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Whittard Decaffeinated Colombian Coffee

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Type: Decaffeinated Coffee

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    1 Review
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      27.10.2001 01:28
      Very helpful



      Earlier this year we spent a week in Edinburgh and during our stay, on one day we were served a really pleasant cup of coffee from a cafeteria. At that time we did not have a cafeteria, but on our return we decided to buy one and since then our search has been on for a decent coffee to use in it. (We really wished that we had asked at the coffee shop which coffee they used). We must have now tried over a dozen different coffees and at last we have found one that really does suit our taste buds. Obviously the appeal of different coffees is a personal taste, but we like to have one that has that really has a good coffee aroma, without being too strong and does not leave you with the “buzz” that a lot of strong coffees give you. A lot of the mild coffees that we tried just did not have sufficient taste to them unless you used a large amount of coffee, so we decided to try medium strength coffees. In order to get rid of the “buzz” we opted for decaffeinated coffee. The best one that we have found so far is the Whittard Decaffeinated Colombian Coffee. It has a terrific aroma and makes an excellent cup of coffee without having to use large amounts of coffee, so it is not too strong, but has a full taste. There is no after taste or caffeine “buzz” from this very pleasant drink and it is the only one that we have repeatedly bought since having our cafeteria. Ground coffee works out more expensive than instant coffee, but when you find a bean that really suits your own personal taste it is well worth the extra cost for a really decent cup of coffee. As with all fresh coffees it is important to remember to reseal the bag tightly after every time it is used, or keep the coffee in an airtight container. This will preserve the full taste and aroma of the coffee. We try to use the coffee within 2 – 3 weeks as this is when it is at its best. This is definitely a coffee I can r
      ecommend for a great drink anytime.


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    • Product Details

      A light French roast gives this decaffeinated Colombian good strength and enough character to be noticed. Pleasantly full-bodied, without becoming too dark and overpowering.