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Mutant X - The Comic

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Genre: Graphic Novels / Comics

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    1 Review
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      03.08.2001 06:51
      Very helpful



      This comic, released after the ongoing X-Factor comic finished, is the first comic i have ever collected which i have every single issue of. That for me is amazing because i am always missing the odd issue of all the comics i collect. (By the way, the comics i collect are Uncanny X-men, X-Men, Ultimate X-Men, Ultimate Spiderman and Warlands.) Mutant X only ran for 32 issues (plus a couple of annuals) and was the series which finally saw Havok, get out from the shadow of his brother and X-men member Cyclops. At the end of X-factor (#149) Havok was on a plane with Greystone and a Time Displacement Machine. The machine blew up and everyone thought Havok died. When in fact the time displacement machine threw Havok into another dimension. That was where Mutant X started. The first box in issue 1 had Havok laying in the blackness of death saying...i remember dying. Then he wakes up in the body of The alternate universes Havoks body. It turns out that This worlds havok was blown into the hudson fighting the sentinels with his teamates the six. When he is first revived by Beast (Actually The Brute i this dimension) He thinks that the whole thing is just another mind trick from Greystone or another of his enemys. (It happened before), Then he finds out that it is real and tha the has to live with it all in his new life. In this world Havok is married to Madelyne Prior, who is also a member of the six. They have a son Scotty, who is the only one who believs tha tHavok isn't from this world. (scottys nanny is the curvy Elektra). The other members are The Brute, Iceman, Warren Worthington III and Bloodstorm. Each character is like the normal universes character but with a fatal difference. For instance, in this universe when Loki screwed with Icemans Powers they didn't return to normal and now he can't touch anyone. And When Bloodstorm was bitten by Dracula she didn't revert back to normal and now she is stuck as a vampire. Thisis the same for all the
      superheroes in the alternate world. Also in this world there is cameo appearnaces from a number of Superheroes. There is The Fantastic Four. it turns out that Havok had an affair with Sue Richards! Then there was Spiderman. HE had four arms instead of two. Then he was killed! but it turns out he was the clone of this universe. And that is without even mentioning the newer team members that join later on. There is Gambit, Captain America and even.......WOLVERINE!! He joins later on after the Goblin Queen Story Arc, towards issue 28 (although he did appear in issue 3 wit hSabertooth and Wildchild as teh pack, roaming the canadian countryside, in the snow.). He adds that certain feeling to the team. Also Jean Grey joins later on. AND we find out that Scott Summers (Cyclops) is a member of the Starjammers in ths world. All in all this is my favourite comic. I am not gonna give away any of the storylines that were going while it was still going, even though i have told you most of the h]characters that litter the series. If you want to know more head on down to your local comic shop and buy any Mutant X comics tha tyou can find!! You will find it amazing if not a little tearjerking in the last issue.


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    • Product Details

      Set after X factor, this comic is about Havok being thrown into an alternate dimension

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