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The Phoenix

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Genre: Graphic Novels / Comics

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    1 Review
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      14.08.2001 04:05
      Very helpful



      THE PHOENIX…………… This is the life story of the famous jean grey also known as these names to. Marvel girl. The Phoenix The black queen. The dark phoenix. As you can see she was I busy woman she was one of the first student at the Xavier school for gifted youngsters along with Scott summers who one day will be the man she falls in love with and hopes to marry. As an x-man she is a very important part of the team and proven herself in battle many times, she is also a special friend of Charles as well as everybody else. The way the phoenix is born is most interesting one at that the x-men are on there way back to earth after a battle in outer space the went to help Charles true love LiLandra. On the way back the shields fail and the craft will burn up on the way back in to the planets atmosphere so jean with the help of her psi powers learns to pilot the craft and protects herself from the radiation but half way back her shield fails and she dies. But as she dies the phoenix entity saves her live by taking over her body and giving her life back. After they get back to earth she is very unwell for awhile and has problems with her new found powers but that’s soon fixed as her mind sets up psi blokes so she doesn’t end up with to much power at once but it is all not as it seems as she goes in to battle with her new powers she finds them very unpredictable but she feels as never before alive with the power like her body sing to the when she uses it and she likes it. Then the team get in to a fight with magneto, the beast and phoenix escape one way and the rest of the team another and end up in the savage lands (they both believe each other dead). When they get home the rest of the team is not there so they think the worst that they have been killed, so jean goes off up to Scotland to stay with Alex Summers (Scots brother) and Lorna Dane and while there she meets a strange
      man going by the name of Jason Wyngarde (who is actually the evil Mastermind the mutant master of illusion) who starts to take down the psi blokes to hold her power in place he uses his power of illusion to make time shifts were jean believes it the 18 hundreds and the lady of a manor house married to Jason wyngarde and the rest of the x-men are her slaves, with Scott a mere trouble causer in the household that Jason must deal with. She also finds another telepath called Emma frost aka the white queen (who using her telepathic powers helps Jason to break down Jean psi-blocks) but she was killed (or so we are lead to believe.) by the phoenix and now she is the new queen of the club. Jason wyngarde soon takes down all for jeans psi blokes and get her to come to the club The x-men are not far away as they use warren Worthington to get them invites to a party at the hell fire club were they meet the rest of the secret members of the club sebatian Shaw, Harry Leland, and Donald pierce (A cyborg) and not to forget the late Emma frost. The x-men battle long and hard to save there friend from the hands of the hellfire club and in the end win the phoenix back thought the love Scott and jean have for each other. It’s Charles that puts back the psi blokes to hold back the power of the phoenix but it is not enough for the phoenix has tasted the power and loves it so is born the dark phoenix. After the change jean becomes evil and power hungry the x-men try to help and stop her but their efforts fail and the dark phoenix fly’s off in to space to the shi’ar galaxy were she consumes the star, D’Bari which had 5 billion people on it so as the sun dies the planet dies. After this a shi’ar warship intercepted her and fort with her but she over powered them and destroyed them. After she had returned to earth it wasn’t long before the shi’ar transported them to their planet so they could but the dark
      phoenix on trail. Charles tried to save her live but to no avail then he remembered that if he challenges them to a duel then they couldn’t refuse the offer. And so he offers the idea and LiLandra accepted they took them to there now rooms and let them rest for the next day when they took them to the blue area of the room (beast has seen it in the avengers files) it’s not long before the shi’ar warriors turn up and all out war starts the fight goes on and on and doesn’t look good but then Scott gets hurt and jean loses control and changes back in to the dark phoenix Charles tells them to attack (by telepathically linking with Scott) while she is still weak but he miss her. Mean while wolverine and colossus are doing a fastball special were wolverine picks up colossus and throws him at jean then while on his way to jean he turns his body in to steel and punches her in the face and knocks some sense in to her. As she comes round she begs her teammates to end it for her (kill her) but they refuse so she runs away with Scott. He tries to stop her but jean holds him back with a telekinetic force bolt and then tells him how she doesn’t want to live like this how scarred she is, she wants to end it all. Jean hold Scott for the last time and tells him how much she loves him and that she always will and then it’s all over she takes her own life. Thinking about it scott know that that she would do even though she kept if from him and the team he knew that she couldn’t be the phoenix and be true to herself, when they get home scott decides to leave the x-men and sort his head out. Well I think that all I can say apart from this that is, when the phoenix entity and jean join the phoenix entity clones her body and puts it in suspended animation and drops it to the bottom of a lake (I can’t think of the name) but the problems start when the phoenix entity under estimated the power of human emotio
      ns and that’s there it all goes wrong the phoenix entity can’t control it. But this is how it should work when the clone dies the real jean grey wakes up and this does happen but when she wakes up she has no memories of anything or anybody no even the x-men team but hopefully they will sort it and get things back to normal.


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