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Jing: King of Bandits, Vol. 2 - Yuichi Kumakura

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Genre: Graphic Novels / Comics / Author: Yuichi Kumakura / Paperback / Reading Level: Ages 9-12 / 232 Pages / Book is published 2004-10-01 by Tokyopop Press Inc

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    1 Review
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      28.09.2011 00:17
      Very helpful



      A very understated manga


      I am consistent at the very least "formerly known as Mixx, is a distributor, licensor, and publisher of anime, manga and original English-language manga in German. It previously published works in English and Japanese. On April 15, 2011 the Comics Beat website announced that Tokyopop would be shutting down on May 31, 2011."

      Yuichi Kamakura

      A Japanese manga artist who is a Taurus and born in 1971, they also seem to be very into cocktails and have quite possibly been a bar worker in the past as the majority of their characters are named after alcoholic drinks in their main works King of Bandits Jing.


      Our protagonist Jing may only be a teenager but he is by far the best thief in the mystical fantasy world of Yuichi Kamakura. With hair darker and sharper than Goku from Dragon ball and with fashion sense that would impress Gok Wan, Jing stands out amongst other protagonists his age from the fantasy genre. Not only is he stylish but philosophical and wise beyond his years, though he is a notorious softy and a futuristic Robin Hood.


      Jing's partner in crime and organic weapon, this raven flirts with any cute young female in his sights any time he's not playing the role of Jing's gun. This team together can release a powerful energy beam that can demolish buildings and ogres alike.


      This volume carries on a story from volume one please see my review of volume one to see where this story begins.

      5th Shot-The Flower of Never land- Continuing on from the last volume Jing is facing off against Master Gear and his equally deadly anime partner Sherry the Fox. In this chapter it is Jing that finds himself being rescued by the cute girl with pigtails (Mirabelle) who he rescued from execution in the last volume. So there is a bit of role reversal. Jing soon discovers that she is part of a large group of rebels who are literally hiding underground biding their time to fight back against Master Gear. These are people that the rest of society presumes to be dead whom grow flowers underground with any source of light they can find.

      6th Shot-How to Steal Time- "Citizens of Adonis! Cast aside your clocks! The sun has risen again!!" With help from the rebels Jing manages to destroy and stop all means of time keeping in Adonis such as the giant clock tower and egg timer throwing Master Gear out of sorts and into a state of confusion. They do this through planting sunflower seeds in the sand of the giant egg timer. Once this has been destroyed nothing in Adonis works. The chapter ends with Jing entering the growing room with the clockwork grapes.

      7th Shot-A Clockwork Grape- "Spurred on by time... the clockwork grapevine, which produces fruit made almost exclusively from mere machinery, has over time been engineered to bear only one organic fruit." Jing and Kir battle off against Master Gear and Sherry for the last time, through passive trickery instead of violence Jing manages to separate the opposing partners and thus taking away their unique powers. Offended by Master Gears lack of courage and confidence Sherry abandons Master Gear in the search for a real man who treats her like Jing treats Kir.

      This isn't the end however as typical heroic battles never end that easily, Master Gear brings out a new mechanical toy out which he seems to become bonded and muted to. Without Sherry however he is no match for the Kir Royale. Adonis becomes a City of joy and freedom as a result of Jing's medalling and theft of the Clockwork grape.

      8th Shot-The Most Dangerous Cargo-"Although chocolate is the animal's favourite food of choice, all traces of bitterness must be removed and milk should be added for best results." The Porvora (another suspiciously alcoholic name) are fuzzy little pink creatures with big puppy dog eyes, they look somewhat like a clefairy or jigglypuff from Pokémon but should they be exposed to stress or fire then they have more explosive power than their weight in dynamite. Jing must help escort these little creatures across a mountain range with a volcano so danger and action soon ensues when an older fiery tempered female demands to accompany the group. Oh and where are they heading May you ask? Sungria, more alcohol related locations.

      9th Shot-Incandescent Memories ""Fake is fake after all...It's true. I think about my dead daughter too much. Once, my eyes and hands remembered her so well I made a life-sized clay statue of her...In the end, it sank...into the lava rapids...Melted away, just like that. I guess a cluster of gongs is still just noise after all...Empty noise...is no substitute for what's real in the world."

      Further danger carries on throughout this chapter as Jing enters the belly of the volcano with the Povora and has to avoid fire snakes and demons which greatly desire to munch on the Povora.
      This story in concluded in volume three so we are left on another cliff hanger, a very cunning marketing ploy to get the reader to buy the next volume, which I do have but the next volume isn't available for review on dooyoo, so you will have to find out yourself unfortunately.

      I think the art improves a lot in volume as does the attention to detail and character development in that we learn that Jing has a little bit of a mother complex and that he is willing to risk his life for anyone or anything including the Porvora which makes him even more likeable than before.

      There is more detail in the back about the city of thieves which was the first city featured in volume one which is very detailed. There are also some advertisements for other manga series and a preview for the next volume.

      Was originally aroung £6.99 may be more now that its been out for a while, anime available also but he is depicted as a bit older and I do like the charm of the manga.


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