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Whittard Rich Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee

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2 Reviews
  • Smells more than taste
  • Has more flavours available
  • Not always available
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    2 Reviews
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      21.01.2015 16:49
      Very helpful


      • "Has more flavours available"
      • "Smells more than taste"


      • "Not always available"

      Smells better than tastes, still nice though

      Wow, thank packaging is so old! :) I'd like to say that the packaging is more up to date and current with still the same taste, whether that is a good or bad thing is another matter and your personal opinion, my is that after all these years they still have not improved this product.
      I love flavoured coffee and I usually get the syrups, but with syrup is too much sugar and sometimes too sweet so this flavoured coffee is a great alternative.

      This brews exactly the same way you would coffee for a cafetiere, on the packaging it says that any machine is fine but when I tried in a coffee machine , making sure to rinse the machine parts separately and thoroughly afterwards, the actual grains filtered through and the taste was there at all.
      I found it was more the scent of hazelnut than the taste. Even with a cafetiere the scent is stronger than the taste.
      I find that I tend to add a teaspoon of sugar, as advised by the assistant to help bring the flavour out, which helped but I wanted to avoid the sugar as much as possible, or add the syrups, which they also sell.

      Whittards provides the following flavoured coffee but do check out their website as its subject to change.

      CREME BRULEE!!!!!! I'll say no more!

      Each is available in ground or instant, they retail at £4.75 and they tend to have bulk buy on the more you buy.
      A gift box selection is also available.
      Syrups also are available in various flavours, but it doesn't appear in all of the ground flavours.
      I would say that Whittards although a good company, never seems to have all in at the same time, its hit and miss.


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      11.01.2002 00:20
      Very helpful



      I'm working my way through the entire range of Whittard coffees, slowly but surely. Christmas always offers some good excuses to stock up and put these on your wish list. I love the packaging - great deep colours in a triangular tube-like box (think toblerone). It is very cunning in it's design as the packs all slot together to form shapes. Quite a naughty way of making you buy them in multiples! Plus they are always doing a buy one for this price or buy three and save blah blah ammount. Well, shall I review it then, or carry on pansying around with asthetics? Righty ho then. I love the fact that this coffee is suitable for my faithful caffetiere but is granular so really doesn't come through that mesh plunger thing. I can drink right to the bottom of my cup without gagging on caffiene silt! I'm not always in the mood for a flavoured coffee at breakfast, as generally, stomachs can only deal with simple food, first thing. Instead, I first tried this as a relaxing pick me up in the evening. It's a cheeky little beverage as it tastes so smooth that it couldn't possibly do anything more than lull you into a snuggly coma. BUT WAIT! WHAT's THIS!? HELLO EVERYONE - WAKEY WAKEY! And we're up! After several nights wide awake and starey eyed, I've gradually adapted to a late morning schedule of coffee drinking to time in for a drop in wakey wakey feeling by early evening. Apart from the price, I genuinely think I would drink this every day. I love the hazelhut version but, I have to say that having tried a few flavours they all taste very similar - slightly nutty and very very smooth, without being too sweet. The recommendation is to transfer the coffee into a jar once opened - but I prefer to keep it clothes-pegged together in the fridge and drink it quickly rather than saving it for 'best' when undoubtably it will have past it's
      best! Why have fab packaging if you can't use it?! All in all, I suggest trying one to see if you like flavoured coffee first. If you do, it is probably safe to say, you'll like all of them - so next time, you can just go straight in for the kill and stock up on their three for blah blah offer!


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    • Product Details

      Mouth-watering, warming and crisp enough to give a lovely flavour to this coffee. All purpose ground for any machine.

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