Reviews
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      09.05.2012 18:20



      Great for a detox, great for those who are moving onto decaf.

      Lately, I've been suffering from the coffee 'jitters so decided to move onto decaf'. I wasn't looking forward to this as I was rather dependent on my 3, max strength, skinny lattes per day. However, I didn't want to suffer the unpleasant effects of caffiene anymore so decided to make the move onto decaf today.
      Anyway, I found this coffee from Taylor's and was very pleasantly surprised. It smells and tastes like the real deal and looks like the real thing in the espresso cup once it's gone through the machine...and makes a lovely latte (it's just slightly weaker). I use a coffee machine (like a mini version of the ones you get it costa) if that helps anyone.
      So...it's the afternoon now and, usually, I'd be having quite a strong coffee at this time. I've just had a latte with Taylor's decaf and, although I'm still feeling a bit groggy (withdrawal!), it was rather satisfying and still made me go 'Aaah' :-)
      Think I might try making a latte with a double decaf espresso...see if that makes the taste a little stronger. But, even if it didn't, I'd still be thrilled with this find.
      Also- this is decaffinated using the Swiss water method and not by any of the chemical methods. So all good stuff.


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      24.03.2011 14:56
      Very helpful
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      A great one to wake up to

      The first thing I do when I get up is make a mug of coffee. I need that first mug to become remotely human. Week days we always use instant but weekends and holidays we always have fresh coffee, you just cant beat it. It smells and tastes so good.
      I recently received a free sample of Taylors ground coffee. It was a nice size, 45g but it was decaffe. I never drink decaffe so I was a bt dubious but after all it was a freebie and I hate waste so we tried it.

      Taylors Of Harrogate have been established since 1886 so have plenty of experience in producing a good coffee. Taylors source their coffee from independently certified farmers and guarantee they will receive a fair price. They are members of the Rainforest Alliance and have the little frog logo on their products.

      My coffee came in a foil pouch and is decaffe rich roast ground coffee. It is made from a blend of Latin American coffees and is described as a sweet, smooth and full bodied.
      The smell from the packet is indeed rich and smells wonderful. It doesn't smell or look any different for being decaffe but the proof would be in the tasting.

      I make our coffee in a little cafetiere and always use 1 heaped teaspoon per cup. This makes the coffee the right strength for us. I made the coffee and waited, the smell that wafted round the kitchen was a rich sweet coffee aroma, in fact it reminded a little bit of the smell of coffee chocolates.

      The coffee tastes as lovely as it smells. It tastes full of rich coffee flavour, very smooth and in no way bitter. The sweet smell didn't transfer to the taste and I could tell absolutely no difference with it being decaffe to my regular coffee.

      I would thoroughly recommend this if you like ground coffee. It has all the benefits of decaffe but doesn't compromise on flavour. Taylors are still giving freebies on their website www.taylorscoffee.co.uk so if you fancy a freebie have a look. Or you can buy it in Tesco for £2.97 for a 227g bag.


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    • Product Details

      Taylors of Harrogate remove the caffeine from Decaffé using the Swiss Water Process. Unroasted beans are soaked in water which has been enriched with only the natural compounds found within coffee. The water draws the caffeine from the beans, and is then washed away. The process is repeated until there is no caffeine remaining within the beans. Decaffé is dark roasted to ensure maximum flavour, and is suitable for all coffee makers.

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